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  1. We need veteran prescence to help with that....some of these vets out there have been there and done that.
  2. Crazy to hear people say we arent a playoff contender....ive seen 4 games now that a bullcrap penalty goes against us in the worst time that changed the outcome of the game. And also a few plays that add to that. We could have very easily been 4 and 0 going into this game tonight. Game 1.....the pass interference on quincy wilson that leads to a td before half...bullcrap call. 3rd and 25(somewhere close to that) and geathers tackles a reciever for p/i, which was right call. He lets him catch that and make tackle they punt. Scored i believe to green on next play instead.
  3. Im not sure how bell would look behind our young line that is improving but man oh man do we need a running threat inside the red zone. I know turbin is good on the goal line but im talking someone that can take it to the house from the 20.....just him being on the field keeps that defense honest. Ive been ahainst bringing him in but i have slowly turned.
  4. Got to be mack. He has shown everything. Just needs touches. I love watching him hit the edge. Defenders faces when they see how fast he is is priceless.
  5. You are right...only 1....i think he had 2 called back. I could have sworn he had one in the buffalo game. I just am really impressed with his potential. Its refreshing to see one of our corners who was right there around the ball and man. For so long we have been used to seeing easy throw and catches on third down that just extend drives and wear out our defense. To me the biggest stat for a defense is 3rd down, and i dont know the stat but from watching football, i would bet that we have been the worst for a long time now. Wilson is a guy that can play press man in my opinion. Just a
  6. I think wilson is so close to being a stud.....i really watched him when he was on the field. He had some picks and was always right there when the ball was thrown his way. If his hands were a quarter inch up or down he would have knocked most of the balls thrown his way down. Alot of those balls thrown his way had to be absolutely perfect. Adding breeland would be great. Nice compliment to wilson.
  7. If he is throwing weighted balls consistently with no pain or setback, im not worried about him throwing THE DUKE.
  8. This is a no brainer to me. I would sign him. He has a great passion for this game and i feel a big body reciever that knows what they are doing is what this team has needed for a few years now. He would be a great red zone player for us and also free up hilton to move to slot where i think he would absolutely shine. I also think ryan grant was a solid sneaky pick up. Could fit real nice with dez and hilton.
  9. Any possibility of cameron wake being involved in this trade? I think i would almost rather have him then the right tackle. Thoughts?
  10. I think we need this.....since we missed out on the position players, i think we go strong on the lines. Actually suhs stats arent bad. 4th best dt since 2010 stat wise. I think he would really solidify our line. If we get him and add chubb(if he is there) then we would have a hell of a line. If chubb is not there and barkley gone, i say u trade back and get nelson. Nelson, hopefully jensen, kelly, and costanzo up front would be nice a nice 4. If u think chubb wii be there u take him though and maybe look at signing pugh.
  11. I expected to get some blowback on this topic. Thats why i said take it for what its worth. Look, i dont believe the rumor but thought i should put it out there. Just because luck is throwing now doesnt mean he is back. Look what happened when he started throwing a few months ago. Hopefully luck comes back healthier than ever and i look more like an * for posting that info...lol. ready for this offseason. Gonna be wild i think. From luck, new coach, free agents and draft.
  12. No troll here stitches. I decided to finally become apart of this board because of the info i got. I guess the no blood flow might be over exaggerated, to where it was probably said, if said, as restricted blood flow. The little research i have done on bo jacksons hip was there was restrictive blood flow. Now with all the medical terms used my brain started to hurt...lol. im sure there was a lot more to jacksons injury then what i decided to research and wasnt the only reason why he couldnt comeback. It seems that if jackson had his injury nowadays the chances of him being able to conti
  13. The news of this supposedly did make kansas city sports talk airwaves. Thanks newcoltsfan for bringing this up. I am "new" to this board as far as posting. Been following this board since I knew it existed. Probably 10 years now. Longtime colts fan here and am sorry if im scaring people. Hoping its not true. I tend to put trust in this team more than i should but after this past year that has wavered a bit because of this injury. I have always felt there is more to this injury and when i heard this it made me think a bit.
  14. Take this for what its worth. Was hoping to making this a topic on the forum. I have a buddy that knows someone that works in the chiefs organization. He has heard that Nagy said that he went to chicago because he was told that lucks shoulder still has no blood flow. I guess bo jackson never got his blood flow back which obviously lead to retirement. Hope this is false but my buddy is a pretty honest dude. And he def has a friend that works in the chiefs organization. I am also not saying that nagy was offered the position.
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