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  1. Sorry for the double post with my old account I was having some issues posting.
  2. Traded back with KC 21—>31,94,144 (Not sure if we could steal that 5th round pick along with the 3rd) 31 Teven Jenkins OT - Oklahoma State 54 Carlos Basham Jr DE - Wake Forest 94 Tommy Tremble TE - Notre Dame 127 Jaelon Dardon WR - North Texas 144 Justin Hilliard LB - Ohio State 165 Shakur Brown CB- Michigan State 206 O’Bryan Goodsen DL - Memphis 248 Buddy Johnson LB - Texas A&M
  3. I’m sure BAL will throw more money at Watkins now anyways eh?
  4. If Campbell, Pittman or pascal go down, for 7-8 mil one year? I think so. Again, I’m totally cool going draft but there are still a lot of other needs. We already have Patmon waiting in the wings as well. De Michael Harris maybe has a role? Idk but we need someone who can come in and make some plays for sure
  5. Look at the teams in the Super Bowl last year and their weapons.. again, we are going in with same WR core as last year, that’s not an upgrade. Sure, day 3 guy but you never know how that’ll pan out. Especially lacking playmakers at TE. This O still isn’t good enough edit: I know Pittman will have a year under his belt and should progress etc but you can’t count on what you haven’t seen yet
  6. I’m just curious if this truly takes Watkins off the table? I’d be fine either way but if you can get Watkins on 1 yr 7-8 mil why not??
  7. Good point. I will also add Watkins has missed 14 games last 3 years TY has missed 9. I love TY but at this point I’m not even sure the right answer.
  8. Definitely won’t argue there but he has started at least 8 games every year he’s been in the league. He hasn’t missed an entire season. I’m just saying if you really feel comfortable counting on Parris as having a huge role this year you may be in for another disappointment (obviously I hope he plays all year and I am a fan of parris)
  9. I agree for sure just wishful thinking lol
  10. All these posters complaining about Sammy Watkins ability to stay healthy are probably also sold that Parris Campbell is gonna stay healthy. What if he doesn’t? I honestly think having both TY and Watkins would be huge
  11. Let’s just get them both lol (TY, Watkins) Wait for eagles to cut Etrtz, grab him draft LT 1st round boom offense is electric
  12. Also as mentioned, Sammy is coming to town after wrapping up his Baltimore visit https://nfltraderumors.co/sammy-watkins-wraps-up-visit-with-ravens-meeting-with-colts-next/
  13. https://nfltraderumors.co/colts-expected-to-sign-ot-julien-davenport/ getting that tackle depth
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