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  1. if this is true, it is absolutely hilarious.
  2. Name some Bradys HoF players that he played on defense with? I’ll wait. Bradys first 2 rings were won as a game managing QB (I ll agree with that) but Manning has never won a SB because of his capability. and thats a fact.
  3. 1. Manning had the best offensive weapons of any QB in NFL history throughout his career Players Manning played with: Marshall Faulk, Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Julius Thomas, Wes Welker, Players Brady played with: Randy Moss (1 year and broke every QB-WR record at the time), Gronk, Wes Welker, Julian Edelman (QB turned WR) 2. Forget super bowls, lets look at playoff wins 1.Tom Brady - 22-9 2.Joe Montana - 16-7 5. Peyton Manning - 12-11 3.Peyton Manning has 9, "1-and-d
  4. Without those 2 SBs (Thanks to the defense) Manning would of fell in the same catg as Brett Favre.
  5. Peyton Manning has never carried a team to win the superbowl. In 2006, Colts defense in the playoff gave up 16.2pts/game which is better than 3 of the 4 playoff defense Brady had during his superbowl year. On offense, Manning threw 3tds to 7ints for the whole playoff (4games total). That Colts team won the superbowl in spite of Manning terrible performance with Manning almost costing them. In 2015, Denver defense in the playoff gave up 14.6pts/game which is better than all 4 of Brady's playoff defense that won the superbowl. Manning on offense got 2 tds to 1ints for the whole playoff
  6. Manning did everything possible to lose that SB in 2015. Did you even watch the game?
  7. By any means go ahead and engage into the argument and lose. Heres another fact: Manning has had better players throughout his career than Brady ever did too.
  8. Lol. The coaching argument is dumb because you could always argue that Belichick wouldnt be % without Brady either. So theres that.
  9. Brady isnt better than Manning because of rings. He’s better because he plays the position better in cruicial times than Manning ever did.
  10. Colts fans are delusional when they try to compare Manning to Brady. fact: Manning was a great seasonal QB of all time. But he was always a choker in the playoffs. He has never won a SB because of his play, even that 2006 Colts team had a great defense in the playoffs. They had a bad regular season defensivly but they picked up their play in the playoffs. brady will always be the better QB and it isnt even close.
  11. So your dont buy Del Rio being a bad coach??? There’s a reason these two buffoons got fired from one of the worst franchises in the league.
  12. Bullcrap. Gruden is a very good coach thats why they signed him, had nothing to do with $$$$$ Del Rio got fired because hes a mediocre coach like Mularkey. Great for culture change but thats their ceiling. Period.
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