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  1. So because the broncos cheated, the Patriots absolutely definitely 100% are dirty filthy rotten cheaters? The Broncos have their own rap sheet of illegal behavior and it's far longer than NEP's if you compare their entire history and not just this century. The Broncos are historically one of the worst "problem children" in the entire NFL, right up there with the Steelers and the Jets. Their PED rap sheet is as long as the next 5 worst teams combined. A HC from the Broncos cheating isn't any kind of evidence of Patriot malfeasance, even if the head coach at the time was a Patriots alum. The Broncos' legacy of complete disregard for the rules is all their own.
  2. Their efforts to spite the Patriots do not help them overcome their issues as a franchise though.
  3. Arguably the Eagles didn't have a "bell cow back." They had a stable of 2-3 different guys back there and used them pretty interchangeably. The Patriots used a similar concept although the focus for the Pats was, of course, more on pass catching compared to the Eagles with all of Burkhead, Lewis and White being more than capable of receiving. The meta in the NFL seems to be moving more and more to having multiple guys to share the load rather than being 1 blown knee away from not really having a running game. Kamara/Ingram, Burkhead-Lewis-White, Ajayi/Blount, all examples of this that went deep into the playoffs helped by their running game Neither of the two teams in the Superbowl relied on a big name "feature back." Something to think about I think. Frankly I think that style of play can work at times but is mostly a relic of the past and requires a generational talent to sustain for long periods of time.
  4. Bit of an unfortunate abbreviation there... kinda hillarious if you were going for it on purpose.
  5. Just as likely to be self-fulfilling prophecy IMHO. No one tries it because no one has succeeded trying it... so no one ever tries it and the ice is never broken.
  6. There isn't a football team in history that has absolutely no talent at all, except possibly recent interations of the Cleveland Browns. But Ballard's got his work cut out for him if he's going to put the Colts in the playoffs, and he's going to need at least a little bit of good fortune no matter what he accomplishes. I just think it'd be a pity if the legacy if a great talent like Luck is to go the way of guys like Phillip Rivers who could never put himself in a position to accomplish anything, frequently through no fault of his own,
  7. Sounds like one of those overly specific things to me that happens when you cherry pick stats and forget you're looking at disproportionate sample sizes. It's hard to win the Superbowl no matter where you play and how you set up your defensive formations. There's nothing about indoors that makes the 3-4 defense all that difficult, personally I suspect coincidence.
  8. I look at Brissett and I see a lot of similarities to Dak Prescott or Joe Flacco. You can win with that guy, but you have to baby him a little bit, get him all the toys he needs, have success with secondary acquisitions and build a strong roster around him. He can win, but he can't drag a franchise away from obscurity by the scruff of its neck like Luck could when he was healthy. you have to get a lot of other things right to give a guy like that a chance to win. Brissett in particular is a guy within that teir of quarterbacks that has a lot of good things going for him. He's not prone to panic, he's poised, fundamentally sound, and he tends to make good, smart decisions with the football. But he's not a premium talent and he's not going to save the general manager if he makes a dog's dinner of the rest of the roster the way Grigson did. The swing between Brissett in his prime and a healthy Luck in his prime is about 2-4 games in the regular season and one more postseason win IMHO, if you think this team is 9-7 with Luck, it's 5-11 to 7-9 with Brissett.
  9. Adding 6 wins is plausible considering the number of times the Colts collapsed in the 4th quarter. However 9-7 isn't even enough to make the playoffs every year. And if you're trying to use Luck as a fig leaf to cover the franchise's problems instead of doing what I really hope Ballard's able to accomplish and fixing these problems, you're just going to get him hurt again.
  10. With Brissett as the starter I think the team is 7-9 next year, assuming reasonable but not outstanding success in the draft and FA. If they can get a breakthrough or two defensively that could go higher, I'm predicating this on the idea that some of the 4th quarter collapses were based as much on the weakness and lack of talent of the defense as the ineptitude of the coaching staff. I think Brissett can take a team to the playoffs in the right conditions, but the Colts roster is badly depleted right now, not sure he could do it here next year.
