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  1. Resign- Vinateri, Mewhort(Only if cheap), Desir, Melvin(Don't over pay), Pearson(I believe filled in nice behind Kelly), Moncrief(1yr cheap to compete with FA for #2,3) Bostic(cheap) If Gore chooses to return sign him. If not I like Alfred Blue or Jeremy Hill for cheap. Have to push heavy for O-Line in FA, then a big WR and maybe a big CB pending Melvin. I like atleast 2 hard pushes of these Norwell, G.Robinson, Pugh, Joeckel #2WR- A.Robinson, Landry, J.Gordon CB- Jenkins(Pay him if available) ILB- Minter, T.Davis Draft Bradley Chubb
  2. bleedblue42


    Has anybody thought or was curious of how Geathers & Simon would look in our scheme as ILB? Our ILB are trash and moving those guys wouldn't be any worse. Might be something worth looking at