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  1. We need veteran prescence to help with that....some of these vets out there have been there and done that.
  2. Crazy to hear people say we arent a playoff contender....ive seen 4 games now that a bullcrap penalty goes against us in the worst time that changed the outcome of the game. And also a few plays that add to that. We could have very easily been 4 and 0 going into this game tonight. Game 1.....the pass interference on quincy wilson that leads to a td before half...bullcrap call. 3rd and 25(somewhere close to that) and geathers tackles a reciever for p/i, which was right call. He lets him catch that and make tackle they punt. Scored i believe to green on next play instead. Eagles game....couple bullcrap calls. Especially the one on hairston. Algohlor steps out of bounds before 1st marker and somehow the ref right there doesnt see it. And of course all the plays in the red zone at the end of the game...any of that goes pur way and we win that. Texans game...well we all know what happened there and i have NO problem with the call to go for it on 4th down. Lets not forget the big marcus johnson drop on 3rd down at end of game. Hit him in the chest...smh Pats game....well to be down 1 score in 4th quarter at one point in foxborough is pretty darn good with the players we put out there. Kudos to luck and ebron hanging tough. I love ballard and what he is building but i do believe we are better and closer than people seem to think. Ballard keeps saying he will sign free agents when time is right. I think we are close enough for that now. We do need a big reciever and luck needs a threat behind him...i believe mack can be that threat but he is too injury prone apparently. People can say what they want about dez but he does command coverage. Which would help t.y. out. Dez with his size at the very least would give us an option in the red zone.....and i wasnt big on going for leveon but the more games that come and go i realize that luck has never had a threat behind him. Leveon would make defenses account for him.....these defenses are laughing at our backs...no threat of breaking anything from the backfield.. Sorry for long post just the optimist colts fan..lol
  3. Im not sure how bell would look behind our young line that is improving but man oh man do we need a running threat inside the red zone. I know turbin is good on the goal line but im talking someone that can take it to the house from the 20.....just him being on the field keeps that defense honest. Ive been ahainst bringing him in but i have slowly turned.
  4. Got to be mack. He has shown everything. Just needs touches. I love watching him hit the edge. Defenders faces when they see how fast he is is priceless.
  5. You are right...only 1....i think he had 2 called back. I could have sworn he had one in the buffalo game. I just am really impressed with his potential. Its refreshing to see one of our corners who was right there around the ball and man. For so long we have been used to seeing easy throw and catches on third down that just extend drives and wear out our defense. To me the biggest stat for a defense is 3rd down, and i dont know the stat but from watching football, i would bet that we have been the worst for a long time now. Wilson is a guy that can play press man in my opinion. Just a few things to work on and he will be a number 1.
  6. I think wilson is so close to being a stud.....i really watched him when he was on the field. He had some picks and was always right there when the ball was thrown his way. If his hands were a quarter inch up or down he would have knocked most of the balls thrown his way down. Alot of those balls thrown his way had to be absolutely perfect. Adding breeland would be great. Nice compliment to wilson.
  7. If he is throwing weighted balls consistently with no pain or setback, im not worried about him throwing THE DUKE.
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