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  1. I'm more worried about Fuller than Hopkins.
  2. The Raiders loss stings a bunch and still makes me SMH. They should lose the next two games which makes my heart smile.... What we really need is Baltimore to drop a couple. They go to Seattle this weekend. I wouldn't sleep though on the Jags. Their schedule sets up nicely, and they could take some huge steps forward if they make some noise in the division.
  3. I absolutely love how well Willis has come on, but I'd pump the breaks a bit on Baldingers's take. KC's passing game was a shell of what it traditionally is when we played them. He's done much better than I thought he would, but he's going to need some time before he's crowned.
  4. Nope not at all. I wouldn't doubt if it went to pick'em though tonight or tomorrow.
  5. I feel bad for him too, but I love seeing the Falcons lose lol. I feel really bad for Grady J too. He's a great guy, and doesn't deserve the crap around him.
  6. The opening line was -1.5 to -2.5 depending on the service. Most have moved to -1, meaning the money has been going to Houston.
  7. What's up with Ebron. I saw on the injury report he DNP and listed as "illness". Any info is appreciated.
  8. Quinn needs to go. I can't believe how bad their D has been. They had such a great opportunity this year given the state of the NFC South too...
  9. I think this could be a breakout game for JB to be honest. Houston's DBs are a bit hobbled, and one of their OTs is pretty banged up. That aside, I think TY will do his thing, and I'm betting Ebron shakes off the drops. That tweet where JB said the deep balls are coming, does give me hope. Not because I want him throwing deep a bunch, but because going deep a couple times will impact how Houston's D will play us. Houston is not great at all vs the pass, but top 10 vs the run. I'm guessing Reich will try to exploit that. It's pretty much a given they're going to key on stopping Mack and TY, and both Reich (play calling) and JB need to use that against them. If JB could have a good game and win this one, we have 3 very winnable games after that. Being 7-2 going into the last 7 games (which should be pretty tight) would be awesome.
  10. I don't think it's even debatable who had the better field vision and who was better at reads/progressions. Luck was skilled at those things coming out of college. Sure he threw some INTs, but so does just about everybody that regularly goes down field. INTs also happen a lot when playing from behind, which Luck did a lot during the Grigson era.
  11. Nope, it didn't. What he needed was the opposing QB to be hobbled, the 2 best WRs to be out, their OL to be banged up, 3 of 4 DL to be out, and 4 of the front 7!. That would have really helped Luck.
  12. I expect to see some turnover at the end of the season, if not trades before. I can see them thinning out some position groups (OL, DL, WR, RB). Overall, they've got plenty of fat if they want to cut. TE specifically, I can see them dropping Stocker who is 31, not performing near as well has Hooper, and saving ~3M. On Beasley, his stats have been going south since his big year in 2016. He's on pace to do a little better than 2018, but still, he's far from the same guy who had 15ish sacks in 2016. He had 5ish the last two years. I wouldn't be shocked to see them move away from Freeman (RB) in the next couple years, who is having a very mediocre season. They'll take a hit with the guarantees, but 3.5ish ypc isn't cutting it for the money they are paying him.
  13. Hooper is ATL's leading pass catcher right now. I don't see them letting him leave without a fight. He's been very cheap for them, and I wouldn't be surprised if they got an extension done this year.
  14. Can't blame it on Reich's O. If you look at Andrew's charts last year, they look completely different than JBs. Either Reich has totally changed philosophy, or he's calling very different plays for JB. Or, JB is just not able to go through progressions like Luck.
  15. It kinda depends on what plays we are running, how deep the routes are, and if JB is willing/able to push it down field. You can easily stack the box and double TY if your TEs and other WRs are running shallow trees (or simply not getting balls thrown to them when they go deep). The overwhelming majority of his passes are -5 to +5 yards from scrimmage. That makes it too easy for DBs and LB to clog things up. Take a look at his charts if you have time. https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/charts/list/type/team/2019/week
  16. I agree. The Houston game is going to tell us a bunch. The three after that won't tell us much (Broncos, Steelers, Dolphins). We really need to win the next 4. The final 7 games should all be pretty tight. I do love JB saying the deeper balls are coming. IF he were able to start connecting consistently on a few deep shots per game, that would change the way Ds play us, and would up his game significantly.
  17. Here's how I look at it. It's very rare for a team to win a SB with an average QB. Typically their QBRs are pretty high. I saw a graphic or tweet IIRC that only one team in the modern era has won the SB with a QBR (a QB's season long QBR) under 50. And that was Manning in Denver. Talk about the perfect game manager (with declining skills) on a team with an elite defense. Their O was still decent/average (ranked 16th). Their D was #1. JB's QBR now is like 47, and that's with one of the best OLs in the league. Our D (pts per game allowed) is like 16th. Even if our D gets back up to like 10, that's still not a SB winning combination. I also ask what is more likely, finding a QB that will be top 10ish (60 or higher QBR), or creating a #1 D to offset a sub 50 QBR. IMO, finding a 60ish QBR guy is probably the easier road. I really love JB as a person. Awesome guy, hard worker, etc.. I'd love for him to improve and become that guy. I just see several very "fundamental" limitations to his game, that I'm not sure will improve all that much over the course of a season (or even two). My biggest fear is that we get stuck in a fog of mediocrity, trying to make things work for a few years. Purely my opinion, but if I don't see significant improvement by the last quarter of the season, I'm probably moving on.
  18. Just curious, how do you define "average" and "below average" specifically. And what is a bad QBR? Also, is a team's record a true indicator of QB talent. Atlanta is 1-5. Is Matt Ryan one of the worst QBs in the league? Are Teddy Bridgewater and Josh Allen two of the best QBs in the league (both with only one loss).
  19. @Chloe6124 Here's a bonus tidbit. Did you know that last year Luck experienced more drops (2.3 per game) than JB has so far this year (1.8 per game).
  20. Typically I'd say PFF > "a guy on a message board", especially one that says a guy will be a better T than G, when he's never seen the guy play G......
  21. You're the one that made the comment that we didn't have speed. With almost half of JB's targets going to 4.4 or better guys, we obviously have speed guys and are throwing to them. And nobody said we have 3 pro bowl receivers. What I am saying, is we have plenty of weapons.
  22. geesh. i didn't say Luck never missed open guys, deep or otherwise. fact is though, KC's DL and blitzing kept Luck off balance. are you saying it did not? also, while views are sometime restricted, there are plenty of times they are not. and replays give even additional views. just because you can't see every route of every WR on every play, doesn't mean what you see on unrestricted views isn't valid.
  23. Give it a rest LOL. They said Cain was already back in the 4.4s during TC. Campbell is in the 4.3s. TY is 4.3, maybe 4.4 these days. Hines is in the 4.3s and has the second most targets on the team. So far, 45% of our targets (including TE targets) have gone to 4.4 or better guys, and that will increase as the guys get more experience. That's a big % given how much we throw to TEs. That's a lot of speed. I'd bet we are top 5 in the league.
  24. I love what he's done at T since he moved from guard, but I wouldn't say he's "very good" at this point. He's average right now. PFF actually grades him at the very low end of "starter". That's after grading out much higher at G in college (3rd highest G in the nation).
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