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  1. Plus that was such a cheap shot by Clowney when he got that concussion. He will need to play more disaplined and not put him in situations that can get him injured. Luck played the same way and Reich got him to play smarter.
  2. He played the last two seasons with no injuries. Doesn’t really concern me.
  3. I was listening to Lawrence Owen on YouTube and he had a eagles guy on. He said Wentz is a quick rhythm passer and after Reich left Pederson was just a bad play caller.
  4. Need to remember the colts can want to sign someone but it ends up not working out. All he is doing is giving insight. As he has said intentions don’t mean they will. He isn’t making things up. Just giving insight on what the colts are thinking or trying to get done. Things don’t always work out.
  5. He is just a podcaster who has some sources. But like he says things can change. Also just because they want someone doesn’t mean it will happen.
  6. If you have prime video this might be something to watch. I will have to see if someone in my family has a subscription so I can watch it.
  7. I would think if the eagles agree then he can. Guess we will just have to wait and see. Twitter was hillarious with how reporters would ask questions indirectly.
  8. No it wouldn’t. Houston isn’t coming back most likely.
  9. I think his wife is due to have their baby sometime in April. I crack up how he takes the cat to Cali with him on the plane. From his interview yesterday that looked like his apartment in Indy but Zak Wilson posted a Instagram story of them golfing together so I am confused if he is in Indy or Cali lol.
  10. Reich is set to meet the media at 1 pm Thursday. Should be funny since he can’t talk about Wentz.
  11. Our entire offense should open up with Wentz. Taylor and Hines are going to run wild. Going to be fun to have a QB that can stretch the field. He needs to work on protecting the ball and not fumbling but I think that is a easy correct.
  12. Looks like Carr will be getting a extension so he wouldn’t even be a possibility.
  13. He was basically told that yes they weren’t sure Stafford had any more upside and he would be able to get them over the hump. With Wentz they believe because his age ect that they believe he has much more upside.
  14. Stephen Holden is on JMV. Sure sounds like they really didn’t feel good about Stafford. If you have a chance go back and listen. I bet Wentz was their number one target.
  15. There is always a way if they want the player bad enough. There are rumors that Big Ben might be cut if they can’t come to a agreement on restructuring his contract. That probably would take Watt out of the equation with them not having a QB.
  16. Jason also tweeted there is mutal interest with the colts and JJ watt. He said packers were the fav though. He could replace Houston but we are then getting another older guy. I would rather get a younger guy. I hope we can bring back AQM. He is solid and has such a strong motor. But Jason also said it depended on the market in a tweet a while back.
  17. I will take the big play potential. He really has never had a int problem outside of last season. His issues are protecting the ballot when extending the plays and fumbling.
  18. That is very good news with Rhodes. Carrie is a great leader and provided good depth. Get Autry signed and pick up one more pass rusher in FA. With Wentz here now I hope we get Hilton back. He fits Hilton much better then Rivers. Wentz stretches the field while rivers didn’t. I think with those moves it upgrades the team a lot. Might even be able to get a WR in the draft just as insurance if Campbell can’t stay on the field. Ballard has had trouble with CB and DE in the draft. He should stick to using FA to address those two positions.
  19. I don’t like comparing this to Luck or Manning bur he could be the type where he is going to have those bad plays but will give us five or six wow plays a game that help us win. I would take that over a game manager any day. What a unusual circumstance for Reich to get a QB he helped draft but via trade.
  20. Also there is nothing wrong with asking coaches the why something should be done. From what I read earlier Reich was a bud fan of that from Wentz when drafted.
  21. The part in there holding team mates accountable is interesting. Did they have a bunch of soft babies on that team that didn’t want to play hard. Sounds like stuff we would hear about Manning holding players accountable.
  22. Sounds like from a interview Pittman did today Wentz will be doing some training in California. Pittman will be joining in.
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