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  1. My big surprise is how well Patmon was in camp. I did not expect that with such a late round pick. I did not expect him to make the team.
  2. He is only expected to miss a couple games.
  3. The linebackers doesn’t surprise me to much as speed and Glasgow are great on ST. I bet though someone will get cut in that group before next Sunday.
  4. The oline and corner depth really scare me.
  5. I remember Turay saying he tore some ligaments. That was a very bad injury. I think we will be fine. Buckner helps everyone on that dline.
  6. Johnson is very valuable on the PS. He can be a great player if there is injuries. Hopefully he ends up on the ps.
  7. Wow that Turay injury must of been bad.
  8. Dulin and Patmon both make the roster. By by swag. No reason to bring him back on the PS. Eason needs more reps.
  9. We kind of know what we had in Chase. Hot Rod is going to be a unknown for a little while. Hopefully it is the right decision.
  10. It will change because there will be a couple guys who are injured go on short term injured list after the 53 is announced. Turay and Day most likely.
  11. Hairston was good in the slot but with Carrie not sure that would be a good move.
  12. I hope he does come back. He will get a chance because we will have injuries. Coming off that injury I doubt he will get much interest with no tape.
  13. I never compared them. Just noting how much they talked about AV leadership.
  14. We all know how much they loved AV as a leader on the team. So if everything was even yes him being a captain might of been the deciding factor.
  15. Hot rod was also a team captain. Imagine that weighed heavily.
  16. Chase had the rookie nerves out of his system. Hope this is the right move. Chase will be on a roster somewhere.
  17. Wow hotrod. Chase already had the rookie cobwebs worked out. This kind of surprised me.
  18. I am so sad about fountain. That kid worked his butt off to get back and looked good in camp the way it sounded. If he clears waivers hopefully he will be back. He just needs a chance.
  19. Sirriani had lots of good stuff to say on Eason.
  20. Ballard mentioned that Eason is vety attenative. Which means he is really paying close attention to details and watching Rivers. Hopefully rivers gives us one more season after this year and Eason is his backup next year With Brissett not starting he isn’t going to get many looks after this season. I just hope emotionally the colts can cut ties with him so we can really start developing the future.
  21. Very impressed with Patmon so far. I think fountain and him make the team to round out the 6. TY and Campbell pretty much play the same position. Then you have Pittman and Patmon. Then pascal and fountain. We have nice depth at all the receiver positions.
  22. From the two scrimmages he is for sure looking better then Kelly. If they keep Kelly and try to put Eason on the PS that would be so wrong. Something is starting to rub me the wrong way with Jacoby. Not sure what it is. You can tell players seem much more confident with Rivers.
  23. For some reason I can’t post in the thread for today’s scrimmage. It keeps stopping so I will put this here. Eason is looking very good in camp. Sounds like he is looking better then Brissett.
  24. Sports are imploding. I know this isn’t going to be popular but they need to stop defending criminals. Don’t resist arrest and don’t reach in your car and you don’t get shot. The guy was a felon.
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