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  1. Ebron has worn out his welcome on two different teams. I don’t think he is getting the money he thinks he will get.
  2. But we found ways to win. Don’t underestimate how much losing a playmaker like TY hurts. Not only does he make plays but defenses have to play different when he is on the field. This forum will implode if ballard passes on a QB.
  3. We need to find a backup to Kenny Moore. Seemed like we had one in Taylor. What he does is so important to this team. Right now we have nobody to replicate it.
  4. From what players have said and what Eberflus has said today it wasn’t the zone it was a lot of miscommunication.
  5. Inman said today that Indy feels like home. To bad he waited so long last year to make a decision.
  6. There is no guarantee next year would have the same outcome as this year. There was a lot of things that went wrong in this season and Jacoby isn’t the only reason. Chances are even if we draft the future Jacoby will be the starter next year. A lot of strange things have happened this year that has lead up to our record. Just look at the turning point. We were 5-2 going into the Steelers game. What happened Jacoby got injured and our WR stated dropping like flies. You can’t underestimate the importance of Ty. Pascal has done great but he isn’t what you would call a playmaker. The things TY can do to fake out defenders ect makes him a great player. We are missing actual playmakers in the 4th quarter of games. No matter what they do at QB I am excited if Jacoby starts next season and to see what he can do with heathy and upgraded weapons. Plus not having all the drama with Luck two weeks before the season. Yes he has had some issues but to me I give him a incomplete with everything that has happened.
  7. Playing Kelly for one game though isn’t going to really tell them much. But if he has worked hard I don’t have a problem giving him some time in the jags game to reward him for his hard work.
  8. I think you play how you normally would because it gives them a chance to end the season on a good note. Also let’s them work through issues they have had. As far as Kelly maybe you give him the second half of the jags game to play a little. No matter what you do not want to create a atmosphere they are quitters. Even if your out of the playoff race.
  9. This could be a interesting game if TY comes back. Adding TY in there with Inman along with pascal and Johnson could really give us some fire power. Saints won’t be able to game plan for that because it’s not on tape. Could be a very fun game win or lose. For the first time all season Jacoby would have a lot of vertical threats. We are also a team who has nothing to lose. Those kind of teams can be very dangerous. Inman mentioned he has kept in touch with Reich also and told him he would end up back here. Seems Reich wanted him back.
  10. It wouldn’t surprise me if he won the job in camp. You just have to tread carefully with how much Jacoby is loved by his team mates. Herbert seems really mature and could probably start right away.
  11. He mentioned in his interview with draftneteork how he had a lot of responsibility at the LOS. That seems consistent with these reviews. Reich does like to run a lot of RPO.
  12. Kevin Bowen mentioned in his notebook today Inman said no to coming back a couple of weeks ago. Spent time with family and finally said yes and wants to come and just have fun. Second tidbit Jacoby has been texting him since sept wanting him to come back. Surprised they have stayed in such close contact.
  13. I don’t think so. They are really good friends and luck didn’t quit halfway through the season. He also said he feels way better. Maybe he plays Monday. I doubt he wants to go out this season with dropping balls.
  14. Have you bothered to even watch him play.
  15. Inman confirmed he only signed for the last 3 games.
  16. Let’s not forget also Miami does have a number one pick on their roster.
  17. Ballard is going to have a big decision to make if there is a DT that falls to us. Does he move up to get a QB or take the stud defensive player. Maybe that becomes easier if we get a DT in FA. Or what if that DE falls to us. This is going to be a really hard decision for him. Those are two stud defensive players we might not ever be in a position to get again. There is also a chance no one wants to trade with us also because they want someone that high.
  18. I doubt he trades up for a WR. There is to many good ones this year. Even deeper then last years draft. Last years class is doing really well this year in their rookie seasons.
  19. Because TY is starting to get injured and is at the end of his career I think we need to draft one pretty high. I am ok though not getting a FA. I like the way pascal and Johnson have played.
  20. On the stampede blue podcast with Jared they had like a 25 minute rant on New England. It is worth a listen. One of their takes is how Brady sold his soul. Because he was a sixth round pick he didn’t care what they did. He knew he had no chance unless he played right along with the devil.
  21. So there was a documentary after the first spygate where these video crews are told to say they are filming for some team documentaries and stuff. It’s all a lie. Plus why would a patriots film crew want to interview bengals personel.
  22. I don’t know if anyone has read this interview with Love. This is from July. Really impressive interview.
  23. If they have identified what they think can be a franchise guy I have no issues giving up one of those seconds to move up. If three teams ahead of us are eyeing a QB we could lose out on even Love. Love would be perfect for the chargers because he can sit behind Rivers a year. He would be good for the lions also with Stafford. I would not be ok giving up both seconds.
  24. I am listening to a podcast with George Bremer. He thinks we are going to see much more aggressive Jacoby like we saw last game. He thinks we are seeing a change in the offense. I am all for that. Sunday’s game was the most exciting game all year. Maybe they will just open it up and air it out a lot more since there is nothing to lose. Might as well see what you got.
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