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  1. So if KC beats Denver they would still be the number two seed unless the Texans beat us. They have played one more game then the colts.
  2. I think the Texans can beat NE. Especially with that game in Houston.
  3. This was a great game by TY and JB. This is the game TY acted like he got touched then went in for the score. Hopefully we see this between the two Sunday.
  4. If we don’t come out of this stretch 4-1 it’s bad news because we then have to go down to Houston at the end of it. The Steelers are beating up the chargers. Wow chargers are bad.
  5. The good news is I don’t think the colts have played their best football yet. If we had turned a couple of those FG into TD at KC that probably would of been the perfect game. We would of blown out the chiefs. I don’t think we have had a complete game yet where both sides of the ball were good. That chargers game might come back and bite us in the butt. We have to come through the next 5 games at least 4-1. It’s going to tell a lot. The run defense must get better. Carolina although they run defense they aren’t great at run defense. Neither are the jags.
  6. I watched most of that this morning. Seems if you get some pressure on him he will fall apart. He doesn’t know when to just get rid of that ball.
  7. I think it’s interesting the way the nfl has turned out. It turns Out the second half of our season is going to be harder then the first half. Carolina is going to be tough. Saints will have Brees back and lots of division games. We thought we got through the tough part already. We have the next five but after that it gets really hard. Turns out teams we thought were good are bad and some mediocre teams like Carolina are turning out pretty good.
  8. The Texans actually gave up 5 yards a carry. KC just didn’t run it enough.
  9. Jacoby has a 3-0 record against the Texans. The two wins with the colts were with Watson injured. He also had a win in NE. I think TY even had big games against them when Jacoby was the QB.
  10. That or we need Cain to be Superman. We also need a DE with Turay out. The good news is we should have funchess back soon which will help some.
  11. We have got into scoring position on almost all drives. We have had very few punts. We just need to do better in the red zone then last week. Need to be like the first 4 games. This might be the best team we have faced as far as rush defense. Although Oakland did a pretty good job. If we can’t get the run going it will fall on Jacoby. We need to do what we have been doing all year and make sure we are in 3rd and short situations. Don’t get behind the chains. Make sure we do a good job on JJ Watt. Ravens are playing the Seahawks and the raiders GB. Good chance who ever wins this game will have the have the 2 seed after the game.
  12. The game that the patriots play at Houston is going to go a long way to show how good or not good NE is. I still think they can lose some games with the back half of their schedule being tougher. KC has some tough games against the packers and Vikings also. My stomach is going to be in a knot all week waiting for this game. I hope Hooker is back. I hope Leonard isn’t rusty. Texans have a pretty decent rush defense so it will be interesting to see if they can stop Mack. This game should of been a Sunday or Monday night game.
  13. Looks like Texans tackle Howard was carted off today and probably won’t play against the colts. Some fan on twitter is mouthing off saying the Texans have the best oline in the Nfl after the falcons and chiefs lol.
  14. Kenny Moore was pretty good at blitzing in the playoff game but I think the Texans have more weapons now with fuller. Stills might also be back. Not having Turay is going to hurt. Do we play a lot of man press coverage again? They have better WR the KC had.
  15. It also looks like the Texans play the jags in London.
  16. KC is going to be in trouble playing MN and GB with that run defense.
  17. We need the raiders to lose next week.
  18. Just think if we beat the Texans next week we could be in that number two seed. The ravens lost to KC. Depends if the raiders win and Kansas City loses again.
  19. Watching Mclaurin get two more TD today I wish we would of took him instead of Campbell. He was nfl ready and could of helped us immediately.
  20. Watson has more passing yards the Jacoby but they ran for almost 200 yards so they did use the same blueprint. KC schedule is not kind. They have the packers and Vikings. Both teams can run the ball
  21. Yep I think the game plan will be the same as it was for the chiefs. I was reading on twitter the sun was really bad and why he might of dropped those TD. I couldn’t watch the game so was just following the nfl APP.
  22. The Texans play the raiders at home after they play us. This is going to get interesting.
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