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  1. Bc he isnt (Bullitt) that great. He average at best since Bethea saves him most of the time IMO. If you look at the game he misses lots of tackles.Plus whitner is exactly what we need a run stopping safety a la Bob while Bullitt doesnt have the body frame to work as run stopping safety. If we get whitner I say he starts next to bethea and bullitt comes in on special packages.
  2. Do you still feel the Colts are the favorite to win the division? From looking at a personal stand point I dont think are the favorite anymore. Obviously we still have to play the actual games, but I dont feel the Colts are doing enough to keep themselves on top the AFC South mountain. Offensively speaking we have the best weapons with Houston a close second, but defensively thats were I get scared. We've done nothing to help the situation except resign Bullitt who I dont think is that great to begin with. Both Jaguars and Texans have made great additions on the defensive side of ball, especia
  3. I dont think so. I still feel they need to make some moves. Small moves like Landry and Mebane will drastically change the outcome for the Colts. Offense we are set. The defense is were we need help and we all know this. Also that 10yard cushion are DBs give has to stop as well. So annoying to see 3rd and 3 and the DBs give up a 7 yard cushion.
  4. i think conner will be starting instead of hagler and dawan landry will be next to bethea ;)
  5. Everyone is getting better and we keep sitting on pause mode. Im still waiting for a splash anything would be better than nothing. All I ask for is for Donte Whitner or Lauron Landry just that and I'd be happy.
  6. I probably still would prefer the safety from the Ravens, but hey anything is better than Francisco and Bullitt IMO
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