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  1. So would the board be in favor of trading up to get a top QB? If so, what would you trade to get the #1 pick (likely Borrow)? #2 or #3 pick (say Tua)? A #4 - #8 pick (say Hebert)?
  2. Good time for a nice, long TD drive to get us to halftime, and then get the 2nd half kickoff.
  3. Things can change quickly - they started the same way against Cleveland last week
  4. Sweet! 3 and out again! Great closure - very few YAC. On this series......lots of tight ends and Mack.
  5. Great start! Still amazed that Adore Jackson threw his hands up in confusion about the interference penalty. My God! It was holding, face mask and pass interference all on one play!
  6. We have plenty of time to score. No sense in scoring too fast and allowing the Chargers to come right back down and score. I think you’ll see this ball control offense all season.
  7. As poorly as we’ve played, there have been some good things (Jacoby, Mack, d-lime pressure). We’re not playing the Dolphins here. The Chargers are good. Bottom line - those who are throwing in the towel on the season are silly.
  8. I think Jacoby has to take a shot deep down field at this point. Charges will start gearing up for run.
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