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  1. I don't believe any of them--I just monitor how the draft picks actually play, as rookies and beyond, and then give each draft class my own "grade" And when I do that for this draft class in the future, my class will definitely include Buckner.
  2. This is sort of related to one of the standard post-draft activities that to me gets annoying: so many of the "experts" giving each team's draft class a "grade" that essentially just rehashes their own pre-draft rankings. It's especially annoying in the case of CB and the Colts because these guys usually don't include Buckner in their grading since Ballard didn't actually draft him. But because CB's 1st pick was used directly to get Buckner, IMO he should be included in any evaluation of the Colts' 2020 draft class, which would then be Buckner, Pittman, Taylor, Blackmon, Eason, Pin
  3. That's a pretty common issue with receivers who have elite speed coming out of college. They often didn't need to worry much about route-running--they could just outrun most, if not all, of the college defenders trying to cover them. Several of the receivers in this year's draft (e.g., Denzel Mims) fall into the same category: using elite speed + simple route trees in college. Pittman, on the other hand, is almost the exact opposite: a non-burner with excellent hands and route-running skills who may be the most NFL-ready receiver in the 2020 draft. With enough size/length to physic
  4. I know a lot about Blackmon--saw multiple Utah games this season. I just think a DL pick like Gallimore or Elliott would've likely had more impact than a promising safety pick. JMO...
  5. I don't "dislike" the Blackmon pick but I would've preferred 1) keeping #75 and drafting Gallimore or (2 drafting Elliott at #85, because I don't think the addition of Buckner (& Day) in and of itself is enough to upgrade the Colts' DL to where it needs to be--especially given what the other AFC South teams did in the draft. I'm less concerned about what position Blackmon eventually plays than about his potential to help the Colts improve a real problem area-IIRC they were near the bottom, if not AT the bottom, of the league in pass defense versus tight ends. If Blackmon can he
  6. Zierlein actually likes this kid's size/potential FWIW
  7. sounds like he and Fountain may essentially be competing for the same spot on the roster
  8. I think that was partly a function of how poorly Eason apparently did in his interviews. I hope he grasps that falling to Indy in the 4th w/ the Colts' QB situation could be the best thing that's happened to him in a while. It's largely up to him going forward as to whether he becomes something like Joe Flacco 2.0........or Ryan Leaf 2.0.
  9. anyone know anything about Bryce Huff or Delontae Scott? worth a tryout maybe?
  10. looks like both LSU tight ends are still out there (Sullivan supposedly > athlete than Moss FWIW) also Hunter Bryant still there? hmmm...health?
  11. I gotta admit the Blackmon pick was a bit of a head-scratcher for me, especially with both Zuniga and Gallimore still sitting there at #75, and Elliott even at #85--IMO the Colts' DL needs even more of a talent infusion than just Buckner and Day. Guess I'll have to hope now that Houston can, at his age, have another really good season and/or that Banogu really blossoms in 2020. And that Day can contribute significantly in addition to Buckner. And also hope that maybe someone like Wonnum or Robinson, or Lawrence or Fotu, will still be there at either #122 or #149.
  12. what DLs are left? Elliott, Gallimore, Madubuike, Wonnum, Zuniga, Okwara?
  13. makes sense....man, their D got good again pretty fast
  14. if someone like Elliott or Taylor is still there at #75.....a guy can dream
  15. "top 5 run offense in league" was the goal IIRC FWIW everything I've heard and read suggests Taylor's another really high-character guy too
  16. maybe the Titans' success w/ D Henry last season affected Ballard's thinking on this pick
  17. wonder if Ballard thought Jax or Chi might take him before #44 (unlikely it seems to me) odd pick IMO, but makes #75 that much more interesting I suppose
  18. I'm not following the cablecast: did Ballard move up after the Texans got Blacklock or before?
  19. IMO if Campbell isn't slot WR #1 by 2021 then something didn't work out as planned
  20. and maybe Hilton gets some help and relief
  21. I would've tried to trade down with someone w/ multiple 2nd round picks: Seattle, Baltimore or maybe the Rams.
  22. actually I think Taylor at #75 would potentially be a "better value" pick than any of these other guys being picked in the 2nd round, but I'll be somewhat surprised if Taylor's still there at #75. That would be a good break for Ballard, especially if he went DB or WR or OL in Round Two.
  23. if nothing else, I think Davidson's more position-versatile than Brown is. So is another guy I forgot to mention before: Justin Madubuike.
  24. I get the impression Ballard would like to replicate what the Eagles did a lot in their Super Bowl season--have enough DLs to rotate multiple guys at a time, like hockey shifts. In which case it would be tempting to take Blacklock if he's there at #34 (and completely healthy) or hope someone like Davidson, Elliott or maybe Gallimore lasts until #44. Unfortunately, I don't think Taylor will be there at #75. But a WR like Edwards might be FWIW.
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