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  1. Ballard needs to use FA for DE and CB. He has trouble in the draft with these two positions. This is what I would do in FA Sign a DE in FA. Try and bring Rhodes back Sign TY or another FA WR Bring Autry back. Maybe AQM too depending on FA. Bring Burton back or go get another TE
  2. Looks like these leadership issues are being debunked pretty quick lol.
  3. I actually don’t think it’s a bad idea to draft a QB in the second or third rounds as a backup. Teams go south so often when the starter gets hurt. The biggest issue here was the entire eagles team got injured and Wentz didn’t play well. They should of finished the season with Wentz and vowed to get better around him. Not create a controversy by benching him to see what Hurts could do. The organization created a controversy that wasn’t needed.
  4. In a way Wentz has a lot of issues Luck had early and Reich was able to correct. He needs to not take so many hits and get the ball out a little quicker. Reich was able to help Luck improve these issues. I have seen a lot of posts on twitter saying Wentz plays a lot like luck as far as his style. Reich was also able to get Lucks accuracy up.
  5. It’s pretty cool we have such leaders on this team that they are already reaching out to him. Even Eason made a post on his instsgram stories.
  6. Lol Kenny really did FaceTime Wentz. I love this team so much.
  7. Did he play with Sproles in 2017? Wondering how well he will do with Hines.
  8. The reason it’s nice to have Nelson as a chess piece is we can do anything we want at 21.
  9. We are kind of protected if he is mediocre. At that point he probably would get benched and not get the snaps for the eagles to get that first.
  10. You can bet if he sucks he will not get the required snaps to get that first pick. So if we do have to give up the first that means we had a great season.
  11. I wonder if TY could get back to some of his old self with a QB that is a more vertical threat.
  12. Fosh was hell bent the bears never made a offer. His post about that bears offer was clearly a joke. Turns out he was right.
  13. Ballard is going to trade down and get that third round pick back lol. Will probably be a higher third then our own.
  14. The colts haven’t drafted a player in the first round since Nelson. Depending who is on the board at 21 we might not this year either. We now can take a tackle or edge at 21 or trade down. Might even be a WR there if the other options we’re already taken.
  15. No it’s also tied to making the playoffs.
  16. This was such a steal it’s clear no other teams really wanted him.
  17. Shefter said it is also tied to making the playoffs.
  18. Wow we have such great guys on this team.
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