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  1. Agreed, they definitely take their time when it comes to changes in the starting lineup. IMO Connor was not THAT impressive in the GB game or in Cincy... Granted they are preseason games but he missed atleast 3 tackles I can remember from the cincy game and over-pursued on a few against GB. Then again Sims over pursues on most plays ;)
  2. They also have Connor starting with Sims as third string? Doesnt really make sense, the guy looked like a starter from my viewpoint. Add that with the fact Connor wasnt all that impressive in TC or preseason. Also Mouton is 2nd string?? Confused.
  3. I too am looking forward to seeing how the team adjusts and IF Caldwell has what it takes to be a elite NFL coach. Honestly I've always seen him as a product of Dungy's success and nothing more, if he can get us to a .500 record till Peyton gets back I wont say that again. Its time to find out how deep this team really is, from the coaching staff to the front office and of course the players. The D is going to have to hold the opposition to under 21-24 points for us to have a chance. At least in the first few games as Collins gets his old man feet under him ;) The coaching staff is going to
  4. I kinda like being the underdog going in... Should help relax the fans expectations of our Colts this year . With that being said I think its funny how Texan fans think their defense has suddenly turned into something it has never been, which is being good. I realize its a cliche but it is only the preseason... watching that Jets game they seriously blitzed every play from multiple angles, which is what I expect we will see. If they do that to us they could be in some big time trouble we have dealt with this defense for a long time and Peyton / Colts have plays designed to take advantage of it
  5. Thats my point, we are going to have a glaring weakness at RT when we line up week one. Maybe get someones cast off after final cuts but I for one am very nervous about having Peyton back there.
  6. Who starts at RT if Diem is set at guard? Please don't tell me we are going to start two rookies at Tackle... cause I just don't think that will happen. Looking though our oline depth there just isnt many options. None of this would have happened if we could have resigned CJ.
  7. Who starts at RT if Diem is set at guard? Please don't tell me we are going to start two rookies at Tackle... cause I just don't think that will happen. Looking though our oline depth there just isnt many options. None of this would have happened if we could have resigned CJ.
  8. They would find some trade value in Brown before they cut him. I'm thinking they would get a 5th or 6th DP. Then again I don't really buy into Brown being THAT bad... yes his pass blocking is terrible but he can run, better than Addai IMO. If it wasn't for Addai's pass blocking skillz they would have never brought him back. Not to mention we don't have anyone better than him after Addai and Carter so by default he may be safe. Don't even say Evans or Spann are better because they aren't. I could see Blair White, Gonzo, and Pollack as surprise cuts. Then again our WR core is a bit thin so maybe
  9. IMO this is more of a sign that Painter just isn't getting it done than Peyton not being ready for the opener. With that being said does it really matter who we have at QB if Peyton cant go? Regardless I see that as a loss for sure. Also I could see the Colts (Most conservative team in the league) holding Peyton out against a blitz happy 3-4 scheme that Wade Phillips runs. IF Peyton plays you know the texans will be coming for his head... well neck ;)
  10. espn_afcsouth Paul KuharskyTony Dungy tells @dpshow he thinks Manning neck issues started w/a hit vs. Washington in late 2006. So Dungy says Peytons' neck all stemmed from a hit way back in 06' thats a long time to have a lingering neck injury. Gotta give it to Peyton for playing through the pain. I just hope he can get atleast a week of preseason practice in and maybe some game time. I mean think about it, he hasnt thrown a ball in full pads in nearly 8 months... He is going to need some time and we cant start off slow again with the schedule we have down the stretch this year. Get better so
  11. Make sure everyone votes on Irsays Tweet poll about if we should sign Moss or T.O. Its true he is asking for Colt fans opinions . Irsays Tweet
  12. I always envisioned Pollack as Saturdays eventual replacement since they drafted him. The guy never played any other position in college or high school and his coach said he was a pure center before the draft. Then when the Colts resigned Saturday a year later I think they thought, well we invested a high pick in this guy we need to get him on the field... Oh lets try guard. Not saying he hasn't been wildly inconsistent but he is playing out of his 'natural' position. He didn't do terrible at center against the Rams. As for McClendon I thought he did pretty well too. They may be mixing and ma
  13. I definitely noticed him when he got in the game. I was wondering how he would do after B.P. mentioned him by name when talking about our 'depth' at corner. My main concern on him is that he hasn't played in a real game in almost 2 years. That's a long time in NFL terms so it may take him a year or so to adjust to the speed and intensity. He is practically a rookie this year, I dont see him making an impact this year besides in maybe our dime packages.
  14. Whitner doesn't really make much sense although I'm an OSU fan and would love to see him in the Blue and White... Now Grimes would be amazing but highly unlikely, he would demand Hayden type cash and that would be hard to see. Although I think we are starting to see Chris Polian putting his 'stamp' on this team. No way we pick up any of those FA (Anderson, Sims, Harris) if BP was fully in charge. With that being said IMO Grimes could be a lock down corner and is just entering his prime. Whats his RFA tender? I thought someone said a 3rd dp? If so I'd consider reaching out and seeing what type
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