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  1. Indy500

    The Morning After

    Great pick, not sexy but just what we needed. Solidify the trenches
  2. Indy500

    Matt Jones

    Yeah, its called deflating the football!
  3. Indy500

    Colts sign Matt Slauson

    Finally some o-line help, he brings experience and consistency to the position. what are the financials, cant see what we paid him anywhere?
  4. Indy500

    Unpopular Draft Strategy

    I agree get as many picks as possible, still get a game changer at 12
  5. Awesome trade, gives us a chance to fill some holes, but we need to be realistic about our chances this season as we are going to have loads of rookies and 2nd year players. Will be interesting to see where the leadership comes from especially on D
  7. Indy500

    Colts hire Frank Reich [Merge]

    Nice we have a HC again
  8. Indy500

    Rest In Peace, Edwin Jackson

    Gutted, RIP pound cake
  9. Indy500

    Pagano Let Go

    Will be an interesting few weeks
  10. ^ this! We must build an o-line to first protect Luck and then to open holes for the run game, without that all the weopons in the world will be limited in their effectiveness
  11. Indy500

    Colts Vs Baltimore

    Colts pick no lower than third in the draft with a loss, so go Ravens!
  12. Indy500

    If not the Colts, then who?

    Would love to to see the Bills back on top of the AFC East but after yesterdays game cant see that happening, like others anyone but NE.
  13. Indy500

    Trade Deadline Fast Approaching

    Dont think the Colts will be active at all this year before the deadline, either bringing on players or shopping guys for picks. This season is a dead loss and unless Ballard can get some series draft picks (which I dont think he will) then we may as well keep what we have. Although I am still smiling inside at the two trades with NE for Dorsett and stonehands as neither are getting much playing time right now.
  14. Indy500

    Keep Brissett

    Totally agree, whether he will want to stay as a backup is another question? I suspect he will want to cash in on his opportunity while he is still seen as a hot/warm commodity, especially with so many QB needy teams at the moment.
  15. Indy500

    Colts @ Bengals predictions

    I actually think we will come out and play a much improved game, we will still lose but it wont be a blow out Bengals 27-21 Colts