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  1. They looked good in the Texan game. That game wasn’t as close as it looked. But I agree unless something changes we are done.
  2. He is still in IR. He doesn’t have to be listed.
  3. No TY and no DF back. Jags win 30-10.
  4. Nothing on the report is a surprise. MAC will be missed if he can’t go. Missing his blocking will be huge.
  5. Only if Reich schemes him right. I just don’t like what I am hearing from the players. I hear no emotion or anything. It’s like they don’t care anymore. I mean aren’t they embarrassed how they played Sunday. Where is the anger.
  6. A WR won’t matter because they will just get injured. That’s how it rolls with the colts and WR. If everything had stayed mostly healthy we had a pretty good group. Campbell hadn’t got injured in camp and two other injuries I think he would of been pretty special this year. Which means nothing changes Sunday because we have no WR.
  7. I think it’s more the coaching change. I think Reich screwed up. The oline coach doesn’t motivate them.
  8. I also have no confidence in Reich right now. I don’t trust him. Then the fact they are letting Vinny continue to tarnish his legacy just ticks me off. They don’t seem to care so why should I.
  9. I just want to see that mean oline take over games like they did against the chiefs. The oline has been soft. Cox missed practice again today. If he doesn’t play that’s one less blocker.
  10. I sure don’t want to put the season on that one game when that team has given us fits over the years.
  11. Players who’s are out will return but probably to late. If we somehow pull the jags game off I will change my tune a little because I do think we might get DF and TY back for the Texans game then Campbell returns the week after. Anyone know much about the jags secondary. So they have good players.
  12. Didn’t Minshew have a few turnovers.
  13. We wouldn’t of needed hoyer to give us a chance if he hadn’t thrown the INT. Like I said once he came In I think Campbell disappears because the playbook got shut down.
  14. At this point I don’t think it matters what we do at WR. They always get injured. This team is just flat out jinxed when it comes to WR. We can go get a stud and they will be hurt by week two.
  15. By losing to the jags that puts us behind the jags in the standings.
  16. To be fair I think we would of been just fine in Pittsburgh without Jacoby getting injured. Campbell didn’t get hurt until the 4th quarter but once hoyer came in he was ineffective if I remember. Reich actually had a good game plan with lots of variety before Jacoby went down. Reich has got to get more imagination into this offense. It’s way to predictable with no variety. A lot of that though is because hoyer was in.
  17. What really rubs me the wrong way is after the loss to the dolphins the players are all smiling and happy going off the field. I don’t think their hearts are in it anymore.
  18. Houston has also tried to upgrade their corners. They got that player off waivers some colts wanted. Got Connely and roby will be back. So we do need DF and TY back.
  19. It won’t matter if we lose to the jags.
  20. I will disagree some. I think the last two losses were because of Jacobys injury. Both those games came down to Hoyers INT. I am comfortable in saying I think we win both pretty easily with Jacoby. If I remember right Campbell didn’t get hurt until the 4th quarter bur pretty much didn’t do much after Jacoby left the game.
  21. At this point we will get everyone back to late. I guess we just sit back and hopefully see this offense blossom when everyone is healthy come DEC. Maybe we see the playbook open up some and let this offense see what they can do. Having Jacoby back Sunday will help but unless jags completly crap the bed it’s going to be difficult to win. They have had two weeks to prepare and get Foles ready. The WR group took a gigantic hit at the wrong time. If Desir doesn’t play Sunday that will be even worse with Foles having such a good deep ball.
  22. Oh your right. Why did i think it’s buffalo. Ha ha. Anyway a browns win would be great. Mayfield will probably struggle with they Steelers D.
  23. At this point it’s division win or go home. No wildcard. I will be pulling for a browns win tonight though over Buffalo.
  24. Probably not. I am excited to get all our WR back for DEC and see what might of been. It will be to late by that time though. But maybe we can look forward to the future if they play well in DEC.
  25. With the Texans having that bye that Miami game was supposed to give us a leg up in the division. It’s so irritating.
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