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  1. 4 minutes ago, aaron11 said:

    if we beat houston i will start believing this team can make a run as constructed.  i actually think its easier to find a good qb than it is to build a great team around them 


    texans are our main rival right now.  not NE or the rest of the division imo.  they are getting very good play from watson, he is on fire lately  

    I agree. Sunday’s game won’t be like KC. Watson and their WR are healthy. They do have injuries in the secondary and at RT. This should be a game where we can exploit the secondary if we try.  Looking how the nfl has played out this season this Texan game will probably be the best team we have played all year. They are a well rounded team. I don’t write the colts off for a wildcard though even if we do lose. Right now the division would be nice but after Luck retired just making the playoffs will be a great accomplishment.

  2. 14 minutes ago, stitches said:

    And here's something Brissett is doing well - he's finding his outlet/blitz weakspots when teams send pressure his way:



    That is actually really good because I remember a lot of people mentioned in 2017  he had issues with the blitz.

  3. On 10/14/2019 at 11:18 AM, Lucky Colts Fan said:


    I can't believe we didn't get a win yesterday.  :flaming:


    Cut Brissett.  Cut Vinny.  Fire Ballard.  Tank for higher picks.  This is all Lucks fault.


    4 minutes ago, aaron11 said:

    why were you not praising luck when he had those numbers but you do for jacoby?


    luck actually got a ton of criticism on this board last year, some of it was ridiculous and some warranted.  i dont remember you defending his low numbers though 

    I was praising him. Why would I not. Your post makes no sense. I also have not praised Jacoby. It’s called waiting to the end of the season. I am sure Reich and this organization aren’t writing him off after five games. If fans were trashing Luck after that cowboys game because of low yards they are stupid.

  4. 1 minute ago, aaron11 said:

     he didnt even do much in those games and that is a fact.  sure he made a couple plays, thats not much for an nfl qb though


    if luck did those same things would you be on here praising him every week?  i highly doubt that you would, i think you just like JB and dont want to be objective about it 

    yeah, strong arm is the easy part for nfl QB.  thats comparable to being fast, who cares if you are not a good QB?

    Have you gone back and watched some of the games from late last year. There were some where Luck only threw for 150 to 200 yards. I care about winning. Until he is costing us games with his bad play I am going to remain neutral until the season ends.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Nickster said:


     Pocket presence and progression are the hardest things to learn, not the easiest.   Hundreds of guys have NFL arm talent.  

    I trust Reich. He couldn’t have a better coach to help him with those things. All I care about right now is winning. If the colts feel they need a new QB so be it. If he improves that is what is best for this team to win a SB next couple of years. When the end of the season comes we will have a bigger sample size with all the WR back. 

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  6. 41 minutes ago, stitches said:

    Can you guys and gals spot a problem in this play from Brissett:



    He looked a lot better in the first several weeks with his pocket presence, but this is something I've noticed get worse lately. He's leaving clean pockets more than is ideal. He had Paschal open on a corner route if he just stayed in his clean pocket and went through his progression. 

    I don’t think anyone has said he doesn’t need to improve.  He needs to improve and we also need some WR to step up. It’s not all just one thing.  What a lot of us are saying is we are going to wait until the season ends and we get all the WR back and going before we say he can’t improve with more game experience. To me this issue you mention is a easy fix and should improve. What you can’t teach is his arm strength and able to make all the throws or his leadership. I am confident Reich will work him through the issues by the end of the season.

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  7. 31 minutes ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    That still doesn't have anything to do with the Colts defensive improvement was in large part because they played a lot of mediocre to bad QBs.  Bortles twice, Mariotta twice, Watson, Prescott and Tannehill.


    Those guys make a lot of defenses look good.

    If your defense is bad even teams that aren’t great offensively are still going to expose the  bad defense. You can’t ignore the cowboys games or the Texans games.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    I'm not sure where you are getting the #1 ranked defense the second half of the season but assuming that is correct, the Colts were helped a lot by playing teams with mediocre to bad QBs.

    We didn’t end up as the number one. If you take the first six games out the colts allowed the fewest points in the league when we went on that winning streak. We shut out the cowboys and only allowed 7 points to the Texans and if you remember that shouldn’t of even been a TD. Can’t remember if that was the playoff game or the last regular season game.

  9. 58 minutes ago, Coffeedrinker said:

    I love this board.


    The Colts lose to the Raiders and many on here talk about getting rid of Flus, maybe Ballard is not that good at drafting and Reich is not that great of a play caller and the overall talent of the roster is pretty low.


    Then a week later and the Colts beat the Chiefs and now they are SB contenders, Ballard is GM of the year, Reich has to be considered one of the best coaches in NFL history and the Colts are deep at every position.


    To me, the Colts still look like a 9-7 or 10-6 team.  They may be able to get into the playoffs and anything can happen in the playoffs.  The Colts are 3-2 and they have played teams with a combined record of (12-17).  I'm not saying they cannot go on a huge run and start dominating teams nor that they cannot improve throughout the season.  Just that, overall, so far this year the Colts have been playing like a good football team who are too inconsistent at the moment to be considered a serious contender.

    I fully expect the defense to greatly improve as the season goes on. It’s reminding me of last year. We ended up having the number one ranked defense the second half of the season. The struggle with the rookies the first half is going to pay off the second half of the season.

  10. 11 hours ago, EastStreet said:


    It's silly to compare McLaurin to PC right now. The overwhelming majority of TM's yards are from passes with 20+ air yards.


    JB hasn't thrown many of those. Hardly any. The overwhelming majority of JBs pass attempts are in the -5 to +5 yard range. TM would be looking like PC or Cain if he played for us.


