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  1. Nelson said he wasn’t a target for the pass. Ebron said it was designed that way to draw coverage away from him. Reich did say that play could happen again.
  2. I don’t even think Fuller made it past the first quarter lol. Desir had a couple great plays he stopped Hopkins. He is going to get his yards. For being injured I thought he did pretty well.
  3. If the rest of the season goes like tonight I can see them locking him up for a few more years in the off season. Also allows them to draft skill players and not worry about a QB. We will see how this plays out.
  4. Going back to last year we are 13-3 in our last 16 games.
  5. Mack will make up for the yards in the next few games.
  6. That is a pretty big deal for Harrison to say that. Lamar just beat the Seahawks today and is playing well also. With Mahomes being hurt JB is in that conversation behind Brady though.
  7. Today was his sons second birthday so it had to be special to play as well as he did.
  8. I would say he might make the pro bowl. Luck never got voted to the pro bowl only as a alternate. But with luck retiring JB gets more attention now. Andrew walker of the colts had a story mentioning MVP and how the whispers are starting.
  9. The field was so bad. I saw a video on twitter of Bosa making the field a slip and slide.
  10. It’s just fun to make fun of them for saying that. I realize there was a reason. Although I didn’t pay much attention where we beat them at.
  11. What was really great today is neither team ran the ball well. Jacoby got in a shootout with Watson and won.
  12. What I like about our chances is we still have guys out. So defense and offense can really only get better. Just have to keep focused.
  13. We can really thank NE when we beat them in the playoffs. Wouldn’t that be something having JB as the QB and beating them.
  14. Colts are in the drivers seat for that 2 seed. With a win over KC and the ravens losing to them. The challenge for Reich now is to keep this team rolling and not have a let down against teams with bad records. Houston got beat up pretty bad today with injuries so we will see how that effects them next week. We have played one less game then the most everyone ahead of us. We should be that two seed by the time we finish with the Miami game. We also will get guys back and should be even stronger down the stretch.
  15. If we got that much pressure on Watson imagine how much we will get on Flacco next week. Justin Houston has four sacks in six games.
  16. Something about the colts brings out other teams undisciplined play.
  17. Ryan Tannehill has thrown for over 300 yards today. With that titans defense he might get that team going again.
  18. I was going more on we just beat Houston and KC. Ravens lost to KC. The chiefs are all Mahomes. If he does come back he isn’t going to be as effective with that big knee brace on. They have a couple hard games coming up.
  19. I think you have to give credit to the Texans dline. They are very good. LOL TY talking smack.
  20. Rogers had a beautiful catch today. If pascal keeps this up it’s only going to help TY and make us that much better when DF comes back. He has been big since the Atlanta game.
  21. With the Mahomes injury I think there is a argument that can be made now the colts are the second best team in the AFC.
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