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  1. It's like I stated I'm my own thread it seems like New England is getting all the breaks in there favor. We haven't gotten any flags in are favor and I've seen hold by the tackles
  2. I feel bad for Trent cause every time it's a run an assignment is miss. You can always see it whether it's a miss block or someone blitzing and no one picking it up
  3. I know we have Luck but it seems like the Patriots are getting all those lucky breaks. That Havili int was big since we were driving and could of cut the lead to 2pts. I mean I still believe we can pull out the win but defense isn't getting of the field on 3rd down they are not playing horrible but not good or great either. Come on Colts dig deep and pull out this win
  4. The chat room had so many negative nancys and they probably feel dumb now for quitting on this team. You never quit and you never stop believing until it's 0:00 on the clock. Great win Colts!
  5. That's why you never give up and to all the negative Nancy on these message boards take that.
  6. this team is a cook duck. We started the season on a positive note with a few road bumps here and there, but unfortunately injuries and lack of talented back ups have killed this team from being competitive. People will blame coaches and schemes, but I won't blame them since at the end of day the players are the ones that make the plays, tackles, blocks, etc. Personally I don't like this heavy run scheme that Pep runs I saw it first hand living in the West Coast, but that was college(which it work perfectly) and in the pros you have to be a little more creative and daring. I'm not sure what ha
  7. Now that the Patriots lost to the Panthers. The Colts are now tied with the Patriots with the same record. Do the Colts move in to the 2nd seed in the playoffs?
  8. This article talks about the Colts saying they would trade for TRich again and I also notice that Edge is mentoring him and he's going through a lot with the transition. So it sounds like TRich is not 100 percent comfortable with the trade. Also for the record not sure if this post belongs with the pinned topic on TRich Here is the link http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000281651/article/colts-wed-trade-for-trent-richardson-again
  9. Personally I think it was the lack of talent from the back up LBs they were good enough. Not sure what happen to Freeman and Angerer was in and out so often it was confusing me. Fyi I was at the game and overall defense just had a bad game overall
  10. i rather have AV than the guy from Texans miss 4 kicks in a row before hitting one
  11. First thing is we got the W so I'm happy for that. Kelvin Shephard the LB is horrible we really need Conner or Angerer back asap. He seem too slow or lost at times. I hear a lot of AC played horrible comments remember guys he sprained his knee 2 weeks ago I'm shock he was out there to begin with. Laundry was all over the field should I dare mention who he reminds me off The run D wasn't as bad as people say they I look at the stat line 100 yds were Pryor running around like Vick if it wasn't for that stat line would show under 75yds earn for the Raiders We will improve understanding read opt
  12. Man talk about a week to week difference. The score would be so different it certain plays went are way. The only things that annoy me is when Luck throws deep and its like 3-2 or 3-3 and he breaks the pocket open grass in front of him and he throws the ball deep and we punt. Just run for the 1st down and we will go from there. Those 1st downs would of kept atleast 2 or 3 drives going... and the defense isnt the same without Mathis and Moala. Atleast hughes is pretty active....
  13. Agree I saw the reply and the ball touch the imaginary extension by the smallest margin.
  14. Can someone explain to me why the Lions were given an opportunity to counter the Titans made Field Goal??? yet the rest of the OT games were final once the first points were scored ex. jets over fins chiefs over saints Unless the playoff rules apply in the regular season I don't know why the game continued
  15. You got some of the games mix up. Arizona didnt beat San Diego...it was Atlanta which you mention as Falcons and St Louis didnt beat Philly it was Arizona
  16. The refs didn't make some calls for us but we played most of the 2nd half. Plus that last TD was Bethea and Brown fault. Bethea went the wrong way going to left and Brown simply lost his man and even shook his head once the guy made the catch and took off for the score.
  17. My fault on Hughes playing 3-4 at TCU. I guess I must of made that assumption on his alignment on the field at times. Plus being in Cali I only see TCU 2 or 3 times a year if we are lucky. This is SC country so yea we don't see much of TCU.
  18. So after watching the game and watching Manning play last night and reading everyone's comments. I decided to give my opinion on the situation regarding the Colts... As bad as everyone feels the Colts played. I personally felt the momentum change after Vinitari miss the field goal before half time. Once he miss the field the confidence they had made for keeping the game competitive at the point went on the window. If he makes the field goal its a touchdown lead with Colts receiving the ball in the 2nd half and they could of had a different outcome from that point, but we all know what really h
  19. This Oline is getting bigger by the minute. Next year should be interesting.
  20. No, Im a Peyton Fan not a Bronco. Colts 4 Life!!!
  21. It good finally know we have a GM. I know nothing about this guy so will see how it goes. Commenting on the Fisher I don't think he will come to Indy personally I think he goes to St Louis he will have more control there than here in Indy.
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