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  1. Yep it was game two. He said he believes it happened in the 1st quarter on a collision with Henry. It was 94 degrees that day so he thought it was from the heat so never said anything.
  2. Keefer and holder have a podcast twice a week if you like to listen to podcasts. The early week one is on itunes and the second one is a subscriber only. If you look around you can find a 50% off for the first year. It’s actually pretty cheap even at full price with as much content is there. You can read it all. Even stories on other teams. What’s nice is stories are posted everyday. It’s not like a bi weekly or anything. I love the personal stories.
  3. The offense they have covered up a lot. Reid is also stupid for not running the ball more with Mahomes ankle hurting. Going to be interesting how he plays on a short week. They play the broncos Thursday.
  4. I have a subscription and read it. It was basically different then the one he had in college. That was the main reason he was questioning whether he could play again. He then talked to others who had concussions and realized what he was experiencing a lot others had as well. That then eased his mind. It’s a good story. If you download the APP you can get so many articles for free a month. It’s worth the subscription though. Great stories.
  5. So Reich seemed a little optimistic hooker will play. When asked about Campbell he said he was less optimistic but he is making good progress. Hopefully that means he won’t be out to long. The way he said it didn’t seem likely to keep him out a long time.
  6. No JB is 3-0 against the Texans. He won both games as a colt and one with NE.
  7. You need to go back and watch. 1. Chargers game 3 and 22 on last drive. He hits Hilton for 18. Then hits funchess for 8 on fourth down. Also threw the td to tie. I believe we were in the red zone every drive. 2. Titans game threw the winning TD 3. Raiders game wasn’t bad with no TY. Campbell fumble killed a drive we might of scored on. 4. The only complaint I have with the KC game is we needed to convert those FG into TD.
  8. Reich mentioned in his presser today the colts are at 48% run and that is a little to much. He also mentioned there might be a game we throw 60 times lol. I don’t know if he was giving away his game plan for Sunday but that was interesting.
  9. Roby out and Joseph might return. Howard is out.
  10. Roby out. Joseph might be back. But Howard will be out.
  11. Campbell isn’t practicing again today . Just a hunch that his injury was a sports hernia. That will keep him out until almost the end of the season. We will see if Reich says anything today. Hopefully with the Texans hurting at corner we can get Cain and TY going. We do have to be careful to not get away to much from what has worked.
  12. We do need more from him but I believe he is second in receiving yards. Hooker isn’t practicing today but is in cleats working on the side.
  13. Watson didn’t even beat the chiefs with the deep ball yesterday. It was a lot of dink and dunk and running the ball to keep Mahomes on the sideline.
  14. Even if we beat Houston I still think they are a better team. They have Watson and very good WR group. The fact is though whoever wins this game will have the inside track at that number 2 seed. Unless the raiders just make a huge run. Let’s win against Houston and take care of the weaker teams. I say Watson right now could end up winning MVP.
  15. I need to proof read better. My hands are bad and my phone does some strange things when you type something wrong. Lol
  16. Your right. It was just the way it came up on youtube I thought it was the second game.
  17. I did not realize they were that good at running the ball. With Watson and running that well it could get ugly. Colts just signed another run stuffing DT. I think their WR are too good to play a lot of man.
  18. HIlton torched them in the second matchup in 2017. That was the game where he played like he got touched then got up and ran to the end zone. JB had a really good deep pass to him in that game.
  19. Fun fact the Texans secondary was also beat up. We know how the colts were beat up plus lost corners at times during the game. The Texans and colts both won for the same reason. They both controlled the time of procession and ran the ball. The Texans threw for more yards but the run game and controlling the clock was almost identical.
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