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  1. I don’t think that is what the person is saying. What they are saying is if he doesn’t think a wide receiver is a first round pick he isn’t going to take them in the first round. From what I have heard none of the receivers this year are first round worthy. I do think they will take at some point or they would of already re signed Inman. i am fine not taking one at all. We have so many young guys. Lets see them develop. A draft pick is unproven just like Cain is. We already have so many weapons on this team.
  2. This is such a good point about Cain. He is basically a rookie. Not to mention Marcus Johnson got injured early also. So he is kind of a rookie also.
  3. If this guy falls to the third round would you take a chance on him. We could get a steal if we whipped him into shape. I think in round 3 he would be worth a gamble.
  4. All the he doctors have said it is virtually no risk. But teams are still probably concerned. He was allowed to participate at the combine so the risk is very minimal.
  5. If we got both Gary and Simmons omg. There seems to be a lot of players they think are dropping. I also saw sweat could be dropping because of the heart issue. Some of that might be because other teams want them to drop so they can get them.
  6. That looks crazy. But I think a big board can be different then where someone is drafted.
  7. I remember Luck in his presser last week said he wants more TD. That’s good for Ebron and funchess. I do think we can expect funchess and Ebron to each get around 8 TD. I will be shocked if either gets double digits. If they do that means luck will have had a career year and might get mvp. I also won’t consider it a failure for Ebron if his TD are half and funchess gets the other half. It doesn’t really mean he wasn’t as important. Teams are going to have a hard time covering all 3 in the red zone.
  8. What is funny to me is Ebron and funchess are pretty much the same player. If luck and Ebron were so successful then I have no doubt luck and funchess will be too. I mean funchess ane Ebron pretty much had the same problem before coming to the colts. I think numbers won’t be super high because we have Ebron, funchess, and Doyle but it’s going to be fun to watch.
  9. This thread is to funny. I hope we can look back at some of the DF threads and laugh also.
  10. Simmons had surgery in FEB. He is going to most likely sit out the entire season.
  11. It has not aired yet. That picture is at his house where they were filming it. It is coming soon.
  12. AJ Brown will have a better career. He is like Reggie. Metkalf is going to be a bust.
  13. He also said Brian Burns could fall to the late first round. If that happened we would take Burns and not trade for Clark. He only said that because we have the jets second round pick.
  14. That is interesting. I would be shocked if it happened. They would have to sign him to a new deal before a trade. I don’t really believe it.
  15. I love all the warm weather games at the end of the season.
  16. What made it funny is Luck is known to point out architecture and things on trips. Even Nelson said sometimes he wants to say shut up nerd. Luck is a nerd and the video was totally him. Even the end when he picks up the cards.
  17. Yep it was very Andrew. Some of the teams have some very creative videos announcing the schedule.
  18. Because the schedule was released it will be up tomorrow.
  19. Dang we shouldn’t complain.
  20. Dang we thought the colts schedule was brutal. Oakland has 6 games without a home game too.
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