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  1. I think Wentz will surprise a lot of people if he came here. He has the ability. I just remember many saying the same about rivers coming over.. 20ints the year before for a bad team being 38 years old.. Reich is gonna turn the clock back with Wentz and I truly think he plays for 10 years here (if he comes) my next personal choice is trading up and grabbing someone if they see fit
  2. Eagles trade Wentz and 3rd to colts for 2nd and? Not sure. But I’ve seen people want more with Wentz I just don’t think he’s as bad as people make him seem
  3. I would take Wentz for sure. I get his contract is overpaying for now, but if he comes in and turns things around we will be underpaying. Some on here need to chill about getting compensation in return. A 3rd? Sure. A 1st? Lol. Wentz isn’t as bad as many make him seem to be. I honestly think he could be top 5 with us
  4. I read two defensive starters.. not stars. I would give up 2 1s, 2 2s, Ya-Sin and Okereke for Watson cause I think that highly of him. Won’t happen tho
  5. Yeah if TY walks, I’m expecting them to sign a veteran in FA for sure. Ballard can’t leave this WR corp it’s very underwhelming. Potential, but unproven.
  6. Although I am sad to see him leave I think this should maybe open up our offense more? I’m hoping a new OC will have some new ideas to put on Reich to get players more in position to exceed. Oh and I hope they tell him to stop the predictable runs up the middle with Hines lol
  7. Yeah I don’t understand why 1. We wouldn’t resign TY 2. Why people think he’s this greedy dude all of a sudden? He’s not going to demand anything of this team. I bet he takes a team friendly deal and stays. He’s already publicly said he won’t play for another team. TY isn’t as he used to be but he’s still a big part of this team and defenses do respect him. as for the others I’m not so sure on value but I would resign: Houston, Autry, Rhodes (if the deal is right) Maybe lock up MAC and pascal for 3 years (both young and producing at the rates their given)
  8. This honestly didn’t come as a surprise. I didn’t think Phil would be back whether his decision or the Colts. We need to start the future now! This makes the off-season even more exciting for me lol
  9. I love the Watson day dreaming but it’s just not gonna happen lol
  10. I would like to see him go honestly defense can be very underwhelming at times. Let Reich pick his guy. Don’t get me wrong I like what Flus brought to the team but things have been so consistently inconsistent
  11. My bet is 2 out of the 4 teams lose.. Browns being one and the other up in the air could be any. I’ll be traveling to LOS this Sunday!
  12. Yep. I’d say being average-slightly above average the last however many years is mediocrity. What would make you think otherwise? We don’t consistently beat good teams. We lose to bad teams and shoot ourselves in the foot constantly. Coaching on both sides of the ball needs improvements especially play calling on both sides of the ball. This was on the coaches and Rivers not being able to move and make things happen. We need a new QB
  13. Yup. This is what we will be with him. Play to not lose. Why abandon Taylor and the run game? This loss hurts and mediocrity is getting old.
  14. I agree with you on that. Tough to give pass game any respect with rivers tho. Haven’t had anyone respect the run game and I know we have been lacking but easy to stack the box against rivers
  15. Did you watch the same rivers as I? He did not play close to well enough whether that’s the receivers being off page with him or not. Throwing ducks out there.
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