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  1. I agree with you on that. Tough to give pass game any respect with rivers tho. Haven’t had anyone respect the run game and I know we have been lacking but easy to stack the box against rivers
  2. Did you watch the same rivers as I? He did not play close to well enough whether that’s the receivers being off page with him or not. Throwing ducks out there.
  3. Definitely more on Reich. Can’t adjust. Can’t put players into position besides his 10+ scripted plays to come out. Should’ve made a move at the deadline if they wanted to contend this year. Pretty clear Ballard is fine being mediocre this year and will hopefully make some moves this offseason.
  4. It’s pretty obvious Reich and Rivers both are not getting the job done. Tough to be optimistic after watching today’s game against a team that is dealing with significant injuries. This is one that should’ve went our way but we refuse to beat legit teams.
  5. 2013 Colts@chiefs (literally front row behind colts bench) 2017 broncos@colts tnf 2018 titans@colts (luck bomb to T.Y. one last time) 2019 texans@colts (jacoby threw the 4Tds and Leonard had his int and stiff armed Kenny stills hoping covid doesn’t stop me this year still haven’t figured out a game to go to. btw I am from South Dakota and make this drive almost every year.. worth it!!
  6. At this point why wouldn’t you trade for a receiver and give this team a real shot? Sure we’ve beaten a few average teams with our underwhelming receiving corps so you think we can succeed in games against good teams? No way. If you want to win now, you have to trade for help. Don’t tell me rivers can throw to anyone. That isn’t going to happen against teams in the playoffs- especially when opposing offenses are putting up points.
  7. I was watching the game at my grandpas house. He happened to pass away yesterday so this was a good memory to think of.
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