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  1. 1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Houston had 8 sacks last year and is a borderline Hall of Famer, Clowney had 0 sacks last year in 8 games and so try again lol. He is playing like he is 38 not 28.

    He also had 7 games where he had 1 or less tackles. 3 of his sacks came in one game against Houston. It was a great game, but at the same time, there were some significant stretches where Houston disappeared.



  2. Personally, I believe that given where we are as a team, Wentz is the best option. We are too good of a team to get in a position to get a Manning, Luck, Lawrence sure thing sort of deal. Even with mediocre to poor qb play, with the roster that Ballard built, we are at least a 4-6 win team. We wouldn’t be in a position draft a guy of the future without mortgaging said future. Wentz gives us the best chance to win now, and in the future, while still giving us a chance to build around him.

  3. I think the issue is trust in both the qb, and playmakers. When you have Luck and an entirely healthy offense, some of those risks are calculated. You can go for a 4th and 5 (with a lead) with five minutes left, knowing that if you get it, you coast to a win. If you don't your offense still has a solid chance of scoring to win late. Reich doesn't have the players to justify those risks currently.

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  4. 2 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Brissett completed his first 16 passes and just looked great. It was fun to watch.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time I remember a Colts QB completing that many in a row was Peyton vs the Jags (in Jax) back in like 08. I think he went 17/17 before throwing an incompletion. That's very impressive.

  5. 12 hours ago, Dingus McGirt said:

    I want to see a win. 

    Obviously I want a win, but I want to see Brissett be the reason for it. I want to see that he doesn't shrink in big moments. Yes, he's played well in both outings so far, but I would like to see if he can take over a game.

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  6. I think if we are 2-3 after going into the BYE we are in a good spot. This has been a hard schedule to open up, and like you said, when you 100m man retires, it takes time to figure it out. I was very impressed with Wilkins today. And I believe the sweeps were somewhat predictable 

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  7. 3 minutes ago, MikeCurtis said:

    Remember, They are still working on what plays that JB can run well


    I guarantee you, the offense they ran all through camp were A Luck type plays


    Give it a few weeks.


    The defense and offense will BOTH get more efficient


    This is the major point. Yes, Brissett was the qb for all the off-season, but he was running plays catered to Luck.

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    First of all, some of this just is wow. That throw during the 49er's game is amazing. Now, I understand that as good as a highlight reel can be, there will be some lowlights. Some of these plays are pure skill. Some of them actually remind me of 12. I'm looking forward to seeing what Jacoby can do with a better offensive scheme, behind an improved offensive line, and with better play makers. This could be a really fun year.


    After watching this video, I'm definitely sipping the Kool-Aid.

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  9. 11 minutes ago, Reidm said:


    No obviously this is the biggest/most unexpected retiring the NFL has ever seen. But do you think If this happened last year free agents like Ebron come here knowing we dont have a franchise QB and will turn on anyone at a moments notice. Even the nicest player in the NFl.

    I get it, but who knows, (as far as FA's go) we just got 4 years younger at QB, with a QB that was arguably our best player in 2017. Of course, we went 4-12, but we were in a lot of games, with a QB who really didn't know the offense. Yes, our fans booed, but I think if any team found out that a star player in their prime was retiring during a game, near the start of the season, their fans would boo.

  10. 2 hours ago, Reidm said:


    Honestly i'm more worried about future free agents as well. I've been looking at a lot of reactions across the NFL and most of the players are bringing up the booing from the fans. Why would you want to play for an organization that the fans will turn its back on you so quick. (But i do get the reaction from the fans. We are all in shock and hurting)

    I think the important thing to consider about the booing is the context. When is the last time that the face of a franchise retired (during a game) 2 weeks before the season, while telling fans that he anticipated playing, at a time when team expectations are extremely high? I can't think of an instance where that happened. Yes, players get traded during games in baseball, but even that doesn't compare. I'm sure the fans that booed regret it, but Philly still gets FA's and they boo for anything.

  11. 17 minutes ago, Superman said:

    Based on how I felt when I heard this, if I were there I very well might have booed Luck. 


    Based on how I feel now, I definitely would have regretted booing. 


    Give people a break. Give Andrew a break. Embrace some perspective. 

    This is the most sensible post I have seen tonight. I get all sides of it. Luck deserves to live life away from football. Fans should be allowed to be disappointed, knowing that a generational talent is walking away in his prime, especially when this is the most complete team he would have played with.


    At the end of the day, we invest in the team, financially and emotionally. It stinks when this crap happens, but now, we have to move on.

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  12. I say Ballard, and that's not a knock on Luck. My thinking is comparative to Polian and Manning. In 2011, we sucked without Manning. I think Ballard is building a team that doesn't necessarily have to have a HOF QB to be competitive. I'm not saying we make the playoffs without Luck, but with a semi-competent back-up, I could still see us keeping it interesting. JMO

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  13. I think a lot of issues on the defensive side would be fixed with a better, more consistent pass rush. When we have to blitz to get pressure, that can be an issue. If a qb has all day to throw against zone, it is going to be rough. I think Ballard will get it fixed. I believe the pass rush enhances every other position group in the defense that we run.

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