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  1. Wow some good stuff. Even though he was bad this year I am still surprised that their wasn’t a bigger market. You have to think the colts needing a QB kind of pushed him to ask for a trade hoping he could end up here. Colts got lucky with a QB that wanted to be here and a agent that helped get him here.
  2. Sounds like Wentz might be going to Cali to work with Pittman.
  3. This colts team is going to be so fun to watch. I am pumped after watching this video. Having someone that can stretch the field is going to be great. Taylor and Hines are going to have huge years with a QB that can stretch the field and run himself. Some of these plays that break down look like Mahomes.
  4. I hope we hear Wentz is working with Tom House this offseason. There was a tweet how this needed to happen and Tom House likes the tweet.
  5. I can’t wait to hear from Ballard, Wentz, and Reich in a few weeks. Reich I bet is so happy. He gets a QB he helped scout and draft. Just in a different way. Stafford clearly had a low floor. The question with him is can he raise it to get a team to a championship. Yes Carson missed the SB playoffs but he was one of the many reasons they were in position to win it. Going to be fun to see who we pick up in FA. Ballard might be willing to make a big move this year.
  6. It would not be smart to cut Eason until we know Wentz can play again at a high level and how well he fits with this team. I am ok bringing in someone to push Eason to earn that backup spot though. But until we know for sure what Wentz has Eason needs to stay on the team.
  7. I think if Wentz ceiling can be reached it’s also higher then Staffords.
  8. I am still kind of shocked we got Wentz. I know people wont agree with this but if Reich can get him playing at his ceiling this was a better trade for the colts then Stafford.
  9. I wonder if some of that is because he was in Phili. That’s a hard town to play in. Let’s be real Manning was kind of a jerk. But that was a big party of why he was so successful.
  10. So Reich is right when he says he is a smart guy.
  11. Came across this old interview from over a year ago. This does not sound like a guy with character or leadership issues.
  12. The entire eagles organization failed with Wentz. They didn’t draft well and they didn’t surround him with enough talent. They should be ashamed. I am so excited to see him start. He seems more like a Indiana guy then a big city guy too. Hopefully we hear from him in a few weeks when the new league year starts. Will be fun to hear from Reich and Ballard too. Ballard has trusted Reich with the QB position for a good reason. He has been great with every one. Even had Jacoby at 5-2 until people caught on to him. Then when we add in FA and draft it should be a fun season next year. Hopefully we ge
  13. Mike Florio said he had his physical yesterday. We won’t hear from the colts until the new league year. That’s why all they posted on twitter was a picture of Reichs smiling. Lol. The Indy media said we should’ve hear from him in a few weeks once the league year starts.
  14. No that wasn’t it. The locked on colts guy has posted a few today. It’s one of them. Look on iTunes.
  15. I just got done listening to a locked on colts podcast with a eagles podcaster. The eagles guy said it’s bunk that he isn’t coachable. He said yes he has a alpha personality and will challenge coaches but that was something Reich loved about him when they brought him to Phili.
  16. Going to be fun to have a QB that can make plays outside of structure.
  17. It’s not a tat. Can’t wait to see a blue camo one.
  18. This is really cool. Not only to have had Reich coach him but to also have been involved in the scouting process is pretty neat. We should feel good about this. Very fortunate to have had Reich in on the evaluation process also.
  19. No matter what it’s strange A coordinator made that call to the number two pick that is suppose to be the franchise.
  20. I don’t think I recall a coordinator making the draft call. Especially for the QB. You would think the HC, owner, or GM would make that call. Looks like Peterson was not a very involved HC.
  21. This is from 2016 when Wentz was drafted. We forget Reich was in on all the scouting on him.
  22. Wow they got him to Indy fast. Looks like he was picking up his pass to get into the building. That’s what it looked like in his hand.
  23. Ballard needs to use FA for DE and CB. He has trouble in the draft with these two positions. This is what I would do in FA Sign a DE in FA. Try and bring Rhodes back Sign TY or another FA WR Bring Autry back. Maybe AQM too depending on FA. Bring Burton back or go get another TE
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