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  1. I'm starting to think Pep Hamilton's brain is fried. Like we gave him too many weapons and he doesn't know what to do with them

    I just don't understand how you're from Stanford but abandon the run. Or how you had a top 5 offense last year, now you don't know what to do

    Hopefully with Bradshaw now about to get a full practice week he'll run the ball more. But this is getting ridiculous

    We need an offensive minded coach like Sean Payton. He would light it up with this offense :scoregood:

    Pep really just stinks now. Like he's allergic to what works :scorebad:

    Well I saw a lot of Pep work at Stanford since I'm in California with Luck, Gerhart, and 3 tight end sets they would run with Fleener  and they would put points on the board in bunches so I'm not sure what happen to him maybe he isnt fully ready for the NFL or because he knows so many of the players Luck, Whalen, Fleener maybe there is a comfort present that makes him lack creativity 

  2. So after reading all these post and watching the game day thread I decided to share a few thoughts on today's game.


    1. Even though I would a preferred a win not getting blown out the game this game shows me that there was some improvement. Sure at the end of day we get judge on wins and loses, but I still see this as moral victory.


    2. Luck look rusty to me. If anyone has ever dealt with a shoulder injury they know these things don't get better in a few weeks. It's a process of rehab, strengthening, and figuring out the limitations of the injured shoulder. Yes, I'm aware some people don't think Luck is that good or that he doesn't make great decisions, and so forth. I'm just going off today's game and what I saw on the field and I saw a QB who was rusty when it came throwing long passes or passes were accuracy is required and I believe the shoulder injury played a part in that.


    3. Special teams blunder is on Whalen. Yes, I'm fully aware some coach called the play to get the Pats to jump offsides and possibly get an easy first down, but bottom line its on Whalen to realized the numbers were not in their favor and not hike the ball. No one give me this its up to coaches to put players in safe situations. He's a grown man with a brain whose perfectly capable of realizing this isn't going to work like we drew it up and I should just wait for a timeout to be called or take a delay of game penalty period.


    4. Running game is looking good, but its unfortunate that we abandon the run once we were down two scores and needed to make bigger plays


    5. I personally like the play calling until we went down two scores and we went back to our old ways and started trying to throw bombs down the field which is expected when you down two scores and time isn't on your side


    6. Can we please see more of Phillip Dorsett and less of Johnson. I think we can use Johnson in the redzone/endzone were his height can be used in our favor, but other than that he looks slow, doesn't separate, and makes a few too many drops when the ball is thrown to him. Side note Moncrief is looking really good sometimes better than TY.


    7. I see so much hate for Pagano about he's a bad coach, but when are people going to talk about Grigson and players he drafts. We have so many needs on defense and offensive line yet we draft for offense. I mean people complain Pagano is suppose to be a defensive guru, but its hard to make a good defense with C+ players.


    8.  I hope we can use some of the positive things from this game and use that for the rest of the season ex. quick passes, a good balance of run and pass



    Bottom line is we are 3-3 and we still have a full season ahead to get better and keep making improvements and it all starts with getting a W against the Saints next week.....

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