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  1. Seemed to be playing at a high level prior to last injury. May just be a numbers thing as we have some banged up players and need a productive TE - not someone who has been visibly slowed by injuries. Hope we can get him back on PS.
  2. Thats’s no way to look at it. You have no clue what would gave happened.
  3. Mack has run the ball 8 times.....I wouldn’t say it’s been unsuccessful. Small sample size (only 8 rushed, but at least he’s gained 27 yards). The team is panicking.
  4. I would like to see us run the ball on 1st down and then again on 2nd down. With DBs so tight on the receivers, we could break one. If not, we’ll pick up SOME yards.
  5. When will we change our game plan today? Let’s run the ball!
  6. It loving on Mack yet. He needs to play a string of games first, and then produce in those games. I feel like we’re on the verge of having a very good running game.
  7. It's early......it's very early. Staying optimistic.
  8. Clark got beat a few times on the left side of the line, but the interior line was great!
  9. Line was pretty darn good on that first drive!
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