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  1. this guy is stalking me every chat i go into he follows and talks about collie look at his username lol.........
  2. all the colts need left on our roster is a CB but i would love to sign randy moss remember its just a rumor but im loving to hear this
  3. Yes, Randy Moss has retired. Sort of. But, just because ‘Straight cash, homey’ says he’s done doesn’t mean he is. When the news broke of his retirement, one of the reasons he said he was hanging them up was because he wasn’t getting enough interests from certain teams. One of the teams he mentioned was the Colts. For many, Moss’s use of ‘interest’ suggested that the Colts had a desire to sign Moss, but that they didn’t want to pay him the $3 million per year he wanted. I know alot of people dont believe twitter as a good source but its all over twitter My link this is a better link from stampe
  4. yea but we only lost by like 3 last year to them with like basically no starters
  5. who is kurt russel? and lil wayne is fake to let you know i listen to more like Young Jeezy and Z-ro
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFF6fhp1Oeg&feature=related I just love this comeback one of my favorite yours??
  7. somebody boot this girl named "thefakejackburton" lol what kind of name is that
  8. hes just hating he doesnt get the topic we all think he'll have a break-out year if he doesnt have another injury
  9. Playoff Anatomy: Colts ""All-Go"" Route This is a great play always works(ive been posting random threads because im tired of all the stressing topics over colts im going positive and looking at the good things about the colts) http://www.nfl.com/player/austincollie/81282/profile
  10. ok if not last season stats then rookie seasons stats he still but up good numbers ,quit hating
  11. he is good at the slot reciever postion and very very underated
  12. ELITE: the word is entirely appropriate to use as a description of Austin Collie's performance in 2010, before the injuries. Collie opened the season with six touchdowns over the first six weeks for Indianapolis, catching 44 passes on 54 targets, averaging 83.8 yards per game. At that point, with the Colts headed into their bye, the second-year receiver had caught 11 TD passes over his previous 14 NFL games, playoffs included. He was a machine. We all agreed. Collie was an elite fantasy asset, a high-volume receiver in a high-yield offense. And he was producing while Clark, Addai, Garcon and
  13. Biggest Receiving Threats: Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Anthony Gonzalez, Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon Player Under the Radar: Blair White It's hard to argue that there's a more fine-tuned passing offense than what the Colts have. When they lost Marvin Harrison to retirement, guys like Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie stepped in to make up for the lost production. Like some college fans like to say: they don't rebuild, they just reload. The Colts are never out of a game because of their passing game, and a lot of that can be contributed to Peyton Manning. However, the Colts can beat you from so
  14. According to the Indianapolis Star, Peyton Manning (neck) was running and throwing with "decent velocity" at Colts practice on Wednesday. Officially, there's still no timetable for when Manning might come off the PUP list, but this is obviously a sign that he's getting closer. The Star's Phillip Wilson expects Manning's practice participation to ramp up once the Colts break camp, and does not believe the iron man is in any danger of missing regular season action. My link
  15. this is real good showing that curtis painter is doing good but it is showing our cb's suck.....
  16. PLAY OF THE DAY At opening practice Monday morning Reggie Wayne wasn’t afraid to shy away from getting the chance to work with Curtis Painter. “Don’t try to blow this up the wrong way talking to everybody,” Wayne said. “I’m kind of eager to get in there with Curtis. I’m a Curtis Painter fan. He has been taking some hard hits from the media, from spectators the last few years. But I’m a big fan of his and am kind of eager to go out there and get some reps with him.” That connection came to fruition Wednesday night when the offense and defense took the field for their first 11 on 11. Painter fo
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