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    Colts football, cycling, hiking, fishing, inventor, Diamondbacks baseball, just to name a few.

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    Colts fan since Johnny Unitas.

    I am a respiratory therapist since 1982.

    I wish I lived in Indianapolis where Colts fans are everywhere instead of living in a state that has a football team I will never be a fan of.

    Someday, my idea will come true when the Colts organization creates a super hero transformation with Blue to Mighty Blue. I have sent ideas that would make our mascot the best in the NFL.


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  1. You are right on to search for an answer. There might be something in the library on Reich and his “Rehab of an Aging Quarterback” Vol. 2 or, the kids section “ Wentz Upon A Time”. It’s about a quarterback that got rescued before passing Andrew’s record number of times being sacked or picking himself up after being hit by the other team. I have no idea what to expect with Wentz leading the Colts. I can’t wait until the season starts. So, here is the advice I gave last year’s QB...just score more than the other team, don’t make a fool of yourself complaining to the ref
  2. Coach Reich: Okay, men...I have just been reminded that we are 1 outta 32 teams in the NFL trying to win a Super Bowl. I have been told that it is a difficult feat to accomplish. 1 Super Bowl Win in 13 years with a certain QB is okay for some fans. Rivers: 11 and 5 record is good ,right? Coach Reich: As long as you had a better record than last year it pleases some fans. Heck, you earned every dollar of that $25 million we paid you...for 1 year! Heck, as long as that fan in Az keeps buying our merchandise we can pay you more. Some fans will be happy with a “
  3. Great that you believe in Rivers. I have not been a fan and I have expressed it many times. I want a Super Bowl Victory! All the stats and comparisons fans have made about Rivers now should mean something towards winning the big game. I have also wrote that if our Colts make it to the Super Bowl that we will win it! Do you believe we can win the Super Bowl? Enough of the toe tale. What QB isn’t playing with an injury? Every player that steps on the field needs to do their job even better. And that goes for the coaches. Our game with the Bills will be the
  4. Let’s see, how well did the higher up mucked mucks do their research? You just pointed out stats I did not know about. But then again, my earlier comments were that I lost interest in watching games this season because of Rivers...old veteran without a Super Bowl Win, had a good agent to get the big bucks to please Rivers into signing, complainer, wreaked havoc on us when we played against him, funky throwing arm( and they complained about Tebow?) I don’t know which of us fans make approx. $1.47 million dollars per game...($25 million for one year!) I’ll give Rivers credit for being
  5. Okay, what did I miss? I watched the entire game and missed how we LOST the game! I thought I was watching a repeat of the Bucs vs the Lions. The Steelers looked terrible in the first half and then seemed like they were playing the Lions(ouch!) in the second half. Does Reich ever show excitement or frustration? I saw Jacoby getting excited and he did not even play. Okay, I am a Colts fan. If Rivers is hired for another year could he at least tell us he will play even better to win the Super Bowl? I will be a better fan next year. Please beat the poop out
  6. Alright, alright, alright! I will finally watch a full game today. Very cold beers in the fridge, snacks, wearing my Unitas jersey( shoulda ordered an X-large instead of a 2X), two Colts flags waving on my house, did my chores, looks like it’s sunny in Pittsburgh( good visibility), my wife has projects upstairs( she’ll be done later- I hope she does not ask questions like Erkle...” Can he do thaaaat?”...very annoying! I am still sticking with my prediction...Mr. Leonard, you will make the big play! Let’s Go, Colts!
  7. LOL! Maybe he SHOULD change his name to Stratton. In years to come, if anyone asks, “ aren’t you the poor quarterback that played for the Lions?” Then, he can say no that was Stafford! LOL! So, do they really need to keep playing on Thanksgiving Day? How about the Colts start that tradition...play on Thanksgiving Day? Well, like my first post today, I finally had time to watch a game. I would have rather seen a rerun of the Browns and Ravens. The other game to watch today was the 49ers and that team from Arizona...not worth watching. Oh, no offense 49ers fans.
  8. Okay, okay Stafford...just checking to see if people really do read these messages. It’s true, It’s true! Poor Dorthy...or is it Dorothy?
  9. I have today off and I can finally watch a football game. I am watching the Buccaneers putting a pounding on the Lions. Is there a minor league that the Lions can play in? Calling all cars is to reference the need to rescue Stratton from the Lions! This poor team lost the game when they first ran onto the field with those ugly uniforms. Does the meaning “Dress for Success” have any meaning with that team? Just sign a contract to take Stratton off the hands of the Lions owner and give him a try- out for any team that gives him a chance. I am off tomorrow, and I hope the Colts gam
  10. Okay, I want in on this. It is so cool that you all are predicting scores and who wins. I will go for a bigger challenge and predict the winning play... Mr. Leonard intercepting a pass from our 40 yard line for a touchdown! Colts 34 Steelers 31 Hey, Ben If you find out about my prediction, you still gotta throw the ball...I did not mention when it will happen...LOL!
  11. You have the right attitude. To win the Super Bowl is to not want the easy path but to play the game the way it should be. To say you just want to make the playoffs or hope we don’t play this team or that, is weak and do you have any faith in the Colts? So, I say to Coach Reich, say out loud that you don’t care who we play, we will play to score and whip any team in our path to Win The Lombardi Trophy! Your team needs to believe that YOU believe in them not just in the locker room but on National TV, so that all of us fans hear it AND the world does, too! Tell us, wit
  12. Phillip and Jacoby for one more year? Okay, how much more $$$ will their agents ask for? And Irsay (not Ersay) dish out...and increase ticket prices? Super Bowl winners deserve a lot of moola. Colts fans deserve a Super Bowl winner. Okay, how about I talk to the owner and tell him to give you fans in Indiana a Free Sunday gave. Come in for Free, heck, BYOB and food! While I am at it, I’ll take a weekend package for five people, flight, hotel , and game tickets to see our Colts. Who wants to see a game for free? Chump change if he wants to pay more for Rivers and Jacoby
  13. Football games that come to the last play of the game for victory is fun to watch. How many games could have been won if the field goal kicker made every easy kick? Last night’s game was the best example. The Browns quarterback threw an interception which lead to a score. Come on, Colts-every opportunity to score counts from here on out. You are not playing golf. I’ll say it again, I want a Super Bowl Victory this year! Who's with me?
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