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  1. Ok Is Marvin Harrison going into the Hall Of Fame? Personally I think Yes I think he should be a first ballot.He better his numbers should give him that ticket to first ballot. Here is his numbers comparied to eligible H.O.F ers: Games--- Rec ---Yards ---TD ----YPR ----Pro Bowls --All Pro 190----- 1102 --14580 ---128 ---13.2 ---8 ------------3 -----Harrison 234------1101 --13899 ---130 ---12.6 ---8 ------------2 -----Carter 255 -----1094 --14934 ---100 ---13.7 ---9 ------------0 -----Brown 234 -----951 ----13198 ---87 ----13.9 ---7 ------------0------Reed (LOOK AT THE GAMES PLAYED!!!!) H
  3. i stay in houston, texas too and im going to watch the pre-season games on the internet on some website just look it up like i do and one ill eventually work lol...........sorry mods if i cant say this im sorry
  4. These are notes form the 5th day of practice (padded) and all notes are from stampede blue: •Joseph Addai got a big cheer when he burst through the line on a 20 yard run during one of the drills. Nice to see #29 still in a Colts uniform. Delone Carter was quite impressive in the goal line drills, scoring on the first play bouncing outside, then on the last play he blasted into the line, kept pumping, and scored, even when Larry Coyer was pleading with the referee he was down. Really nice to see. Oh, and Devin Moore is very, very fast. He's going to make the roster. •The receivers were just as
  5. Anthony Gonzalez made a beautiful catch over cornerback Jacob Lacey on a 30-yard gain down the right sideline. Quarterback Curtis Painter put the ball in the perfect spot for Gonzalez who made the catch even though Lacey was flagged for interference on the play by the officials who attended the practice. this guy sucks we need at least a FA corner then we are set for year to start article from colts.com on notes for day 5
  6. if i had the money i would go but also i know im catching the game for sure on tv
  7. hey lol im the only colts fan here from houston, texas i live maybe 35 minutes from reliant stadium
  8. Ok In the 2011 NFL Season these are the Milestones that can be hit!!!!!! If Peyton Manning throws for 172 yards he reaches the 55k(55,000) yard milestone mark(54,828)---3nd all time If Peyton Manning throws for 1 touchdown he reaches the 400th touchdown milestone mark(399)---3rd all time :excite: If Reggie Wayne recieves for 252 yards he reaches the 11k(11,000)recieving yard milestone mark(10,748)--- If Reggie Wayne catches 1 touchdown he reaches the 70th touchdown milestone mark(69)---top 30 all time :jumpy: If Dwight Freeney gets 6 sacks he reaches the 100th sack milestone mark(94) :rules
  9. Also a good D-line = good Linebackers, good LB's = good CB's, and good Cb's = good Safteys, good Defense = getting a second :trophy: :trophy: and that means :disco: :disco: :party: :disco:
  10. Colts Finally Have their "Warren Sapp" For the Cover 2. His Name's Drake Nevis Indy fans have been clamoring over the buzz of the recent free agent signings of Tommie Harris and Ernie Sims and with good reason. It's been a while since the front office has made any bold moves in the free agent market. Yet there is a player who's quietly flown under the radar who may have a bigger impact on the defense than the recent players signed. Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you all to Drake Nevis. Looking at him on film and in practice, Nevis looks a lot like former Buccaneers stand out turn
  11. Collie, back on the field for training camp at Anderson University, is trying hard to push such thoughts out of his own brain. “The more I dwell on it, the more I think about it, the more you guys bring it up, the more it’ll stay there in my mind,” he said. “And that’s the last thing I want when I’m going over the middle again.” So far, Collie has looked like his old self. He told Sports Illustrated months ago that he won’t change the way he plays. And he reportedly has been working with auto racing safety expert Bill Simpson to design a new football helmet. The helmet Collie has been wearing
  12. @JimIrsay (TWITTER Jim Irsay Why do some of u guys want us 2 sign Moss? We got Reggie,Gonzo,Austin,Pierre? My link also more recent he says" Is Randy Moss really at St. Elmos 2nite? I know nothing of this,but Indy IS quite nice in August-Talked 2 M Faulk 2day,he's firedup4saturday" i guess we not getting him
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