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  1. Browns could of lost. That would of put the cherry on top.
  2. Tampa Bay a helping us by whipping the raiders.
  3. Trade Jacoby and bring back the swag to the PS. Lol
  4. This is hillarious. Why not just fake three knees and kick the FG.
  5. That is really embarrassing for Atlanta. Then to let them score a TD with a minute left is just as bad.
  6. Dang Bengals. There defense really is bad. The end Of that Lions game was wild too.
  7. A trade of Jacoby to Dallas would help him going into FA next off season. He would have a chance to show something.
  8. Cowboys aren’t done because of that horrible division. If would make sense for the colts with that Dalton injury. Dang Titans are on a come back.
  9. Cowboys need a QB. Anyway they might want Jacoby.
  10. Go Steelers. Hopefully the Bengals can beat the Browns also. Raiders need to lose in the late game also. I forgot about that.
  11. Looks like Minshew might get benched. Jags are going g end up with a very good QB in the draft. We need to get our team figured out at that position.
  12. They need way more then a QB. Those teams are so void of talent.
  13. Going to be interesting to see what the giants and jets do. If they were smart they would trade their pick for loads of draft picks and keep their young QB. Bengals are going to get a high pick also. There could be some teams picking high that might be willing to trade their picks. Justin Fields looks so good today.
  14. Reich actually said earlier in the week he will start getting scout team reps. I don’t think the colts even know yet if they will look for the future in the draft. Eason still has half a season to show what he has in practice and by working. I don’t think the colts would be shy about trading up if they felt that a sure fire can’t miss guy is there they really love. The best thing for this team I believe is to have Rivers have a great season and come back next year and have Eason as the backup. Then he could be ready in 2022.
  15. It’s also possible he just got a lump sum and paid for the ring himself. YouTubers and popular Instagram people can make a ton of money doing this. Some popular YouTubers can make like 10k just from mentioning a product in their videos and on IG. I will bet this was just a picture to use for the ad on instagram and that wasn’t actually the moment.
  16. It was. YouTubers get what is called sponsorships. He was most likely given the ring at no cost for the post on instagram and most likely youtube.
  17. He just took questions from the press. Should be up on YouTube later. This kid is working his butt off. Really impressed with the quotes I saw from reporters.
  18. I like Bremer too. He is really good with fans on Twitter and will always have conversations with you if you ask a question.
  19. I think we are fine. With Johnson bring a deep threat and getting Pittman back wecshould be just fine. Johnson should help TY. Plus we are getting Mo back. Pascal is pretty damn good. He won’t get you the 50 yard bombs but can get you the 20 yard catches.
  20. Hands down Kevin Bowen. Heccomes from a fan perspective and is so good at his job.
  21. If you can keep Baker in the pocket he is a horrible QB.
  22. Just because he wants to be a starter doesn’t mean a team will want him as a starter. If rivers doesn’t come back I imagine there is a good chance he comes back.
  23. I think they would do that only to make Eason fight for it and not be handed the job? They would say it’s a competition but it really isn’t.
  24. Hopefully we haven’t seen the peak of this team yet. There was a lot of changes and with the short off season it didn’t help.
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