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  1. It must be a real tough transition for the twitchy edge guys who can't just win with physical talent? What a gamble to draft rushers and have to see if they can develope moves later. I also thought it was interesting that after the ability to catch, the next thing he looked at for WR was their ability to handle jams and being hit.
  2. PowerballBlue

    Colts Draft ZAIRE FRANKLIN LB Syracuse

    For those who wanted corners, that was a weak class in this draft. I'd rather get the OL now and get better corners in 2019. Can't fix everything at once.
  3. PowerballBlue

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    I loved Anderson. I hope he is awesome for the Bills. At the same time, I'm exited about a faster defense. No more clunky linebackers struggling in space, and waves of fast defenders attacking the gaps. For those who question a drastic scheme change, it is not like we were a piece away from making the 3-4 work. Now was the perfect time to make the switch. Overall, I felt this draft was offense heavy, and with our picks the Oline got nastier, our running backs got faster, and we increased our speed overall. I'm going to like a faster offense and defense. We will be more aggressive on both sides. Best of luck to you Henry.
  4. PowerballBlue

    2018 Colts Offensive Line

    Polian on the radio said the Colts view Smith as a right tackle. If Kelly stays healthy and Slauson has anything left, we will finally have 5 NFL level starters, with three potential stars. It definitely improves our matchup with Jax.
  5. PowerballBlue

    Colts select Braden Smith OG at 37

    Polian on the radio said that the Colts see him as a right tackle. Super Nasty guard + super nasty tackle = happy Powerballblue.
  6. I'm not sure I get the Saquon Barkley hype either. He is a fast space player. Great. There are a lot of those. He is big, but he doesn't really pound it between the tackles. Lions fans say when their line got banged up, Barkley didn't really make them look any better. Unless he has Marshall Faulk vision, I see an east west receiving type.
  7. Don't forget about Tyrell Crosby OT from Oregon. He can bend and plays nasty. The OT from Boston College would be nice as well.
  8. The naysayers are dead wrong about this guys game IQ, but he that was never the problem. The dude is not accurate. Why get a QB who can't hit his target. Against an average Purdue defense, w made this guy seem absolutely awful. I just can't see him hitting tight windows.
  9. I don't get why all the experts are picking so many QBs in the top ten. To underwhelming Pac12 guys, and a Wyoming kid with horrible stats? I actually would love for the Browns to finally build a good team. They have been poor Charlie Brown for so long. Unfortunately, the more crap QBs taken, the better our six pick, so the Browns will have to stink for another ten to twenty years.
  10. PowerballBlue

    Deandre Ayton? Why?

    I mostly watched the tournament and Purdue games, but someone who did catch my eye was Bates-Diop. He could completely neutralize stretch 4's. He'd be tough in the paint, and he plays smart.
  11. PowerballBlue

    Deandre Ayton? Why?

    Good to Know. His first games were awful, and his tournament was awful, but he was a stud for most of the games in between.
  12. I don't get the Vita Vea love. Fatties are not a key part of most 4-3s. We let Hankins go, and you want to trade up for a guy with big bust pontential to compete with Al Woods? I'd only trade up for an OL if the Colts think all the good ones will be gone before our 2nd round picks. Guys like Hernandez, Price, or Wynn. For some reason I just don't trust McGlinchy.
  13. PowerballBlue

    Weakest Position Group...

    I really don't want to see Simon drop into coverage. If he can't play DE, he might be an odd man out.
  14. PowerballBlue

    Mason Rudolph

    I'd take Rudolph of he drops to the second round. He'd be a great insurance policy behind Luck. I'm not sold on Brissett. To me, he is a stop gap until someone can take it away from him.
  15. Absolutely everyone has Ayton going #1. What has he done? I watched Purdue destroy Arizona. Haarms destroyed Ayton. I also saw him in the tournament. He did nothing. No impact on the game at all. Half the time he was near the 3 point line. Has anyone ever seen this guy dominate? I also see Mikal Bridges from Villanova going in the top ten. I don't watch them much, but in the tournament games I noticed Brunson, Spellman, Paschall, and of course Divincenzo went nuts. I never noticed Bridges. Is Miles Bridges from the Sparties a lottery pick? It just seems this draft is super weak at the top. Ayton #1 is truly mystifying.