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  1. There is a big difference. After they all get initially tested the chances of it spreading among players is low. With the amount of times they will be tested and the fact none are going to even get in the facility with even a slight cough until they are tested the chances of it spreading is pretty small. Yes initially there will be some. I don’t even believe there are all these asystematic cases. I think there are a lot of false positives. Which is why the nfl has a different protocol for them.
  2. Big difference. These players will be tested several times a week.
  3. This all makes sense. If your sitting with your family you should be able to take the mask off in your seat. The concession APP thing makes good sense also. I am sure that would be easy to add to the colts APP.
  4. I think they can do this safely even with cases. Hopefully these 4 or 5 states will be through this by sept. All the other states seem to be under control pretty well. For some reason it took awhile for this to Wouk itself south. It’s been so hot they think people are inside more in air condition.
  5. Also if your sitting with your family you should be able to take off the mask while in your seat.
  6. That’s a good point. I think they have to look at restrooms and concessions to though. Don’t want super long lines. They could give out colts masks or something. Kids under the age of say 10 should be exempt from masks.
  7. Yeah this makes total sense. Families don’t need to be socially distanced.
  8. As long as season ticket holders are taken care of some fans is so much better then no fans. Jags said 25% capacity. I would think colts will be about the same.
  9. I don’t think it will be a lot of them opting out. But I could see a few. The nfl is taking a lot of precautions. Players won’t even be able to be in the facility with a cough or sneeze without a couple negative tests. I think we will see positive tests with the initial screening but hopefully players will be smart off the field and after those initial tests there won’t be many. I read the eagles are going to be testing all coaches and quarantining then until they are all tested. They are even testing their family members that live in the house with them. Sone of the stuff like no jersey swaps is dumb. If those players are all tested and cleared before games they should be able to have jersey swaps. Players are laughing at this silly rule. The nfl is allowing teams to have 2 fan events with players in the preseason as long as protocols are followed. No fans at training camp. With revenue sharing its probably good to let fans in some stadiums if local governments say its ok. Even if all can’t. That helps with revenue. If stadium workers and fans wear masks they can have 15 to 20 thousand pretty easily socially distancing. What will be interesting if there is a vaccine by the end of the year or January maybe playoffs can go back to full stadiums.
  10. There is also some rumors that there may be some players who opt out of the season do to asthma or other health issues including one elite one. If they do end up pulling off the season will be interesting to see if it ends up just a wasted season or we get good football.
  11. Looks like there will be fans in most places. Jaguars just announced 25% capacity. I seen another team announce 14k. Nfl will require masks where fans are allowed. Some fans is better then no fans. Haven’t heard from the colts yet.
  12. What is dumb is they have had weeks to work out a deal. Why are they waiting until just a few weeks before camp is supposed to open. I will shocked if they open on time.
  13. Yeah how does that even work. Only so many in at a time after practice and games. Some of the rules they want are just going to far. Meetings are going to be done virtually the way it sounds. How are teams supposed to develop chemistry keeping locker rooms restricted. If they are practicing and playing keeping the lockers rooms up 20 just seems stupid. The nfl needs to lighten some these rules.
  14. Work hard, get trained in a job field, do well in school, and stay out of trouble. That’s what it takes to be successful in this country. Everyone has the same opportunity to do those things. If your going to play the victim you probably won’t succerd.
  15. The entire Colin K thing was supposed to not be about the flag but yesterday called the Fourth of July a white supremisist holiday. Yes it was about the flag. The nfl really doesn’t know yet how much they just killed themselves. Revenue with few of no fans now they are killing the tv ratings.
  16. The nfl is killing its brand. They also are thinking of putting names of people killed by police brutality on their helmets. Will there be any white ones. I have no clue what they are thinking or doing. All of this is is just dividing us. They really are stupid and have no brains. Top all of this off with Colin K tweeted yesterday they are in trouble by embracing all of this.
  17. No. For right no the NFL says they expect cases and will isolate quickly. It’s very good news only 1..2 percent of the mlb players are positive. The WHO even said today they do not believe asytemstic cases can even spread it.
  18. This is actually some good news from the MLB. The first round of covid tests are back and only 1.2% have treated positive. Not even all players some coaches and staff. his
  19. Also looks like packers are planning on fans but reduced capacity. I think a lot of teams will probably do something like this. w
  20. The NFlPA is saying why out players at risk for games that don’t count. But it might be a good test to play a couple and see what happens. It could be a test. Plans are to test every other day. Players won’t be practicing with any kind of symptoms or be in the building so really the risk is how much can asymtemstic player spread it. Players are going to have to be responsible off the field if they want to play this season. I do think with the fact they will be smart and not be allowed into the building with just a sniffle should keep it from spreading. I think they should have to report a couple weeks early to get tested. That way there is no missed TC for any positive cases. I think this year is basically going to just be a wash. Even if they do play it eill just be a wasted year. Feel bad for players who’s contacts are up at the end of this season. Salary cap is going to make it impossible to bring some back. This is why Ryan Kelly isn’t signed yet.
  21. Just saw there may not be any preseason games and TC rosters might not be 90. Chad Kelly might find himself on the outside. Because why keep 4 QB. No preseason games would mean a guy like Eason will go almost two years without meaningful snaps. Let’s say there is no season what happens to contracts that are up after this season. Can they carry them over to next year. I think they will start but we will see if they can finish. As long as no one gets severely ill or big huge blocks of players don’t miss I think they can pull it off but it is all unknown. They are looking at fining players for risky things to put them at risk. No dining in restraints or using Uber or any other risky behavior. Don’t be shocked if tv revenue is way down. They are doing some pretty stupid stuff that is turning people off.
  22. You can laugh all you want but when Moore hurt his ankle our defense fell a part. We still won without Darius.
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