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  1. That was very impressive. One thing that really stood out to me is how he said he would not trade Brissett unless it was a good fit for him. He cares so much about the players.
  2. He just had a very long press conference that was very impressive. Bunch of tidbits in there.
  3. Ballard just had a long press conference. It was very impressive and worth a listen. He mentioned that he is not going to let Brissett go unless it’s a great deal for the team and for jacoby.
  4. We need more playmakers. That is why the chiefs won. Not because Ebron dropped a pass on the third play of the game.
  5. A critical drop would be your driving the end of the game and your in the red zone to take the lead. A drop on the third play of the game is not a critical drop. With Doyle going down early this year we would not even have been in the playoffs without Ebron.
  6. I think they are going to have to go 8-0 at home or maybe 7-1. This team is going to have to fill holes this off season to compete in some of these games next year if KC is any indication how we are against elite teams. We are going to have to be very much improved or there will be no playoffs.
  7. You still need both. The reason thd bears and ravens lost is because all there playmakers are on defense. You still need to be balanced. The broncos had Peyton so I would say they were balanced on offense and defense.
  8. I think that is a really good way to put why KC is a better team. We need more playmakers.
  9. With all phases of the game failing yesterday I think we just ran out of gas. We had been in playoff mode for 11 weeks. We just crashed and ran out of fuel at the wrong time. I don’t think I have ever seen every phase just collapse like that. Even the loss to Jacksonville our defense played lights out.
  10. If KC wins in a blowout at least it will make our loss not so bad.
  11. I heard Miami is also interested. I don’t know what kind of receivers they have in Jacksonville. But as good as their defense is just adding him might make them a playoff contender right away.
  12. I think the entire team just ran out of gas. They have been playing playoff games for the last eleven weeks just to make it to the playoffs.
  13. A wide receiver in the draft no matter how good will not make a immediate impact anyway. It takes receivers a while to learn the NFL. I hope some of the guys we have that did not play are maturing into what we need.
  14. We are going to have to improve a ton to end up back in the playoffs with the schedule next year. There is no room for error at home or against teams we should beat. It will be interesting to see when these games are scheduled. Hopefully those road games are stretched out.
  15. They defintly gave the colts a chance to get back in this game and win. Their effort and KC mistakes in the second half gave us every opportunity to win this game. Eberflus did make some adjustments at half time. Missing two safeties took us out of so much of what we do on defense but they did step up.
  16. That’s is not what anyone is saying. You can find stars that aren’t cancers and can blow up your locker room in two seconds. The last thing I want to see is one of these player yelling at Luck because of a missed play or they didn’t get the ball.
  17. Who knew the eagles would give the saints such a game. I thought for sure the eagles were going to pull that out.
  18. You don’t know that. I am getting sick of him getting trashed for one dropped pass on the first drive. We might not of even made the playoffs without him.
  19. You want their attitudes to spill into the young players? At any second they get mad and don’t get their way they could blow up a great team by walking out. Ok then.
  20. I don’t think anyone would of thought they would try that in relation to where they were on the field. They miss that and it’s 21 for the eagles.
  21. I don’t want to see Mahomes get a SB in his first season playing. I want to really see that team have to work for it. Things have been to easy for him.
  22. Here is the thing we already know Brady is god. I am sick of the Mahomes is god after one season.
  23. Rumor has it the jags are looking at Flacco. Five they get him with that defense that makes them ten times better.
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