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  1. we need a new cb to take lacey spot he gettn schooled by painter lol
  2. make a topic that is interesting
  3. Delone Carter gots speed and cuts(i got big hopes for this guy in the nfl) THE FUMBLE ISNT CARTERS FAULT as i can see he cant run outside only up the gut Look at Painters deep ball to Garcon 3:30-3:40 but shows Lacey sucks actually good footage again right? http://www.nfl.com/stats/milestone?icampaign=milestone_Nav
  4. For some reason i dont remember this do you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQE9ReSxZNk&feature=related
  5. (notes from stampede blue) Painter was hitting all of his targets. The only misfire I recall was a 40-yard pass that came inches away from arriving in Reggie Wayne's hands. But the scrimmage was where he really shined. In the first series, he connected on a long pass to Wayne in great coverage before finding him again in the back corner of the endzone a play later. A series later, he completed a rocket 20-yard pass to Jacob Tamme over the middle. Topping off his performance was a nice play action fake that brought Jacob Lacey to the line of scrimmage, leaving Pierre Garcon wide open for a side
  6. The former three-time Pro Bowl defender with the Chicago Bears watched practice, along with a dozen other veteran players who can’t practice until Friday at the earliest because of rules in the new collective bargaining agreement. Defensive end Dwight Freeney did not participate in today’s practice after suffering what coach Jim Caldwell said was a leg cramp during Wednesday night’s practice in shoulder pads in front of 9,000 fans at Macholtz Stadium. Freeney watched his teammates sweat it out this afternoon, which included he and fellow Pro Bowl pass rusher Robert Mathis discussing defensive
  7. yea its just so exciting to even watch them practicelol
  8. yea thats what i put in the article lol
  9. some easy wide reciever work whos number 16 returnign kicks?>
  10. I found this on youtube its actually some nice footage right?
  11. looks like a simple practice:(note collie is wearing visor helmet again) I found this on youtube its actually some nice footage right? hate to say this but at 1:19-1:25 garcon drops a easy pass...
  12. well of course this isnt all texans fans predictions just ones but scroll down their board and see what there thinking
  13. This all was posted by Texans fans: On the strength of that I'm upgrading my earlier prediction by 1 game, to 8-8. Should anybody do better in predicting outcomes of specific games, if you'll remind me, I'll admit that you're a better forecaster than I. Here's how I see it: L vs Colts W @ Dolphins L @ Saints L vs Steelers W vs Raiders L @ Ravens L @ Titans W vs Jaguars W vs Browns W @ Buccaneers L @ Jaguars L vs Falcons W @ Bengals W vs Panthers L @ Colts W vs Titans so the texans fans think well beat them twice lol sounds good but scroll down some of there board and see there thoughts... am
  15. please close this thread
  16. RANDY MOSS to a 1 year deal for like 3-4 mil and then ASANTE SAMUEL lol its big...
  17. like it he was former pro-bowler he looks like a decent signing but we got 15.7 million in cap room o sign randy moss for like 1 year /3mil
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