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  1. Usually, people debate who's the best among elite quarterbacks, but today, I figured I'd ask opinions about who everyone thinks is better amongst the mediocre QB's. So, today it's: Sam Darnold vs Drew Lock Who ya got?
  2. Deshaun Watson Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang
  3. I believe it's Justin Fields. I don't think you make a move for a big unknown in Lance or a limited athletic QB in Jones.
  4. For Whom The (Le'Veon) Bell Tolls- Metallica
  5. Man, former GM Jerry Reese messed up the Giants so bad. It's gonna take them at least another year or two to fix that mess. His drafts, aside from a few 1st and 2nd rounders, were awful. At least they'll have OBJ, Engram and Barkley for the next QB.
  6. I've been to a game in Philly, as I live an hour outside of the city.. No doubt there are a handful of drunken, foul-mouthed fans, but for the most part they're ok. It'd be more of the taunts if it were a division rival but you'll be ok. Wear your colors and cheer the Colts and just be cool, don't start anything and you'll be fine. In fact, if you get into a conversation with Eagles fans, mention that you were glad they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. That will make things easier. Eagles fans are passionate but their reputation at times is overblown. I know several Eagles fans and have listened to their side of the story. The Santa thing was not what most think. You should read up on it and make your own assessment rather than taking the skewed words of others. Just my 2 cents.
  7. To me, this draft, like last year's, is about creating depth for a depleted roster. While I understand wanting to get immediate starters in the first 2 rounds, the reality is Ballard isn't rushing this process of rebuilding this team. He traded back a few times and came away with 11 picks. I expect him to take the same approach next year. Plus, he did say they were evaluating players more for how they fit what the Colts want to do. And, don't forget about players who become available after roster cuts.
  8. Colts go 10-6, earn a wild card spot, AND....win a playoff game! This is based on Andrew Luck being healthy of course. HORSEPOWER!!!
  9. I wonder if Nelson wearing 56 is temporary. I looked at the number and position rules the NFL has and it only allows the center on the offensive line to have a number in the 50's. Guards and tackles have to wear a number between 60 and 79. Perhaps I'm wrong, but there's a chance 56 is only temporary until the final roster cutdowns.
  10. Whether you agree with his decisions or not, I find it to be a rather refreshing time for us fans. The GM has been forthright and transparent in his methods and about the direction he is taking this team. He is doing it his way and he has shown he has a plan and is sticking to it. I feel optimistic about the future of the Colts.
  11. Maybe the Giants would have taken a QB if their former GM would have drafted Todd Gurley in 2015 rather than Ereck Flowers.
  12. Eli is not done. He can still play at a high level. He has had no decent OL or running game in years. And the coaching and GM the last few years, were putrid. And Eli has been durable. Now, with a competent HC and GM, you will see how good Eli still is. To me, the Giants wasted many of Eli's good years. Look at their drafts from 2009 to 2013. They were as bad as some of our recent one's.
  13. I won't grade the draft but I will say I do like what Ballard did. He maneuvered picks and came away with 11 players. He has been set on building through the draft. He wanted to build up both OL and DL. He got young competition at LB, WR and RB. Now comes UDFA signings. Obviously we have to see how it turns out, but I like the approach and like the direction we are headed towards rebuilding this team that was in such disarray.
  14. I disagree. Neither Darnold or Rosen should have been drafted by the Giants. The Giants were 11-5 and in the playoffs 2 years ago. Injuries and poor coaching/personnel lead to a disastrous season. They were a 61 yd fg and a 4th down TD away from beating the Super Bowl champs twice last year. They still have a chance to compete. The Giants are better off developing Davis Webb and Kyle Lauletta behind Eli for a couple years and having Barkley, than wasting Eli's last years with a QB who isn't close to being a guaranteed franchise QB, and who may not be better than Webb or Lauletta
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