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  1. I think we have to give some credit to Matt Eberflus for the way the Defense is playing right now. I'm soo glad we have him. Its hard to imagine a few weeks ago people had ranked our defense as last in the league.
  2. Ahhh the old scattershot method. Say a bunch of crazy things and when you are finally right start a thread and demand people tell you good job.
  3. I remember watching him on Hard Knocks last year and his problems seemed mostly mental. A lot of messing up the plays and missing blocks. Stuff like that. TB wanted him on their practice squad and he turned them down
  4. Either way he is the one who put an incompetent staff around himself.
  5. Only 1 and a half pages of replies before the first cut. Not too bad if you ask me
  6. I think luck plays better when we are playing fast pace no huddle type offense. Thats why he always does so well at the end of games when we are down.
  7. If Reich is telling the truth that he doesn't want to show anything in preseason maybe that's why wilkins isn't getting carries with the 1's. There is already plenty of film of michael and ferguson so using them more wouldn't give any competitive information away to other teams. Idk just a thought.
  8. I cant tell who it is but someone is unconscious on the ground in this fight. Seems like its time to end practice before someone gets seriously hurt
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/browns-wr-callaway-cited-for-marijuana-possession/ar-BBLD4Mm?ocid=spartandhp Looks like we dodged a bullet by not drafting him. I'm not sure of the Implications this will have with the NFL. Does anyone know?
  10. What was Turbin's 4th and short conversion percentage last year before he got hurt? I thought it was pretty high and behind a mediocre line at that.
  11. I don't think i would consider one shoulder injury that he played through an "injury-plagued" season
  12. Great news ! I'm assuming if hes doing drills like this then he's thrown the last few days off camera and it has felt ok.
  13. I'm looking at this differently than you If he says he gives Walker a 30-40% chance to start then he is giving a 60-70% chance that he will not start. Combined the three have better odds that one of them will start than Walker. Thats all
  14. One thing I liked from the Reich Interview was him talking about eventually the offense will game plan against our defense and our defense will game plan against our offense. Most of us know we didn't do that enough last year and had some stupid tendencies because of it.
  15. look at the first post in this thread. He updated his first post with the tweet from Ian raporport. That's all its based on
  16. Gotta wonder if having his mother as his agent and manager was a good idea. I feel bad for the young man
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