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  1. We have historically played well against Henry. Tannehill does add another level of difficulty, but I don't see him as any better then Watson. Stop the run and contain. We have the Dline and LB's to get it done. Hopefully Ya-Sin will be back to help at CB and Willis will be back at Safety. I agree with Myles. I think they'll give up 17-21 points. I think the defense has played pretty well considering how many rookies are starting. Offensively, they have to take advantage of play-action. We have the Oline to run the ball with Williams, Hines and Wilkins. Brissett HAS to make quicker decisions and get the ball out. Take a few chances downfield (especially with play-action) and let Pascal, Johnson, Cox, Ross, Doyle and Hilton make some plays. Despite what Doyel and Derek said on their last podcast, I think we have good receivers. Just need someone to get them the ball. We are playing at home so that will (hopefully) factor in and lets not forget that the game could come down to a winning field goal from Vinatieri (fingers crossed).
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