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    Colts football, cycling, hiking, fishing, inventor, Diamondbacks baseball, just to name a few.

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    Colts fan since Johnny Unitas.

    I am a respiratory therapist since 1982.

    I wish I lived in Indianapolis where Colts fans are everywhere instead of living in a state that has a football team I will never be a fan of.

    Someday, my idea will come true when the Colts organization creates a super hero transformation with Blue to Mighty Blue. I have sent ideas that would make our mascot the best in the NFL.


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  1. I will ONLY take Lamar if asked on Jeopardy where the only category is “Scrambles like I hyper chicken and scores more rushing TDs than Mr. Wentz”. That’s it! With that said, Lamar is headed towards the RG3 syndrome. He can scramble because he can but a lot of times it is reckless. He is headed for a short career because the more he runs the greater the chances of injuries…but I don’t wish that for him. I only want the Ravens to beat teams I don’t care about. So, Colts… Get ready to take on what could be the GOAT of scrambling when you come to Arizona on Christmas Day! Dear Santa…you know what I want for Christmas
  2. I believe in Mr. Wentz. I can imagine what he is thinking in this photo. We all know what it’s gonna take to be a winning team and I don’t see him being a quitter. All the way from Glendale, Arizona… Go, Colts!
  3. Two years before he moved to Tampa is when I realized that he was headed towards being know as the GOAT. Winning consistently over the years is something to appreciate. I may be the only one that wanted other defenses to smash him up, knock his block off, or chop him up at the knees but with his injuries he had, he always came back to win. I kinda want that…smash, knock, chop still for other QBs but in my advanced years I have softened up on QBs around the league…kinda. The only other word I could have used instead of “ luck” was a “curse” on the Raiders, Falcons, Russell Wilson, and the field goal kicker. I’ll stick with “luck”. As for Eli, talk about beating him twice in the big game!…luck or, what? I was for Tampa last year and the media has shown more of his down to earth, normal, and crazy side. If he takes the Bucs to the Super bowl again, if not against our Colts, I will want the Bucs to win one more time. Go, Colts!
  4. If you guys think that blowing a big lead is what lost the game…wake up! This is the NFL! Comebacks are common with good teams. The second half is when good teams crank it up. So with that said, every opportunity to score points is what wins games. Now, point out where we lost the game if it were not for the field goal kicker. Let’s hear it. And don’t just tell me…tell the coach.
  5. There, I said it! This was my first game to watch and I was every impressed with our team but I got really mad when our kicker missed the extra point. I started thinking that could bite us towards the end of the game. Well, I was right. Then, I heard he had a sore hip but he was still able to kick the ball and a professional would have adjusted his approach to compensate, right? Dude, you lost the game for us! There, I said it again!
  6. Come on, man! You need to make that kick every time we score a touchdown…no excuses! I have said this so many times. The game is not over. The offense is looking good…come on, man! Defense is looking good , too!
  7. Ok, Ok, this will make a lot of fans cry foul for the home team. And yes, the companies making the comm systems won’t like this idea, either. If spys like us or, that other team can steal signals then let’s try and do the same. The college boys use creative signals for their next plays. Speaking about college football, if there is a catch made and they fall without contact, let them get back up and run…I’m just sayin’. So, back to the NFL, let’s make it more challenging by stopping this helmet comm for next year. If not, how about stopping it during the playoffs and the Super Bowl? You are probably thinking, is this guy serious or whacko?! The answer is Yes! But when our QB can’t hear comm from coach(when in Seattle and count on it when we take on the team here in Arizona because of their thunderous noise they make) start practicing signal calling now! I do like to change things up
  8. Time for a change on Tradition…While we all talk about our Colts , I would like to see them play on Thanksgiving Day. Honestly, watching the Detroit Lions has gotten pretty boring! Their last victory was 2016 against the Vikings. If you look back when this tradition started and why the Lions started playing on Turkey day, one would understand. But come on Colts owner, investors, fans, and NFL, put in the Colts on Thanksgiving Day and start a new tradition.
  9. Okay, back to the drawing board. What can you guys offer to Coach Reich and company to at least make the game more enjoyable and win games? Inquiring minds what to know…it’s not too late. BAZINGA!
  10. I watched Coach Reich’s post game interview and I would like to ask Colts fans a question… But first, Coach Reich’s first year was aggressive on 4th and 1 and I liked that. He had full confidence in our offense…and decision making. Several years now and I don’t see that aggressiveness much… but I could be wrong. I have not seen a game since the season started. But I will be able to see the game on Monday night! But what I have seen in other teams are QBs scrambling for first downs and/or scoring touchdowns…and winning games. Our QBs have been severely limited in that capacity and results…( ideas for next year’s draft?) Last year he put in Brissett for short runs for a first down…what is that called ? Oh yeah, the “Wildcat Formation!” Coach was asked about a 4th and 1 decision but it was not the Wildcat. You remember The Fridge with Da Bears?…so, should he consider that more often, the Wildcat? With the Wildcat, it saves wear and tear on Mr Wentz( thank you John for mentioning that) and if successful, keeps their defense out on the field longer…and we possibly win more games…but we know this already. Which one of our guys is about the size of a bulldozer or runs like a wildcat that can get that first down or more? I know I am not crazy… my mother had me tested! The Wildcat Formation…I am a Carson Wentz fan and I approve this message! Go, Colts!
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