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  1. Have you notice they keep bringing up Brissett?You can ask what the weather is like in Cairo Egypt and multiple people will bring up his name in a negative light....UPDATE:its 77 in Cairo right now...I wish Brissets qb rating was that high.
  2. All blue for sure.Over the normal ones.
  3. This!This could be a post by itself entitled,Brisset is our qb.
  4. We're going to see about that in the ñext few weëks.
  5. Couldnt have said it better myself.The only thing "extreme" in here is how our qb gets no respect and how people are so sensitive when you actually give JB some props.If Luck would have played KC like that they would all would have called him a freakin genius for controlling the game and not slinging it. Chee I wonder why they all cant wait for him to fail!!Thats obvious.But why?This team is a single field goal and one dropped pass away from being unbeaten.Thats it.
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