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  1. I'm pretty patient. The fact is however what is likely our 2 deep at SS, is going to be somewhat suspect. Geathers with his history, and Willis being rookie. Some folks have already anointed Willis as starter (I'm not one of them).
  2. Kitchens went 5-3 when he took over as OC after 2 wins the first 8 games. I'd be confident with the O, but he's got a lot to prove at the HC level. Plenty to be optimistic about. He's got the talent. Tough division though. Is OBJ going to play this afternoon?
  3. In terms of depth, I agree that OT is a big concern. In terms of starters though, SS still gets my vote. I think I'm more sensitive this year to our DB situation given the upgraded Os and QBs we'll be facing. OT, SS, and iDL are my 3 areas that have to be addressed in the draft next year. I'm trying to be optimistic about iDL though.
  4. It's not all bad lol. The title of the article is "The biggest roster hole for every top NFL playoff contender", so at least they call us a top playoff contender. They give us 57.9% chance to make the playoffs, and a 39.6% chance to win the AFC South. Here's the snippet. I do tend to agree with them at Strong Safety. I like Geathers, but I don't see him as a Tier 1 guy. Willis seems to be doing well, but I've also seen a lot of inconsistencies. I don't expect a rook to be a stud out of the gate (given his draft position), but I'm just not sure he's an answer. I'm still scratching my head that we signed Kindred (who is more of a box safety), and we have him competing at free safety. As discussed in other threads on the topic of what positions Ballard might go after (waiver claims), I think SS is one that will definitely get some looks. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27383245/the-biggest-roster-hole-every-top-nfl-playoff-contender
  5. I think both Hogan and Johnson have some injury history. We haven't had the best of luck with WR injuries lol.
  6. i just looked at the play by play. he caught one late 3rd, no return! you were right!
  7. I really, really, hope so. More for the WRs trying to land a spot than anything. Solid pick (Hogan). Fountain was the recipient of a ton of late game snaps last week with Kelly, and it certainly paid off for him. If Kelly get's second though this week, it could mean lots of targets for WRs not named TY, Funch, and Rogers. Not sure it's meaningless though for everyone. Sure wasn't meaningless for Fountain.
  8. I saw Hines in at KR, along with Dulin, but didn't see him at PR. He didn't have any stats at PR.
  9. Johnson had a few good grabs last week vs the Bills. It's going to be interesting if they look for 3rd X.
  10. from all I've seen, they've been trying to push KR (not PR) to Hines. there hasn't been too much experimentation at PR since Campbell went out.
  11. I think it's all the above, that's concerning folks. Neither first or second string is looking all that good. And... Brissett is highly inconsistent.
  12. With the event of today, I think it's X (traditional) - Cain X (possession) and big/bully slot hybid - Funch Slot - Rogers Slot/Z hybrid - Campbell Z - Hilton That's a pretty lethal 5 if Campbell can get healthy. Wildcards are Pascal/Johnson/Hogan for a possible 6th spot.
  13. Yep. Both Cain and Reece were getting 1st team reps IIRC. So sad.
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