    Take a look at JBs pass chart


    This is game 5, but simply change the "5" to whatever game you want to see.


    He's had Cain wide open several times and never even saw it. PC has been open deep as well. Given how good our OL has been, it's pretty bad we haven't been able to connect on some long balls.


    Back to TM vs PC, keep in mind that not only is PC not getting any long ball attempts, he also missed most of training camp, and has injury issues.

    Maybe if he had a competent number two target his yards wouldn’t be so low. You totally missed the point.

  11. Not only was it not hands to the face but on one of them the GB player actually did have his hands to the face of the lions player.  Just terrible. What is so hard about having every penalty reviewed by someone in the booth and calling down to the ref to correct it. Lions are very good. I felt really bad for them.

  12. 10 hours ago, Barrdaddy said:

    This is pretty concerning to me. You have a star linebacker questioning retirement when you've already had your franchise player retire. Sounds to me like our training staff isn't doing the best job of getting these players where they need to be health wise and reassuring them. I know that concussions aren't your typical rehab, but it doesn't sound like our training staff was doing all it could to make sure he was getting healthy. Just my two cents.

    He never questioned whether he should retire. He actually went off on twitter last night at bleacher report even suggesting that. It was because it scared him because it was different then the other one he had in college. Stephen holder never used the words retirement. Bleacher report took words and made a clickbate title that wasn’t true.

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  13. I actually think Mack’s gets better the more carries he gets. Reich was asked about him wearing down. He wasn’t worried. I bet they have a good enough relationship if Mack felt he was wearing down he would say something. He got a lot stronger in the off season. Am just not worried about YPA I’d we are winning games. Will wait to be concerned until the end of the season. We know JB has been accurate in the past with deep passes. These are things Reich is probably working with him on every day when they go through film. Reich even said today it’s been more about exploiting the opponents weakness and using our strong point. Even even said today a game will come where we throw a lot.

  14. 12 minutes ago, EastStreet said:


    We're pretty close to the middle of the league in terms of passing attempts (18th), so I'd say we've thrown it enough to grade it.


    When your QBR and completion % are both ranked in the bottom half, it certainly can't be called a strength. Given JB has the 2nd least down field throws in the league, you would expect the completion % to be higher. Given that we have a top 5 OL, and play calling that makes it very easy on JB, expectations should be higher IMO. 


    Again, not saying he can't improve, but I do think the training wheels need to come off in the next couple games. We likely won't fair all that well in the 2nd half of the season (especially the last 7 games) if we don't see improvement. 

    Right now we are running 48% of the plays. Reich said today he wants it to be closer to 40%. I am sure they are working on it. Eight percent is just a few bigger plays a game.

  15. 58 minutes ago, jameszeigler834 said:

    Ya but we need to open the playbook stop messing around and just start opening the offense. 19 points was barely enough to beat KC but even against a Houston team that while im not convinced is that good they will put up more than 13 im thinking atleast 24.

    Not Opening the play book had nothing to do with scoring 19 points. We have been great in the red zone this year and for some reason we stalled once we got within 20 against KC. If  We convert two of those FG to TD we score 30 points. Reich cost us one TD. If we score two more TD and win 28 to 13 would you feel different. Chances are passing yards wouldn’t even of went up much if we had converted just two TD. Everyone is worried that it can be sustained. Let’s cross that bridge when if it comes. 

  16. 18 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    They've played the Saints and the Panthers, both considered top 10 OLs to start the year. 


    Watson is currently 4th ranked in QBR, 8th in completion %, and has a better TD to INT ratio than Brady. Add in their running game, ranked 5th. I'm glad Leonard has cleared concussion protocol..... 


    In short, Houston is very solid. Their biggest weakness, is pass defense (which passing is our biggest weakness). It's not a great match up for us. Not saying we can't win, but it's likely JB will have to step up to bring home a W.

    Is passing really our weakness or have we just ran it more because it was working and the opponents. Truthfully I don’t think we have thrown it enough to know if it is a weaknsss. 

  17. 1 minute ago, jameszeigler834 said:


    Well this time last year I think he had atleast two 100 yard games this year none.

    I think he was on his way for about 140 when he had to sit out the second half of the  Atlanta game. He was having a great day.

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  18. 6 minutes ago, EastStreet said:


    I think having Leonard back will do far more good (in stopping the run) than anything else. While Okereke has been OK vs the pass, he's been pretty bad vs the run. Teams have run right at him, or I should say right over him.

    Reich mentioned today how much Leonard will help also when Watson rolls out of the pocket. I believe maybe he was referring to how well he can strip the ball.

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  19. 1 minute ago, Nickster said:

    When did he get the concussion?


    I kept saying to my brother, especially in game 2 that he looked freaking lost out there.  Apparently he was.

    Yep it was game two. He said he believes it happened in the 1st quarter on a collision with Henry. It was 94 degrees that day so he thought it was from the heat so never said anything.

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  20. 1 minute ago, Fisticuffs111 said:

    Oh, that's interesting.

    And yeah, I need to just sub to the Athletic. Especially now that they have Keefer too.

    Keefer and holder have a podcast twice a week if you like to listen to podcasts. The early week one is on itunes and the second one is a subscriber only. If you look around you can find a 50% off for the first year. It’s actually pretty cheap even at full price with as much content is there. You can read it all. Even stories on other teams. What’s nice is stories are posted everyday. It’s not like a bi weekly or anything. I love the personal stories.

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  21. I have a subscription and read it. It was basically different then the one he had in college. That was the main reason he was questioning whether he could play again. He then talked to others who had concussions and realized what he was experiencing a lot others had as well. That then eased his mind. It’s a good story. If you download the APP you can get so many articles for free a month. It’s worth the subscription though. Great stories.

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