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  1. Reich_MVP

    Colts Final Injury Report @ Patriots

    This is what I wanted to know its been quiet on his chances other than the questionable status.
  2. Reich_MVP

    The big Nelson gamble

    Based on the draft it seems Ballard is very confident that Luck is coming back. As far as how many hits Luck can take, he took a lot more than any QB should have to for years before becoming injured. If he does get back to full health he may well be one of the toughest out there again. If he doesn't get back to full health Ballard has secured a high chance that we won't suck so bad at protecting whoever the QB is. With Nelson/Smith I see it as a positive with or without Luck going forward. Luck and Brissett both held the ball to long at times but when your coach and your offensive line suck.. bad things are bound to happen.
  3. No my dude we did not Andrew Luck has been injured in his shoulder since during the 2015 season. It was vs Titans was it not when he first sprained it and missed a couple games? Still I get your point and it's valid but a truly healthy luck does a little more for the whole team then the version we have seen or not seen for the last 3 years. Including 2016 when his stats were good but he still wasn't near 100.