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  1. Chad Kelly vs. cap space. Against everything Ballard had said about competition? He wants it? Suh was pennies on the dollar. Everyone argued ohhhh he won't do it because of the character issues. F'n character issues. At least Suh might have done something. Wasn't he in the Superbowl last year? Or do I forget.
  2. Yeah, but this whole idea of character is nonsense. He may have priced himself at that. P.S. he's better than Brissett. But at this point a smart agent would have given him the realistic number. Suh is not a moot point because he was available for a minute. Ballard has always argued competition, right? Well, Suh could have added major competition and Kap could have too. Well they signed elsewhere really isn't a argument because they could have been here. It was stupid. That Kelly dude has been living on his parents couch eating Chef Boyardee. At least Suh has played one meaningful down in his
  3. I just want opinions. Suh is a not the impact player he once was. He still a very good veteran piece that has rotational ability. He's NOT the troublemaker he once was. So the question is if we are so high on character... Why do we not sign someone like Suh who is worth the risk and could provide excellent depth on a one year, but sign Chad Kelly? Chad Kelly broke into a teammates house during a Halloween Party. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/chad-kelly-arrested-on-trespassing-charge-while-in-cowboy-costume-following-broncos-halloween-party/ It seems like a favor and that stinks. Th
  4. I know it's the down time of the year. But I haven't felt this excited for next season since the Manning era. I really feel like this is the year Andrew comes into his own and becomes truly elite. Frank Reich showed so much growth throughout the season. He is the right guy. I trust him in big games to make adjustments unlike Pags and make the Colts having a lead be terrifying. Not only that but the draft has the possibility to land us multiple franchise players. I believe in the process Ballard has instilled in this franchise. So awesome to see how great the culture is now compared to where we
  5. Great addition. Great deal. Definitely needed.
  6. If I was making mega millions off of stupidity I'd live in Antarctica.
  7. 8th only because we're not stupidly throwing money at distractions and ME players.
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