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  1. there are so many of the story lines that could be true that i listed. good Lord this is the most optimistic I've been since the Manning years (on our O).
  2. I don't totally ignore the pass blocking rank, but like others have pointed out, it relies almost solely on sacks. I look at run blocking and TT (time to pass). Good run blocking and a short TT typically always equate to a good pass blocking rating. Good run blocking and a poor TT (holds the ball too long), typically means the pass protection is good or at least decent, but the QB is simply holding onto the ball too long. In GB's case, they were top 10 in run blocking, and Rogers held onto the ball 5th longest. PFF ranked GB's line 7th overall, and had this to say. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-2018-nfl-offensive-line-rankings-all-32-teams-units-after-week-17 and
  3. GB's OL was ranked 7th last year by FO, 5th in 2017. I can't feel too sorry for him the last two years. He's a good QB no doubt, but his OL has had ups and downs like most.
  4. Irsay's isn't missing meals. As long as he can buy Beatles pianos, he can spend on the team.
  5. I picked 2nd total O, both passing and rushing will be top 5, and Luck will be #1. Year 2 of a gelled OL with a healthy AC, year 2 of FR's system, 2 big adds to WR, and a RB with power will make us very dangerous in total O. A healthy Mack, dynamic Hines, and a guy like Ware to pick up short yards and punish teams late (not to mention give Mack a rest) will be huge. And.... Luck won't know what to do with all his new toys. TY not being doubled is HUGE. Speed options at Slot (PC) and X (Cain if healthy) will keep Ds on their toes. Ebron, Doyle, and Funchess will kill it across the middle and in the RZ. Luck is a lucky guy this year. It's about time.
  6. A little fun with O predictions. I think we're done in FA on O (maybe not D), so figured I don't have to wait till late August. Please explain your choices if you have time. Closes Sep1
  7. I look at it this way. McCoy is a great locker room guy. Great example. We'll have plenty, I mean plenty of $$ left over, again.... We're sitting well for 2020 cap space as well (forecasted to have the most again IIRC). This is a no risk, almost a guaranteed reward scenario. Even if he got injured 1st game and was out for the season, he'd be a great cheerleader in the locker room and on the sideline for our young guys. Spend the dang money lol.
  8. Brady, Rodgers, Big Ben, etc.. would have been in trouble behind that line, and with our WR crew.... That's one reason I give JB more credit than most.
  9. I still wonder if we ever talked to Suh. 9.25 for one year seems really reasonable. I would given him that in a heartbeat. I'd happily give McCoy 10-12 a year for 2 years. Either one of these guys could have been, or could be signed with little to no impact to our fiscal situation.
  10. Hines had a fantastic rookie season with 700+ all purpose yards. He's going to be a fun watch as the O matures. He's got jets.
  11. Irish YJ

    Day one OTAs

    i agree in principal, but also believe that you take what is given to you. we played 5 weeks vs top 11 rushing Ds, and also was without our lead back (Mack) for several games early. toss in early OL musical chairs and a first year O system. on O, i was way more concerned with what teams were doing to us by doubling TY. we really had no other option or answer outside of Ebron. Luck had to work WAY too hard getting the yards he got.
  12. Yup, having Mahomes and not Luck made zero sense. I like KW, but maybe he's getting old lol.
  13. stats wise, Luck was definitely top 5, with crap receiving support, and in a new system. haters will eat their words this year. and we're going to need it, playing 7 of the top 11 Os from last year.
  14. I'd love to see a few 4 vert sets per game with TY, Campbell, Cain (if healthy), and Ebron (or Hines). If we could be successful on those, the running lanes would open up and teams would be like wth..... Funchess had pretty poor separation stats last year (ranked in the 90s), so not going to get my hopes up. He had better separation over the middle than out wide. If we could establish a well rounded X with Cain or Fountain, I agree. Greatest show on turf. Crazy options all over the field.
