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  1. I still feel like in high profile games the NFL uses refs and flags to make a game more competitive. A timely flag and instead of 14-6 it turns into 14-10 that kind of thing. Especially late in the third quarter where a good running team could easily chew the game up. That’s when you see the phantom holding calls. Seems like clockwork.
  2. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    I have seen 1.5 Ballard Drafts..color me not impressed

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Sometimes I feel like Ballard could draft 1st team all pros at every position and someone would find something negative. Honestly I know that Ballard’s football and scouting knowledge far surpass anyone’s on this board and I have faith in him and Coach Reich. I haven’t felt this good about the direction of the Colts for a while.
  3. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    Leonard AFC Defensive Player of the Month

    Me too. The pro bowl is nothing but a glorified popularity contest.
  4. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    Leonard AFC Defensive Player of the Month

    If he doesn’t get DROY it’s highway robbery.
  5. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    Would you trade for Antonio Brown?

    Hard pass.
  6. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    When have you ever felt better about the colts?

    I'm trying not to overanalyze anything at this point. Just trying to enjoy the ride. We are technically playing with house money and I think even the playoff appearance is a huge milestone for a team deemed by most as the number 32 team in the league at the start. Most of us on here including myself had accepted the fact that we were in a rebuild and wouldn't make any type of noise. Now do I think we will win it... Probably not. There are a lot of good teams in the AFC and we have to play all of them on the road. But for now, I'm ecstatic with our improvement and direction. We have a perfect storm with Ballard, Reich and a healthy Andrew Luck. If it ends this week I will sleep well knowing next season and many after are going to be amazing. Just my take on it.
  7. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    The MANIAC!!!

    Sorry for the DP. Haven’t had my coffee yet
  8. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    The MANIAC!!!

  9. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    The MANIAC!!!

    Right? If he played for big market team he would have had that on lock from week 13. Smh
  10. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    Colts are playoff bound!!!

    Texans message boards are scared to death right now. They are not happy about seeing Luck, Ebron and of their owner TY coming to town. I have a gut feeling this could be our year. This line is legit.
  11. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    Ryan Kelly!!!

    That would be ridiculous. How could you cover them? Grigs was a poison for this organization that is finally getting bled out. People can say what they want about Irsay but he did make a grand slam hire with Ballard. Reich was a gift from the football gods.
  12. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    Ryan Kelly!!!

    I would full on hate Grigs if not for the Kelly pick. In pass pro he always seems to shuffle his guy to give Andrew a pocket to step up in. The addition of Nelson is paying dividends all across the line.Couldn’t ask for a better center than Kelly.
  13. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    T.Y. Hilton or Marvin Harrison...

    Marvin is one of the greatest of all time period. Hilton isn’t top 5 right now. 1,964 is the record held by Megatron for yards in a season in his prime. No receiver has ever touched 2000. Marvin sniffed 2000 twice in his career. 99 he had 1633 and in 02 he had 1722. The most impressive thing about the 02 stat is that by the time he was a established No. 1 and someone people obviously gameplanned for. TY’s best year was 1448 in 2016. Not crapping on T.Y. at all. But putting him in the conversation with a HOF receiver like Marvin Harrison is beyond laughable at the moment. Maybe later on I hope. TY isn’t the best receiver right now and Marvin is arguably top 5 all time. C’mon Man!
  14. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    T.Y. Hilton or Marvin Harrison...

    Marv all day. Would love to have seen Marv shut up loud mouth Ramsey. Marvin would have stole his soul and will to play.
  15. Mr.ZapRowsdower

    Kalen Ramsey/Luck interaction