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  1. Lol. He is getting bad at making stuff up. This would be a horrible deal for the eagles.
  2. Conspiracy theory. Rivers will come out of retirement if colts can’t find a QB. Lol. Just joking he is probably still here to let his kids finish school year.
  3. I think there is some truth to the Reich thing.
  4. Which is why he should be praying he comes to the colts. Could be the difference in his career being over or being a star again.
  5. If Wentz truly wanted to be a colt he could offer to re do his contract making it easier on the eagles cap wise.
  6. For us to get a QB in the draft it will most likely have to be taken somewhere after ten. Around where Mahomes and Watson went. No way we can move up into the top five. Unless we trade a player first to get higher. Teams don’t want to drop from 4 to 21.
  7. Colin is smoking something lol. Bears haven’t proved they know what they are doing on offense. But he does say here it might be getting close to a trade.
  8. Not sure who this is or if this is legitimate.
  9. We have all of free agency and the draft to fix things.
  10. Like I said it sounded more opinion then anything. Who knows. Bears won’t want someone that won’t want to be there. Breer has said a lot about this but none of it sounded like this is what I am hearing.
  11. It’s what he said. It sounded more opinion. The video is in this thread just a few posts up. You can watch it.
  12. She is very sweet but strange lol. She is a light golden and we joke she is a dumb blonde. Lol
  13. Albert Breer is the one that said this on The Herd. I don’t think he really has any real info. Sounds like it was all opinion when I watched it.
  14. He was here the entire year soaking things up. I dm sure he is mentally prepared.
  15. Because he is young and a blank slate. By starting him we are at least advancing the future with info. He can either be the guy or we will draft high. It does not advance the future by getting another one year bandaid. So yeah eason, Wentz, it trade way up. For me most likely anyone else doesn’t do us much good. If you think Eason might be the guy in 22 just start him this year. No reason to bring in a bandaid.
  16. I am honestly getting bored with the Wentz drama and wondering who will be our QB. It will happen when it happens. Nothing going on right now.
  17. Like King said some teams would rather have second round picks then first round picks.
  18. All this waiting on a QB is starting to get annoying. Lord help us all if this goes on another month.
  19. Good discussion on Wentz here by FLorio and Peter King.
  20. Wentz only has two more years of experience then Darnold. Darnold hasn’t shown anything. Even good Qb can rise above bad organizations.
  21. It was just a eagles fan who responded to one of my comments. They weren’t trying to make news or trying to be a insider. I have actually heard a eagles podcast say the same thing.
  22. Or the booing of Santa Clause lol. Didn’t they throw snow balls at Santa?
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