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  1. This draft is heavy with lineman and not so heavy with pass rush ... we will get someone for the line don't worry. I trust Ballard more then anyone sitting at home.
  2. We get out to a 21 point lead and then reich screws it like usual ... and we lose by 17
  3. I didn’t know he was hired to impress you.
  4. Nelson is a good puller as what I’ve seen and heard ..... I have confidence in our line for the first time in a long time!
  5. I’m not saying the eagles are a monster but they’ve been built through the draft and bringing in young talent. That “monster” I speak of is what we are doing bring in competitive competition to build and feed of each other like the eagles did .... the eagles weren’t the best team in the play offs nor in the SB .... plus they didn’t have their starting QB but because of what they had built and brought in they were a monster and thus my reference ..... wether they win 1-2 more doesn’t matter IMO .... they’ve built there team right and made the right calls/players like I believe CB, and our staff
  6. Behind Nelson and Kelly Mack is going to go for 1000
  7. Jackson ...... !?! Too much to drink tonight on my behalf. But all the other points I said I stand by!
  8. When we go 6-0 in the division .... I will send you a jersey of your choice from the colts!
  9. We go 11-5 ...... #1 in division ..... 6-0 in division again
  10. This ..... this division sucks ballz. Jax got lucky .... Blake will suck AGAIN! Tenn is crap and Texans might be comp if Jackson is healthy. We only lost 5-6 games by a Few points last year ..... now add the key pieces we have added. Better O-line and a healthy Luck we got this! Don’t forget he took a #1 pick in the draft to the playoffs the next year. (Luck)
  11. I honestly think this staff is building a monster like the eagles .... with Luck coming back we are going to surprise a lot of people ..... we will take the division
  12. Oh look .... another patriot caught cheating. SHOCKED!!!!
  13. I’m telling you! If Luck returns to 90-100% of what he was the colts are going to surprise a lot of people. He alone took a 2-14 team and turned them into a playoff contender the next year .... now he has some talent and a good O line ..... this and next year we will make some HUGE jumps!
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