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  1. This is actually true. If people didn’t watch him on the field this is exactly what they would think. I love the leader he has already turned into also. You can tell with his comments he will be a captain some day.
  2. I know. Plus you then have to take a hike just to take him outside. I have a feeling they won’t be there long. He did mention how they never stay settled in one place for long. I understand wanting to be closer to work but having a baby and that big dog it doesn’t seem very pet and family friendly. Something else it doesn’t seem they have planned much for the baby. Maybe she just hasnt showed it in the vlog but that kid is coming soon.
  3. So Zach Hicks says today’s news on Leonard is not about a extension. Maybe something WWE related.
  4. Nothing wrong with doing a different kind of interview. I enjoyed it. I laughed at Ballard’s Nicolette gum story. The story of it in his pockets and his wife doing the wash was very funny.
  5. If it is a extension I am going to assume Smith won’t be far behind.
  6. That is great. This is why if he doesn’t get any big offers I think he will be back. Ballard would be on board bringing him back for a year at a couple million. That isn’t going to hurt us at all.
  7. Looks like Darius might be signed to a extension tomorrow. Jason from for the Colture said Darius fans will be happy tomorrow and Darius tweeted this out.
  8. I am trying to figure out how they got the dog to Cali. They flew because they showed themselves in the airport with the cat when they left. I doubt they put him in cargo. He is so big and they said he doesn’t like strangers. Maybe they chartered a flight to Cali. I seen JJ Watt did that when flying with his dogs. Just something I wonder about. I Hope Wentz makes a appearance when he works out with him.
  9. Even if he gets 1 million I think that is more then he has made in one year on the colts. I think it might take awhile to find out where he is going. Teams will want to work him out in person I would think. If another team offers him a two year deal he might take it. But if all the other offers are one year prove it deals I can see him coming back. He wouldn’t have to play much and can work himself back. It says a lot that he stayed here and helped Taylor and Hines. Have seen a few Instagram stories with him at the mall with TY and Campbell. Also out to dinner with them. The famil
  10. I really don’t think he will until he has a year to prove it on the field. This type of injury can hurt his cutting ability ect.
  11. I don’t think he is going to get a big contract. The best place for him is the colts on a one year deal for anywhere between 1-3 million. He is familiar with the team and it’s his best option if all he gets is a one year prove it deal.
  12. I won’t be shocked if smith and Leonard are signed before the season starts.
  13. Going to be so fun watching him. Reich needs to keep him from playing hero ball so much but he is so good. It’s clear he is a good leader and a very hard worker.
  14. Apparently this is part of Wentz ability that goes back clear to college. Probably one of the reasons Reich loves him so much.
  15. Apparently Wentz has worked with Tom House in the past. I would guess he is going to do it again.
  16. I would hope the colts would handle it better then the eagles handled Wentz. They handled last season so bad.
  17. I am going to assume hopefully players will be vaccinated before the season. But like a tweet I saw awhile back the NFL can only encourage it not force it.
  18. This is what I worry about if Eason is the backup. What if Wentz misses a game or two with a injury and Eason play lights out and looks tremendous. Do we really need a QB controversy. How would Wentz handle it. I assume Reich would be like Wentz is the starter and as long as Wentz was playing well it might not be a issue. But it could cause issues.
  19. This is such a fun video. Yes he plays a lot like Luck. It’s going very to be fun watching him play. He will have been weapons then Luck too.
  20. I don’t think the problem was Hurts. It’s how the Eagles handled things. Remember the first thing Reich did after drafting Taylor was texting Mack and assuring him.
  21. I can’t wait for the press conference in a couple weeks. I wish they would do them in person wheee Reich, Ballard, Wentz were there together in a joint one.
  22. This interview was after his rookie season. He seems like a guy with a great personality. Shocked they say he had trouble connecting with team mates. Seems like he would be fun to be around.
  23. Reichs media availability today had some pretty funny questions. One asked about loss confidence in a player.
  24. Seeing what Wentz did with Jeffrey I think Pittman is going to have a huge year. Patmon will be fun to watch too.
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