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  1. Denver just traded Sanders to the SF.
  2. Hooker said today he will play Sunday.
  3. Colts are getting the same production from Pascal. Pretty amazing.
  4. Jacoby has been nominated for air player of the week.
  5. The biggest thing about this game is other teams will have this film. It will make us more balanced because teams will have to be great at both pass and run. Can’t just focus on stopping one.
  6. It would be the ultimate revenge if the colts went into NE and beat them in the playoffs. That would be better then if we did it with Luck. I would laugh my butt off.
  7. I actually think you have a very good point. How many mediocre QB could be great or elite if they had a better organization around them and good coaching. I think it’s a mixture. JB has to be coachable and want to improve. There does need to be the talent there. I think it’s a combination of both. Have to also have good positional coaches like a QB coach that can help develop a player.
  8. The colts clearly won the trade. You can’t compare a WR with a QB. QB is so much more important.
  9. Bree’s isn’t going to play much longer. The saints would be smart to pay him and keep him around for after Brees is gone. It’s not like he has to wait long. If he was smart he would want to stay and wit with as good as this team has been.
  10. We are slowly getting every back healthy. I think we are going to just get better. BTW Devin Funchess reposted his agents story on IG that says coming soon. I really do expect him back at practice this week. With pascal emerging we are going to get that much strong with DF back.
  11. Having Sheard back has allowed Houston to just go after the QB. They compliment each other really well.
  12. He is going to be out a few weeks with that hamstring. His hamstring is legend.
  13. Denver has a very stingy defense. They are actually pretty good. It’s the offense turning it over causing issues. I expect our defense to get some turnovers. Carolina with that run game will not be easy. There is actually a chance Cam plays this game. I would rather face cam then Allen. Dont overlook the titans. Their defense is really good and Simmons played great in his first game. If Tannehill gives them any offense like yesterday they will be a tough out. Jags will also most likely get foles back by our game in a month. The saints game is probably a loss.
  14. Yep. Not all teams have the players to stop him. Colts are one of the teams that have a guy like Leonard with speed that could do it and force him to pass. I do give the ravens credit for letting him play his game and not try and change him. But teams that have a speedy LB that can spy him could force him to throw from the pocket more.
  15. I think it was on Kevin Bowen’s podcast this morning he mentioned how much JB has been working with the QB coach on keeping his eyes downfield. If he keeps up this improvement he can be very good to elite. With his arm and good weapons I think the sky is the limit. He will have bad games. Even luck had bad games. We just need consistency from here on out. He is clearly a good starter in this league.
  16. Lamar had only nine passes yesterday. That is crazy. I might be crazy but a team like the colts with Leonard might be one of the teams who could stop him.
  17. Which is why we can’t take them lightly when we play at home against them. Tannehill gave them more offense and they defense is ridiculous.
  18. Cain is going going to have a hard time even being active when Campbell and funchess come back.
  19. I agree. Cain does not deserve any snaps right now. Campbell at least has shown flashes. Cain has shown nothing.
  20. He still got less then half the offensive snaps. He needs more. Cain got the other half. Cain isn’t showing anything. Give pascal half of Cain’s snaps.
  21. That home game against Carolina will not be easy.
  22. He might win AFC Player if the week this week.
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