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  1. “that gets the crowd going” 2 or 3 years ago I called the Colts “complaint department”, which the lady said, “I guess that would be me.” As I saw the game against the Jets, I mentioned how the fans were quiet and one fan was reading a newspaper when the Jets were reading to score. Move to last year. I saw a lady leaning on a man and she appeared to be sleeping. Now to this year. More noise and even a meter reading indicating which end was loudest. As for the defense, I saw awesome potential in the first few games which gave me even greater faith in my Colts. Now look at us. I feel confident that whatever we choose post the coin toss, the other team better be reading for a very good Colts team. Someday, we will attend a game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Until that time, to all my fans family, get louder and be the greatest fans in the NFL. Go Colts!
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