  15. yup. Luck had the 2nd most TDs, and did it with a pretty mediocre WR unit. not trying to be a Luck homer, but I'd bet he has a career year in 2019 now that he has a good OL and fast toys to play with. it was also the 1st year in FR's system. i think Mahomes will take a step back, but it will likely be him and Luck battling in the top 3 IMO. Murray will be very interesting this year. AZ drafted two nice WR toys to go along with him. They should be fun to watch the next 5 years.
  16. he's got build up speed, but not really a deep threat. he's got good hips and is probably quicker than fast. I'd say he's closer to 4.6ish than 4.5 or 4.7. I'd bet a paycheck that he's used predominantly in short and intermediate routes (at X). Hoping he's used heavy as "big slot" where his catch % is the highest. Regardless, he's going to do better with Luck as his QB in terms of drops. I just hope folks don't expect to him be a well rounded X. Big slot, possession X, RZ, and short yardage is where he can kill.
  17. Mahomes may not deserve to be on a 5 year, or 10 year list, but there is not question by all metrics that he was the best QB last year. If I'm a franchise today (not yesterday or years ago), the two QBs I'd take if I could have anyone for the next 2-3 years, would be Mahomes and Luck. It will be interesting to see how Mahomes does now that he won't surprise anyone, and teams have his film. Now that Luck has full box of toys, I'd bank on him being a top 3 guy easily this year.
  18. If total yards, QBR, and Passer Rater are the 3 biggest metrics for QB success, only Mahomes is top 5 in all three categories. Big Ben, Luck, and Brees made 2 out of three. Brady and Rodgers did not make top 5 in any of the three categories. Rodgers didn't even make top 10 in two categories. Not saying Brady isn't a great QB, but put Ben, Rodgers, Luck, Brees, Rivers, Mahomes, or Brees on the Pats with Belichick, and the Pats do just as good. Total Yards 1. Big Ben 2. Mahomes 3. Ryan 4. Goff 5. Luck 6. Rodgers 7. Brady 8. Rivers 9. Manning 10. Cousins (Brees 13th) QBR 1. Mahomes 2. Brees 3. Trubisky 4. Big Ben 5. Luck 6. Brady 7. Rivers 8. Winston 9. Ryan 10. Goff (Rodgers 16th) Passer Rating 1. Brees 2. Mahomes 3. Wilson 4. Ryan 5. Rivers 6. Watson 7. Wentz 8. Goff 9. Fitzpatrick 10. Cousins (Luck 11th, Brady 12th, Rodgers 13th, Big Ben 15th)
  19. i was wrong on us going after an iDL and S early lol, but right about WR. 1 for 3...
  20. Living in the South, I saw several of his games. Kelly had one really good year. Manning started 3.5 seasons, with the last 3 averaging 3000+ yards, and is in the College HoF. Not really comparable IMO. Kelly has talent no doubt, but he has holes in his game. Teams gamble on behavioral issues all the time, but Kelly simply hasn't been in much demand even though his issues are tame compared to many others.
  21. Beyond the behavioral issues, there was plenty to question about his game. He flashed in college, but he also laid a bunch of eggs. Check out his NFL.com draft profile. IIRC, it was less than stellar grading him on "just" playing football.
  22. wasn't he pretty political.... can't remember for sure, but I know one of our guys couldn't help staying away from politics. i thought i remember him getting trolled pretty hard after he trolled someone else on a topic.
  23. I guarantee Andy is working with him to stay in the pocket. He had happy feet even with a solid/clean pocket. I think it's just his style. And it'll get him killed if he doesn't adjust and learn IMO. I get that Ds react when his feet get happy, and that opens up lanes, but it also opens him up for injury. He's exciting to watch though, but won't be if he's in traction lol.
  24. He's going to be a dynamic guy for sure, but teams will adjust better. Not saying they will shut him down, but he's not going to surprise people anymore. He's also going to take some big hits IMO this year.
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