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  1. Yup, I agree with you guys. Youth plays a big part in many ways. Let’s look how tired the 49ers looked just trying to catch Mahomes in the 4th Quarter. Sherman needed oxygen and rest just trying to keep up with Pat’s receivers. The defensive line did not have to hustle to sack Grapolo, Garaplo...the 49ers quarterback. He looked just like Brissett dropping back and then going back into the closing pocket. No scrambling! Remember that game we played as kids, where the ball was tossed up into the air and if you caught it you ran trying to not get tackled by over 50 of your friends? I bet Mahomes played that game in his youth...wait , he is still playing it. Jacoby, I like you but I am all for winning more games with high scores and championships. I want another Super Bowl Victory!
  2. Nope, not me. I am going for the 49ers. Here’s a challenge to anyone, 49ers 34, Chiefs 32.

    And I will go one more prediction...49ers win with time running out with a game winning field goal.

    Come on, let’s have some fun.


    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      For some reason I am just now seeing this post, that really wasn't a bad prediction as it was 20-10 49'ers at one time. On the SB thread I had Chiefs winning 27-24. I just figured Andy Reid was due and Mahomes is the best QB in football.

  3. I can see clearly now. Jacoby drops back, then, goes back into the pocket while still holding the ball. What happens next? Rushed passes that don’t reach the receiver or a sack, or a sack and fumble. No scramble ability to possibly make a play. As for announcers for any game saying how it is difficult, or challenging for a quarterback to pass while scrambling left or right, towards the sidelines...stop! It’s their job and have been doing this for so many years and get paid bookoo bucks to perform. Jacoby, I still have faith in you but I challenge you to train in the off season to trim down, build muscle and tell us you are going to lead this team in the future. You need to be able to scramble and find your receivers for quicker releases. I will do the same for my health, strength, and job. Who am I to say this to Jacoby? Well, I’d rather offer solutions instead of complaints. Tell me what you think, Jacoby.
  4. Well done and well deserved to the both of you. Maybe it is just me but I just can’t get excited about watching the Pro Bowl game. However, finish strong.
  5. This is a good one...what a way to distract attention from their recent loses and low scoring wins. Kinda sounds like who we hear about in the news. To late, coach, expect more temper tantrums from your quarterback. It sucks to lose, huh?
  6. Alright, alright, alright! Now maybe, I’ll stay and watch the field goal attempts and PATs instead of leaving the room to grab a beer.
  7. Okay, here I go again. We need wins to get the fans more excited. I have addressed this issue of low crowd noise when the opposing team has the ball. Well, the victories are low and we have people not doing their job, example, our field goal kicker. So, let’s turn the table and what could make more entertainment for the fans, more specifically, the younger fans. Let’s turn our mascot into a Super Hero. Blue can pump the fans up by morphing into Mighty Blue! That’s right, when the mascot needs to pump up the fans he can run back to the locker room and come out with pumped up muscles and a stallion- like head and flaring nostrils and pump up the crowd like never before. All this can be seen on the big screens during this morphing process. Then when the game is over he can return to his old self, Blue. We go to be entertained, right? I have mentioned this for several years. Talk about an awesome marketing idea. I offer this idea without taking credit. Just my way to make Colts football at Lucas Oil stadium better and it just might help win more games at home.
  8. I am having trouble starting my own comment so I will use this format for today’s game with the Steelers...Very painful and I am having nausea after watching Adam miss another field goal to possibly win the game. My initial feelings were to turn off the TV before the attempt because I had a bad feeling about it. I am a dedicated fan from Glendale Arizona and I will still be a good Colts fan. Never will I be a fan of the team from my home state. Hey coach, I believe we could win this season’s Super bowl, but please have a good talk with Adam because we need everyone physically and mentally healthy to do their job well and earn their pay...and keep us happy.
  9. I spoke to a diehard Chiefs fan and without hesitation I said we are going to Kansas City and leaving with a win! I can feel the energy and dedication from our Colts team and fans all the way here in Glendale Arizona. Awesome Victory to watch and well done.
  10. I was very disappointed after his third miss at scoring for our team. Let’s see, a total of 7 points that did not make the score board. As for the rest of the team, well done in the second half. Carry on, Jacoby!
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