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  1. So it seems a mixed bag tonight of starting QB playing. Brady and Ryan played. Looks like can newton hurt his foot already in his first game back. There is a bad field in Canada so the packers sat everyone.
  2. Apparently Reich and the bears coach texted each other. I think we are seeing more of it this year. I will be interested to see the stats from the games tonight and who played.
  3. Reich said today he would not answer whether he would play. He said even if Luck plays he still needs to protect JB because Luck hasn’t gotten many practice reps. So I don’t think you can read to much into it.
  4. I think if it wasn’t the 2nd year under Reich you would see them playing more. We are returning almost every starter. He mentioned since it was the second year he wasn’t as concerned. Most teams are doing it so we will see what games look like to start the season. I think the chargers are playing starters a little more. So that first game should be interesting. Also when teams do the joint practices that is almost as good as a pre season game.
  5. Here is his press conference. I hope TY and DF are not injured. I think TY was probably a maintence day but DF hasn’t got any days off. Maybe Reich thought he deserved a day off. Nope. I bet he returns Monday.
  6. You kind of feel bad for JB because the preseason is his audition for FA. With the chargers game getting closer Reich is getting quieter on lucks rehab. All he says is he is making progress. Mum is the word.
  7. So it sounds like Reich said he has to protect JB even if Luck does play since there might be some uncertainty. That makes sense and it does sound like he really does not know what he will do Sat.
  8. More context to the JB starting question.
  9. That makes sense. By saying If he was playing or not would have brought more questions on luck. At least now he doesn’t have to answer until next week.
  10. With the TE looking so good I wonder what the chances ate we keep only 5 WR and keep 5 TE. That way we don’t take a chance liking either guy.
  11. Yeah it makes sense. It only makes sense why he wouldn’t say today is they aren’t sure about luck yet. Otherwise there is no reason to not say if he will play. Just strange why you would with hold it until Sat with a pre season game.
  12. The only thing that would make sense of not saying if JB will play SAT or not is that they will have a better idea if luck will play week one by Sat. Nothing else makes sense why you withhold that info in a pre season game.
  13. I don’t get the point of not saying if Brissett will play against the bears. It’s a pre season game lol.
  14. The colts have caught some breaks their first two games. The chargers with injuries and a holdout and the titans without Lewan. Both these games look winnable on paper.
  15. I truly think it is a stress fracture that happened on that second day he practiced. He was really bad that day and that is day the ankle pain was mentioned. It makes sense that if he had a calf strain and the ankle was always troublesome that could happen. Just my opinion but they are just giving it u til the last second to heal and start practicing. They know how much time he needs so that is when we will see him practice.
  16. JMV wasn’t saying he had info. All he said was that the video looked like a guy who should be practicing.
  17. I think point is Luck is smart. He knows what it would look like if he didn’t play week one after doing that. That’s why I think he plays. No way he would of done that in public because be knows the criticism he would get if he doesn’t play.
  18. Well I did say let’s see how this year goes in my other post. I said they could be our future. By the end of the season it might look like we won’t need a WR. Especially early. It does also depend on what DF does and if we resign him. It could go either way.
  19. If luck doesn’t go after those drills people will be calling him soft even more then they do now. To them looking at that video it looks like a guy who should be out there practicing.
  20. I think this is from today so I will post this here.
  21. Everyone wants to hang on every word. I could even dissect Reich in his press conference today making it look like he will play. He said If Luck doesn’t practice next week they will have to revisit who starts week one. That sure sounds like they expect Luck to start. Also with luck doing those drills in public that would make him look really bad if he didn’t play.
  22. I didn’t really get anything out of that. I doubt he had conversations with Luck that deep.
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