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  1. He is 38. You give up to many future picks and we don’t win a SB and he decides to retire. Your then paying for a guy that you don’t even still have on your team.
  2. For sure. He just gives them options.
  3. Yeah just gives us lots of freedom on what we do in FA and the draft. It doesn’t tie our hands. I am sure they would rather have a second round tackle be able to start right away and keep Nelson at guard. But if one isn’t there you like or a better corner or edge is there you have the freedom.
  4. Let’s put it this way with Nelson. Let’s say there is a edge rusher in FA you really want. Putting Nelson at left tackle allows us to go get the edge in FA. Instead of a of paying someone at LT in FA. We may still draft s tackle but Nelson there as Insurance allows them to go after that edge in FA instead of a tackle. Then the LT you draft does good you keep Nelson at guard. If he isn’t ready yet putting Nelson at tackle for a year will work.
  5. This is what I am thinking too. Just a ace in the hole. Maybe a year at tackle until you can draft. Or insurance that a person you draft second round or later isn’t very good.
  6. The problem is young pass rushers are very expensive and there aren’t many out there. Lewis could eventually be good in that spot. But I think we need one more year to see.
  7. I am not moving him to the other side. Much easier for Nelson to move over one spot. He mentioned If Nelson is a generational guard he should be able to do it. Id he can’t then he is just a guard. Also mentioned he would trade Okereke if the Lions asked.
  8. Some colts media are saying if the Lions want Okereke he is tradeable. Leonard is not replaceable.
  9. He is on JMV today. Some interesting thoughts He thinks if they get Stafford TY will be back. He believes TY value goes back up. He doesn’t believe TY is a slot guy and doesn’t think he lost a step. Believes Hilton was getting deep and was just waiting for rivers to throw but that isn’t rivers game. As far as LT Nelson is a ace in the hole. If he can play LT it allows you to use that 21st pick on Stafford. Then instead of spending for a LT in FA we can use that money in CB, edge, or WR. Need to bring Rhodes back. Can’t let him out of the building. Believes
  10. His age scares me not because he can’t play. At that age he could retire anytime. I don’t want to be searching for another QB after a year because he decides to retire.
  11. Colin Cowherd. If Stafford Is available he should know the colts is where he should want to be.
  12. Stafford has some good prime years left. It lines up great with the prime years of our stars. Couldn’t ask for a better fit time wise.
  13. Seems like the colts playing inside would be a advantage for us. SF has warm weather so that is a plus. But the colts also play 6 other games in the division with good weather. TN could be a little cold late in the year but other then that you have 2 games in Jax and 2 in Texas. So that 14 games your most likely going to get good weather. Would he really want to play in a place like Denver.
  14. Stafford will probably take our first Pick and maybe a third.
  15. Yep. He let rivers make it look like he retired on his own. Instead of making rivers look like he was replaced. Also helps with the teams mentality. They loved Rivers. Rivers was getting stronger as the season went along. Wasn’t showing any slowing down. Now rivers did say he wanted to go out when he was playing his best. But everything seemed strange he made the decision so quick.
  16. That wasn’t the point of the tweet. The point was isn’t it weird Rivers retired so quickly after the season. Could Ballard have a deal already done for Stafford. Otherwise the timing of rivers retiring was strange.
  17. Hmm. This is a interesting thought. Add this to Dobbs interviewing with the Lions.
  18. Ballard is going to be on Dan Dakich next Friday. Not this Friday but the week after.
  19. Some comments here that Reich made about Stafford when we played Detroit.
  20. I would rather play aggressive football then playing scared like what we saw yesterday.
  21. Colts Twitter in a 24 hr span. Crying one minute because we might have to start Jacoby. Then the next minute go get Stafford. Now go get Rodgers lol. In all seriousness I would rather have Stafford. I don’t want to have to worry a QB could retire after a year and be searching again.
  22. As good as Allen is he still takes huge sacks at the wrong times. Never seen QB lose that’s many yards on sacks.
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