  11. While I agree that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, when there's no evidence at all, not just in this case, but in any of the allegations of spying brought by media and other teams against the Patriots, I think it's fair to analyze the pattern and consider the nature of the messengers -- "unnamed sources" and players and coaches from teams bitter at their defeat at the hands of New England, and media men looking for hits, clicks, and sold issues willing to cater to them for the sake of sensationalism. I mean you guys know the state of the modern mainstream media as much as anyone. It's getting to the point that if it says a thing in the newspaper, and it's not an ironclad indisputable fact, I just assume it either isn't true or the facts are being twisted to the editor's agenda. Journalistic integrity has long been a relic of ancient history as far as the modern media is concerned -- if it even ever existed in the first place. Even the history books can't be fully believed anymore.
  12. This is going to be unpopular, I know that, but I'm just gonna say this. Take it for what it's worth. If you don't think the Colts are going to be highly competitive next year even with Luck, then it may be time to reposition the franchise around a new quarterback and focus Luck's appearances around showcasing him for potential buyers. I don't see that overwhelming strength on offense, defense, special teams, the run the pass, run D, pass D, nowhere. You have no assets on your roster and nothing to leverage to generate any except money, and your cap situation is decent but not spectacular. To my outsider's perspective the Colts are honestly below average in every facet of the game. Luck was hiding it to a certain extent but that's part of how he got hurt, the weakness on offense put too much pressure on the poor guy and he got exposed. I really doubt that going back to a situation where Luck granted you the luxury of being able to pretend you had an offense is possible or even smart without a serious restructuring. You've already run him into the ground once. Doing it again would be grounds for the league seizing Luck from your franchise for his own safety in a just world, similar to a CPS raid in an abusive home situation. Bottom line, you guys have Luck and rather little else, and now you may not actually have Luck. By the time you could draft some guys to fill the holes and they've learned the game and fully come into their own, Luck's going to be 30, 31, 32 and with an injury history. Unless Ballard manages to pull a miracle out of the aether, you're looking at the distinct possibility of wasting the remainder of Luck's prime even if he is healthy. That doesn't honestly mean I think the Colts can't be competitive, but spending Luck's prime on 9-7, 10-6 one and done seasons would be a tragedy IMO. I think the Colts need a thorough rebuild rather than a rush job, and if you try to do a half-rebuild, you're going to wind up like an elevator stuck between the floors, constantly drafting between 12 and 18 and not making any noise in the playoffs, similar to the situation the Ravens and Titans are in recently where they're not really relevant, but they're too good to break up, and so they just mark time and waste their top talent. That's not where you want to go as a Franchise IMHO. I
  13. You know who you bring in if you want inside knowledge of the Patriots? You bring in Danny Amendola or Dion Lewis. Those are quality FAs that the Patriots actually care about losing.
  14. One team that spends a lot of resources trying to one-up the Patriots is the New York Jets. They did it with Darelle Revis, Bill Parcells and they tried to do it with Bill Belichick. Have a look at their W-L history in the modern era and tell me if having priorities other than putting the best possible team on the field is a good idea. If you want to spite the Patriots, build a better team than theirs. That's the only language they speak at the end of the day.
  15. I hope not. Quite frankly the Colts are not currently built to win. I think Indianapolis is in for a 3 year rebuild cycle and if they rush it, they'll regret it. They really need to fundamentally overall almost their entire roster, to the point that even if Luck gets healthy, I wonder if it might be the path of wisdom to find a trade partner willing to bet some assets that he'll stay that way. Otherwise Luck's going to start trending downward just as the new draft picks come into their own. Funny thought: Trade him to the Bills, just to spite the Patriots. Putting a good to great quarterback in Buffalo would make the AFC East much less of a cake walk. The Bills just made the playoffs more or less without a quarterback, give them a good one with their defense and they could give TB12 a run for his money.
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