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  1. dacoltsboi1213

    Desir and Hairston

    How do you guys feel about the two? Hairston has played lights out this season so far and has cemented his role as our slot corner. But what about desir? Has he done enough to secure a starting position next season? I personally think we resign Melvin, and have desir/Wilson start opposite.
  2. dacoltsboi1213

    Starting Offense and defense Next Season

    DL, OLB's, and safeties. Hairston will still be our nickel. I feel that the colts are gonna go with Melvin and Wilson at corner...Unless they get Fitzpatrick in the draft. ILB'S are gonna be gone. Hopefully Edwin Jackson can provide us with good depth. As far as offense goes, Kelly, Kallis, Costonzo. What do you guys think about Good? Is he a good starter?
  3. dacoltsboi1213

    Starting Offense and defense Next Season

    But who do you think we are definitely going to keep from the projected starters above?
  4. how do you guys think our starting O and D are gonna look next season? heres my take: Starting Offense: QB-Luck WR- Hilton, Rogers WR- FA/ DRAFT PICK RB- Marlon Mack/ Draft TE- Doyle, Swoope LT- castonzo LG- DRAFT Center- Kelly RG- Kallis/FA RT- Good/Draft Defense: LOLB-Sheard Rolb- simon DT-Hankins De- Anderson DE- Woods ILB-DRAFT/FA ILB- DRAFT/FA RCB-Melvin/FA LCB-Wilson Safety- Hooker Safety- Geathers what do you guys think?
  5. dacoltsboi1213


    Not to forget that Luck and Hilton have developed great chemistry. Hilton is not the issue with the team. The offensive line, play calling and Brissett( Even though he has played well) is no means Andrew Luck.
  6. dacoltsboi1213


    Hilton had 4 more targets than Brown last season. And Hilton doesn't have to be a redzone threat when he had Doyle and Moncrief scoring TD's in the redzone like beasts last season. Hilton GETS us to the redzone. Bottom line is that there is no denying that Hilton is a top 7 Receiver in the league. Brown, Jones, Green, Beckham, Nelson, Hopkins/Evans/Hilton
  7. dacoltsboi1213


    I honestly don't understand what the hate on Hilton is or the case that he isn't a top receiver or isn't a true number 1 receiver. His drop in performance is due to him playing with Brissett and not Luck. I did a bit of digging in to the stats last year at individual game logs. Out of 16 regular season games Hilton had: -6 games of 100 yards or more, out of which two games of 150 yards or more and one game of 146 yards -4 games- 79, 82, 97, 95 yards -6 games of- 41, 42, 49, 20, 54, 45 so out of 16 reguar season games, Hilton had a good-great game in 10 out of 16. By comparison Antonio Brown: -4 games of Hundred yards or more. out of which one game of 150 yards or more - 7 games of above 60 yards (but less than 100 yards) -4 games of below 60 yards. so 11/16 games were good/great Odell Beckham: - 4 games of 100 yards or more - 6 games of 60 to 100 yards - 6 games below 60 yards so 10/16 games were good or great Julio Jones: -7 games of hundred yards or more 3 games of 60 to 100 yards -4 games of less than 60 so 10 out of 14 games. The remaining 3 players are all considered top tier number one receivers. The knock on Hilton is that he only performs well against the weak teams and ghosts out against others. But by looking at this, he has similar number of good/great games as Brown, Beckham, and Jones. I honestly believe once Luck is back, Hilton should be back in form. Anyone thinking we should trade him is nuts.
  8. dacoltsboi1213

    Colts Vs. Jaguars Game Day Thread

    what is even happening......... can we just restart and like fire our whole coaching staff. this team needs motivation. still feeling good for next season tho.
  9. dacoltsboi1213

    Colts v Jaguars Predictions Thread

    Honestly speaking, the colts have been dominating teams (except the rams) in the first half of games, including the seahawks game. If they can just translate their first half success to the second half, we would be in great shape. I think that finally happens this week.
  10. dacoltsboi1213

    A Statistical look at the Colts

    Again our defense just gets shredded in the late 3rd and 4th quarters. During the seahawks game we start the second half with an Interception and during the titans game we start the second half with a pick 6. After that it just goes downhill. Every. Single. Week. I don't know whats wrong with this team and why they cant play 60 minutes of football. We should be 4-2 right now.
  11. dacoltsboi1213

    Time to look to next season

    I feel like its sufficient. we get pressure. I think changing out DC to include some different blitzes should help. Simon and Sheard are playing some of the best football we have had recently.
  12. dacoltsboi1213

    Five Weeks in a Row - Ahead in the 3rd Quarter

    I want to see how we do once luck comes back. We have lead going into the half 5/6 games. That's insane. idk what happens in the second half. I feel like luck can keep us going through the whole game.
  13. dacoltsboi1213

    Time to look to next season

    I mean we do have the draft and free agency. Coachin staff change should be our first priority. Then ILB'S Oline. Cb' in that order. Not too worried about CB's doe. A LOT of potential. Man I hope Anthony Walker lights up.
  14. dacoltsboi1213

    Time to look to next season

    Looking at next season, I feel like we some solid pieces. Just need to clear the coaching staff (except for schoteinheimer and Robert mathis, D line coach). Offense Luck Hilton Moncrief Rogera Doyle Kelly Clark Good Costanzo New OT and maybe A new OG Mack ( depending on how he does) Defense Simon Sheard Anderson Woods Hnakins Hooker Geathers Farley Hairston Melvin Wilson Two new ILBS plus a new corner( depending on Wilson) so we are basically two ILBS, two O line men and a corner and a coaching staff away from being dominant. Have hope
  15. dacoltsboi1213


    We can't even blame the defense. If our offense keeps going 3 and out 3 times to straight the second half, obviously our D will get gassed out. I don't understand why we just collapse in the second half. Pagano has to go.