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  1. Resign- Vinateri, Mewhort(Only if cheap), Desir, Melvin(Don't over pay), Pearson(I believe filled in nice behind Kelly), Moncrief(1yr cheap to compete with FA for #2,3) Bostic(cheap) If Gore chooses to return sign him. If not I like Alfred Blue or Jeremy Hill for cheap. Have to push heavy for O-Line in FA, then a big WR and maybe a big CB pending Melvin. I like atleast 2 hard pushes of these Norwell, G.Robinson, Pugh, Joeckel #2WR- A.Robinson, Landry, J.Gordon CB- Jenkins(Pay him if available) ILB- Minter, T.Davis Draft Bradley Chubb
  2. Has anybody thought or was curious of how Geathers & Simon would look in our scheme as ILB? Our ILB are trash and moving those guys wouldn't be any worse. Might be something worth looking at
  3. Ill be flying in from Houston sat morning with my buddy whose fam has season tickets, I believe will be in the 300s.
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