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  1. Ben's circumstances were different and Ben was SUSPENDED ... NOT put on the "Exempt List" (aka "paid leave"). As others have implied, to put AB on the exempt list is really a dangerous precedent because it would open the door for anyone to make a baseless accusation/civil suit with the intention of removing that player from a big game(s).
  2. Problem is here that you choose "cheating" to account for ALL of their success because it is conevveient…..bit it is FAR from true because you are unable to begin to tie them to ANY cheating whatsoever for their past 2 SB wins....and I am guessing that you don't believe they cheated for the 3 SB's they lost either, right? Impossible to have a 2-way discussion who refuses to acknowledge facts which undermine their conspiracy theory....sorry.
  3. 1 opponent for a 5 year span. Again, NE's winning pctg vs rest of the NFL is ~the same as it is vs the AFC East. Foolish for anyone to imply "they win b/c of the division they play in". Fact is, they just win better & more than any other team for the past 20yrs....regardless of the division they play in.
  4. So, how did the Patriots cheat on their way to #6?
  5. Using the AFC East as the reason for their success is just ignorant. The FACT is that the Patriots winning pcg against the rest of the NFL is the same as it is against the AFC East over the past 18 years. That's right, they beat up on the rest of the league the same way they beat up on their division....FACT.
  6. Where does the NFL state that the SB is a platform "for all teams to get a chance to participate in"? The Super Bowl is (and always has been) a platform for the 2 best teams (as determined by the playoff process) to play for the championship. Believe it or not, the Colts & every other NFL team HAS THE EXACT SAME CHANCE TO MAKE THE SB (AS NE DOES) AT THE START OF EVERY SEASON. You should be blaming the other 31 teams for having to watch NE most of the time.
  7. How many other players facing their first PED suspension received more than 4 games? Why should Edelman receive more than the rules specify? You DO realize that Goodell has fined Kraft more draft picks & more money than any single commissioner has fined a single team in NFL history right? Did you see the disappointment on Goodell's face when he had to present the trophy to RKK?.... Not sure why you think their relationship is so strong after all these fines/penalties, etc??
  8. Doesn't sound like he is forced to do anything?.... Sounds like he enjoys witnessing the 2 best teams in football battling it out for a championship. If you want to see different teams in the SB, then it sounds like you have a problem with the 31 teams who have been unable to remove the Pats from this stranglehold for the past ~20yrs? It is a common tactic of millennials to say, "we don't like the results, so let's change the rules"
  9. If you are not a fan of defensive football, you could consider it boring. Personally, I was intrigued to watch "one of the single greatest defensive game plans in NFL history" play out in front of us....in an era of unprecedented offense in the NFL. To think that SINGLE HIGHEST POINT SPREAD IN SB HISTORY was eclipsed by the LOWEST SCORING SB IN HISTORY really tells me the general public still doesn't respect BB's ability to throw complete unpredictability at the finest minds/teams in the NFL.
  10. Why don't you get on YOUR team's front office/coaches and demand "better" from them? The bigger problem here is that 31 teams have been unable to crack the Pats stranglehold on the league for almost 20yrs now. If this were an MMA match, I get the feeling that many of you are taking the "I'm tapping out" strategy??….
  11. If I were a fan of any other team than NE right now, I would be disgusted with my team/front office/coach for NOT being able to put some kind of plan together to stop NE. Isn't it THEIR job to create a team that can compete with the best team(s) in the league? Seriously, no one can tell me that the rest of the teams (other than NE) haven't had the intelligence to figure it out & combat it after almost 20years? Everyone likes to diminish TB's accomplishments by saying "he's a system QB"....but why has no other coach implemented a similar "system" for their team to follow? See
  12. He was one of the biggest "patriots cheat" guys in the NFL and, self-admittedly, went to NE with the idea that he was going to witness their "evil ways". Instead, he had this to say about them after being a part of their team/organization..... “The only thing that’s really opposite is that in New England, it’s more regimented, it’s more disciplined,” said Harrison. “The coaching is better, to be honest with you. The plans they put together are better. And they don’t ask their players to do anything that’s outside of the realm of what they feel their capabilities are. So when you d
  13. Rule changes do not mean the Pats were cheating. The NFL left rules out there with loopholes....and the Patriots used them to their advantage while other team's coaches were not intelligent enough to catch on. Isn't it funny that Harbaugh had such a problem with the TE substitutions in the 2014 divisional game....but the following season he did the EXACT same thing to beat a regular season opponent. How come no one cared? These rule changes only highlight that BB is playing the game at a completely different level than his peers. His peers, also, will take any advantage they can find/
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