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  1. Wow, after watching the game last Sunday, I felt like I was watching my Colts trying to be led by the San Diego Chargers quarterback of OLD. Let’ see, he has been in the NFL for 16-17 years with no Super Bowl wins. He still pleads like a cry baby with the officials when we get penalized. I was not in favor of the Colts signing him, but, I am just a Colts fan in Arizona. When people were talking about who we should get in the draft I mentioned getting someone of youth. I also mentioned how the team here in Arizona has brought great energy to team and fans with who they got for quarter
  2. Howdy, from Glendale Arizona. This is my 3rd year of trying to upgrade our mascot, Blue. Since our team is still rebuilding to Champion caliber, I thought giving Blue an upgrade that would be more entertaining for kids and exciting to watch the transformation during the game. Here goes, Blue can get the fans pumped up for keeping the lead or having to come back from behind to win the game. On the big screen, Blue runs back to his locker room...the room shakes and the door opens with smoke coming out and "Boom,out comes a morphed mascot called "MIGHTY BLUE!" The fans there in the stadium start
  3. Nope, not me. I am going for the 49ers. Here’s a challenge to anyone, 49ers 34, Chiefs 32.

    And I will go one more prediction...49ers win with time running out with a game winning field goal.

    Come on, let’s have some fun.


    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      For some reason I am just now seeing this post, that really wasn't a bad prediction as it was 20-10 49'ers at one time. On the SB thread I had Chiefs winning 27-24. I just figured Andy Reid was due and Mahomes is the best QB in football.

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