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  1. Well good thing for you Brissett haters we will have one game against the jags with Minshew I think. I think so to.
  2. That pass defense stat is over inflated. Week one the Vikings only through it ten times.
  3. Perspective. He scored 12 points last week is it. He got a short field tonight and got lucky on a couple jump balls. Short week for titans on the road is hard.
  4. You guys are acting like Brissett can’t throw. You act like he has been throwing and missing. He hasn’t. He hasn’t been asked to do that yet because of the run game. Why don’t you go join the chad Kelly fan forum.
  5. Wish mods would lock this thread. We have plenty of other threads if you want to talk Brissett or Kelly. Get over it. Brissett is the QB.
  6. Please stop. If you want to talk Kelly go to the other thread. The trashing of Brissett is getting old. Your posts just make me laugh.
  7. He didn’t even make it the entire first game. They scored a whopping 12 points against the Texans.
  8. He also got a very short field because of a fumble. Titans offense looks just terrible. Stop the run and you win. Mariota can’t drive the field at all. Right. Keep it out of this thread.
  9. This i a short week. . Don’t read to much into it.
  10. Hard to get anything out of these Thursday night games. He is fun to watch though. Mariota is just awful. Tannehill is going to be starting soon.
  11. Jags up 14-0 lol. Menshew looks like a pro bowler.
  12. I really liked how they incorporated that fountain injury into that. Cain is going to be fun watch develop. Seems he has really matured. He is expecting a son soon so I am sure he has grown up a lot.
  13. I meant walker will play the will and okereke the mike.
  14. I don’t think Mack will miss the game. He could miss all three practices and still play. He doesn’t really need to practice.
  15. Walker said in a interview if Leonard doesn’t play he will be the will and okereke will be the mike. Walker said he will still where the communication earpiece.
  16. I am not sure we can win either. Leonard is most likely out and I really don’t see our defense keeping up with their offense. We don’t do well against offenses like this.
  17. My guess is no one picked him up since we haven’t heard anything.
  18. Not just that tanking means trading your best players. How many would be ok to get rid of Nelson or Leonard. This is not happening. KC didn’t have to tank to get Mahomes. If the colts end up needing a QB Reich will find a way to get it done.
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