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  1. Mick12Maher

    Colts Training Camp 8/3/2018 (Birthday Edition)

    I turned 23 today!
  2. Mick12Maher

    Colts Training Camp 8/3/2018 (Birthday Edition)

    Hoping for a great camp on my bday!
  3. Yeah. They aren’t sexy picks but Ballard is building the o-line for luck. This could be the first year we have a good line. Leonard pick was a reach but he’s a good player with a high ceiling. Trust Ballard.
  4. Mick12Maher

    Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

  5. http://nfltraderumors.co/buccaneers-sign-c-ryan-jensen/
  6. Mick12Maher


    Agreed. Although Fitzpatrick’s versatility would be nice. Just trying to understand what Ballard is thinking right now.
  7. Mick12Maher


    At this point I’m kind of thinking drafting a CB would be a good decision IF we can fill holes through free agency which we haven’t done to this point.
  8. Just curious what the majority of us fans want. I am 100% okay starting Quincy Wilson on one side, do we sign a veteran for the other side or go after a stud in the draft? I’d like to resign Melvin to a team friendly deal but I bet another team will out bid us. I thought Desir was semi solid and wouldn’t mind having him back either but I’m starting to get on the Minkah Fitzpatrick hype train. Excited to see how the draft plays out. I hope Ballard has some tricks up his sleeves.
  9. Mick12Maher

    Bring me your OC candidates other than Bevell

  10. Mick12Maher

    Frank Reich Expected to Interview

    When is he scheduled to interview? Sorry if I missed it!
  11. Mick12Maher

    Doyel the front runner

    Completely agree with you here and was thinking the EXACT same thing when reading his articles this morning.
  12. Mick12Maher

    Manusky vs Monachino

    I don't personally believe it had anything to do with Monachino's play calling. Yes, he likes to play way off the receivers sometimes but the other corners out there now are actually doing a pretty damn good job with man to man. I think the injuries and age have gotten the better of Vontae. So I don't believe Monachino is setting anyone up for failure really. (Individually) Play calling can definitely get better.
  13. Mick12Maher

    Broncos @ Colts

    Couple things here: This will be the first home game that I am going to and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as far as restaurants, bars, tailgating or anything else Indianapolis/Colts related that is a must do. Sorry if this shouldn't be posted here, not sure where it goes. Thanks for any feedback and most importantly.. GO COLTS!
  14. Mick12Maher

    Ballards Potentially toughest off season decision

    You do realize the Browns tried trading a 2nd and a 3rd for A.J. McCarron right? He’s worth some draft picks.
  15. Mick12Maher

    Colts vs Steelers Predictions

    I think we lose this game by 2 or less touchdowns. Still a loss, but not a blow out. If we can get a run game going and keep Ben from throwing 7 TDs that would be great. What do you think?