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  1. Edge, DT, WR, CB, and S all likely before another OT.
  2. Irish YJ

    Andrew recruiting at the Pro Bowl

    can't see CJ happening. LB isn't even one of our top 4 or 5 needs. IMO our Tier 1 needs are WR and Edge. Tier 2 CB and DT. Tier 3 S. Tier 4 TE, RB, and LB. We should be able to get 2 starters in the draft, maybe 3. That leaves likely 2 big needs that we'll need to solve for in FA. We've got the cap space, and ILBs are actually one of the better positions to get in FA, I just think they'll prioritize differently. I can see them going WR and Edge with the first two in the draft, and CB and DT the next two. Spending some cap on a good S in FA (another position that should be good in the FA market this year) would be my guess. But who knows, maybe they go all in and grab a good S and ILB in FA.
  3. Irish YJ

    I think I speak for all colts fans right now

    I live in ATL, had tix, and sold them. Even had 2 different friends offer me a ticket for free. Glad I didn't go. Worst SB I've ever watched. Half time show sucked. Hell, even the commercials sucked.
  4. Irish YJ

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    IMO, yes. But I would not break the bank on him. He loves Indy and I'm sure he'd be a "friendly" extension. But in reality, the question should be Luck's to answer / dictate. There's no doubt they have chemistry. His targets may go down if we're smart enough to get a WR early in the draft, but even so, his RZ production is something we don't want to be without.
  5. you could also flip that story. KC, who led the league in sacks, couldn't get to Brady at all.... zero times. NE winning had more to do with Brady putting up near 350 passing yards, and the RBs running for 175ish.
  6. I don't disagree with a lot of what you say, but agree to disagree on WR value. And while one game doesn't make a season, one game sure can end it. And it did. I watched the NYG game and my take is that our O sucked in the first half, 3 and outs in our first two drives, and the 3rd was an INT.... We kept our D on the field way too much during that time. We settled down and flipped it in the second half. Back to WR. We don't need a megatron type WR. We do need a #2 who can do better than a #99 ranking (WR Yards). You can likely find that with one of the two first picks. We were top 10 D (ppg) for the year, and a lot better in the second half (top 3) of the season. Only 3.36pts on average from the #1 D (Bears). That said, I absolutely want a rush DL in the first two picks. Let's hope we both get want we want :-)
  7. I'd ask you two questions... Did our O do enough to win the game vs KC? Clearly not. And KC is the 9th worst D in ppg. Did our D do enough to win the game vs KC? We held KC to 4.3 pts under their average. In short, 31-13 defeat by the best offense in the NFL, screams our O sucked much more than the D. KC was able to key on TY and limited him to 60 yards because we had no serious #2 WR. And we pass to set up the run. Which is why we didn't break 100 yards rushing. In short, I'd love to have both a stud WR and a stud rushing DL. But, I absolutely believe that we will get more point differential benefit from a stud WR.
  8. It's really going to depend on the drop offs of both positions. We have picks 26 and 34, and that's not far apart. There will be a huge run on DEs and DTs in the first round, so we have zero clue who will be there and the talent drop off. Not a huge run on WRs, but IMO fewer A1 guys to pick from, and bigger drop off from Tier 1 to Tier 2 guys. I think there's a strong possibility that there might be a T1 WR at 26 which I'd take over a T2 DL. If we're looking at T1 DL vs T2 WR, then go DL all day long with the 1st pick. In short, best available between the two, but all things equal, WR. It's gong to be interesting.
  9. our #2 WR was 99th in YPG.... just on average, we should have someone in the 33-64 range. we're way to top heavy. and Luck needs a good #2.
  10. IMO, the best bang for the buck, and for the +/- points column, is a WR. Luck simply has to have a #2 WR that is better than the 99th WR stat wise (what we had last year). Not saying we need a guy that can come in and be top 25 day one, but we do need another go-to that is top 50 in yards. And that is doable with the right pick this year. We absolutely need a rusher, no doubt. But our D did enough vs KC to win that game. Our O did not. I'd say that if anything, that loss showed us we needed an upgrade at WR, and also that the OL is still not a finished product. 1. WR 2. Rushing DE or DT 3. Best available CB/RB/OL We have the draft picks and cap money to get everything we need. But WR and Rush DL are the two I'd prefer we draft early (long term cost benefit).
  11. Irish YJ

    Is defense the biggest need or offense?

    We don't need a guy to come in and be a top 25 (in rcv yards) year one. We do need a guy to come in and be better than #99, which is what Rodgers was. And a new guy can absolutely be a top 50 guy. My priorities 1. WR ..... 2. DE or DT that can rush .... 3. CB, RB, OL Luck will get more mileage out of a good WR IMO. To much of a drop off between #1 and 2. The D did enough enough vs the Chiefs to be in that game. The O did not.
  12. Irish YJ

    Article about Jacoby's future

    That's what I'm saying... A good/fast WR + a good pass rushing DL would put us in the mix immediately. Not worried about a back up QB. If Luck goes down, I don't want a game manager who does just enough to worsen our draft the next year, and bad enough not to compete for a championship.
  13. Irish YJ

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    We shouldn't be surprised that Ballard went after FAs... I mean, it's his job. IMO, he had pressing needs last year, and he tried to do what a GM is supposed to. I doubt he was willing to bet the farm on any one or two FAs though, and I don't expect him to this year either. I think this coming year he may go closer to "all in" to set up for a playoff run now that Luck is confirmed healthy and back to form. But to me at least, still doesn't mean he'll shell out for someone like Bell unless we really think it's a bargain. I've always been a fan of getting your high dollar talent via the draft in order to maximize your dollars, and spend your cap on solid FAs that are underrated or might be a better fit with the Colts (like Ebron). Give me a WR and DL with 2 of the first 3 picks, take some chances with the other picks, and use the cap money to fill the rest of the holes. Would love to pick up a RB like Dexter Williams in the 3rd round of later if he is still there.
  14. Irish YJ

    Article about Jacoby's future

    It's simple to me. If Luck goes down, even with JB, we wouldn't go deep in the playoffs. And if we don't have a shot, I'd rather get a better draft pick than struggle to be an average team. If we can get a 2nd or 3rd, or a decent trade out of him, I'll take it. Then draft a back up QB with a late round pick that you won't have to pay as much... We need to focus on a championship more than what-if-Luck-goes-down.
  15. Irish YJ

    Article about Jacoby's future

    JB was a third round draft pick for the Pats. The Colts traded a young (2 year) 1st round (29th) WR pick for JB. Dorsett IIRC has two post season TDs for NE so far this year.... I'd take the following: -A second round pick -A quality WR, CB, DL, OL, or RB -A third round plus so-so backup QB to replace JB Stockpiling draft picks like Belichick!