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  1. I’m so glad we didn’t draft those studs Greedy Williams and Montez Sweat......
  2. Adam Humphries would be a great sign Landon Collins would be a great sign and partner for hooker Any of the big pass rushers hit the open market (Ford,Clowney,Lawrence,Clark) Insane amount of cap space, sign our own Desir, glows, etc and go big game hunting
  3. The only answer is the patriots. Until Luck beats Brady, It’s Brady. Ravens will beat them anyways, pats d is way too old and slow to stop Lamar. We beat Houston KC and Andy choke (per usual) We shut down another top running team in Baltimore Colts beat Rams
  4. Lol So if we had a LT good enough to push AC to the right side that wouldn’t be a good start to having an elite o line? AC is good middle of the pack LT which is fine but a scenario where we have a top 5 in the league LT with Nelson Kelly Smith Castonzo has elite written all over it
  5. An upgrade at LT bumping AC to the right would be a good start
  6. I remember when philbin was a great o line coach with a great track record and I got excited
  7. Can’t wait when all the naysayers are eating crow. This offence will be one of the tops in the league. Finally have an offensive line that (potentially) can control the clock and dictate the game. With a healthy Luck that isn’t running for his life and the first time since Arians a coach with a great offensive mind.....not even being overly optimistic I think it’s gonna be great
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