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  1. We aren’t there yet so why ask a hypothetical question. No one has a crystal ball on how this season will end.
  2. Not sure I would take CARR over JB. That last play JB had on Sunday was elite. If he can put everything else together he will be elite. Carr doesn’t have that potential.
  3. Denver is one of the top defenses in the league in the red zone. We just couldn’t get in the red zone. Houston was also I believe. We scored against Houston but not Denver. It’s going to happen. Your going to play against good defenses.
  4. I would say he trusts pascal and even Rogers. He has lots of time with them from last year. They just aren’t game breakers. Hopefully Campbell and Cain show something this year. Along with funchess. I think Ebron needs more snaps. He is to good of a playmaker to only have 26 snaps.
  5. Even if we don’t connect on a deep ball we need to attempt it a couple attempts a game so the opponent knows it’s a threat. Just attempting them can loosen up the defense. So yes I would like for us to have a couple deep balls a game.
  6. That actually wasn’t a great point. Following TC Cain and Campbell took most of their reps from walker and Kelly They didn’t even get in a game with JB in the preseason. Plus Campbell had one or two days of TC and was hurt the entire TC.
  7. All I care about is wins. If his play starts costing us games then that’s a different story. It’s no wonder they say You don’t want to be the QB that follows a elite guy. Luck got lucky this didn’t happen to him. After manning and Luck I think people are having a hard time adjusting to the different style of football we are playing now.we don’t know I’d it is sustainable because the season isn’t over yet. We don’t know the improvement the offense will make because the season isn’t over yet. Like I said I think we will see improvement but if we make the playoffs and he stays as our
  8. I agree with that. I didn’t see that post. It still doesn’t change my mind people are being way to impatient.
  9. When your talking 8 games and so many throws and it’s a average yes it’s a tiny difference.
  10. Looking at this list there are very few QB over 8 YPA. Everyone is around what Brissett is. The ranking is kind of meaningless when everyone is that close. Reich is correct. You want to have more then your opponent within a game. That means you want more then your defense gives up. That is what we should look at. What has it been per game compared to what the opponent got. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2019/passing.htm
  11. Saying he is 24th in YPA is kind of misleading. When I look at the list most of the QB around the 6.5 to 7.5 YPA. That is such a tiny difference. There are only s few 8 and above. Then when your talking two yards over every throw the entire season that isn’t even that much. That’s like going from the 10 yard line to the 12 yard line.
  12. Brady has never won a SB with out a top defense. The fact people even consider him a mediocre QB is funny. I have seen a bunch of mediocre play and JB Is not it. How many different ways has he won games this year. Every game has been different. A sign of a great QB is what we saw sunday. When nothing is going right you will them to a win in the final moments because not every game is going to be pretty.
  13. Great post. From what I have read he is working hard with Marcus Brady. I just think it will be fun to see how much he improves next season after having a entire off season being the guy. He can take steps in getting the WR together on a off day and working with them. This season is a big work in progress still. Yet we are 5-2 and still not playing our best or have we hit our ceiling.
  14. My point wasn’t even TC. Luck was known for working with his WR in the off season on his own time. Before minicamp and out at Stanford. These threads are dumb because everyone is agreeing he needs to improve. It’s how you state things is why there is arguments. These threads don’t accomplish anything except going around in circles.
  15. I don’t know what you want to see. Every game it’s own entity. Your going to play teams with tougher defenses one week and not so tough the next . Your not going to have a beautiful game every week. Brady doesn’t even do that. Every time he does something everyone says he needs to do you make something else up to set the bar again. We have one games in every different way. No game is the same.
  16. Cain and Campbell took most of their reps from walker and Kelly in camp and preseason. They might of had a few but not many. One of the reasons JB trusts pascal is he had a ton of reps with him running the scout team in 2018. Campbell had one day of TC before he got hurt. Cain has to work his way up to even get any snaps in TC on thr first team. He had very few.
  17. He still has only 22 starts with the colts. Only 7 with Reich. Game experience is crucial. Imagine this off season when he actually takes his own time to work with the WR like Luck did. That wasn’t his job last year. This is his team now. We have seen improvements but I think next season we will see the biggest with a entire off season as the starter. Plus Cain and Campbell will get more reps with him in the off season and Camp.
  18. Lol to not showing improvement. Everyone was praising him after the Texan game. No game is going to be the same. Brady put up only 16 pts against the bills. There are teams with good defenses. Guess what Jacoby has beat the two best defenses we have played this year. Your not going to score at will against every team. We have won games in all different ways this year. That is a sign of a good team.
  19. You also don’t take a QB just to take one. We aren’t in the position where we need to just take any QB. We are in no hurry to have to draft a QB.
  20. I am not taking Qb in the second or third round. Unless it is going to be a permanent backup to JB.
  21. Looking at stats the Steelers defense is not as good as the broncos. This was not a blueprint.
  22. I think he has a chance to be right below elite. Maybe even elite. By this time next year just watch out.
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