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  1. I guess my user name should say it all. Steelers. If not them, Jags or Titans. Yeah that's it for the AFC. Anyone from the NFC is fine, like them all. Would love a Steelers/Vikings SB again. Fran Tarkenton was one of my favorites and liked them since.
  2. Hey! Happy New Year! Hope you and yours are doing great. I'd love to pm you, but since I'm new I think I can't just yet. Yeah I did have another name, what was it lol? Showing my age here not remembering...sad. As soon as I can, will be in touch!
  3. I'll have to see Bortles this Sunday. The first game the Steelers lost that D was amazing and he wasn't key. I'm giving him a pass on that Bills game because I think he's better than that. The Steelers will be a true test because we have the ability to make the most mediocre QB look like the second coming of Montana. Maybe he's all they need, we'll see.
  4. I'd like to say the Browns too. I mean the only way for them to go from here has to be up. The Titans are playing great at the right time and have all the pieces. Naturally the Jags, especially since the Steelers are about to play them again after having lost to them already. Actually they always play "us" hard, but that defense looks very real. I'd also add Miami to that list.
  5. OMG JULES!! It's been ages since we've talked. Used to belong here and then fell away when Peyton left. I was browsing around trying to see who's on the radar to be the next coach for the Colts and saw this, uh, very pleasant thread lol. Gotta laugh though. I see a lot of familiar posters that I look forward to conversing with again, but I always enjoyed chatting it up with you. As seemingly the lone Steelers fan, hopefully I can enjoy it here like the good old days.
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