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  1. Are there any rumors about Mark Ingram? I'ld like Ingram in Indy
  2. I'm happy with how our other TEs have played but Doyle was our sure handed 3rd down option to get the first down. We have missed that
  3. Was just curious, a change of scenery ya know
  4. Any thoughts on taking a risk on Flowers when the Giants release him?
  5. In this vid he gave up on the play when he thought the RB was tackled, so be it everyone has their days... he's in a new system and a new culture, let's give the guy a chance... low cost signing, why do we have to have all these negative postings all the time. #trust in your team!!
  6. I think Toby Keith is his brother lolol jk
  7. 1. Baker Mayfield 2. Sam Darnold 3. Josh allen 4. Saquon Barkley 5. Bradley Chubb 6. Trade with buffalo
  8. Just wish we could fast forward to the draft tomorrow
  9. I really see the colts or brincos doing exactly what was said with NCF and DLH )or whatever top 8 prospects of ballard were left on our board)
  10. Alright I pick mayfield... we refer back to this in 2-3 years lol... just for fun
  11. Everything right now is GMs just trying to throw everyone off
  12. For the last couple weeks, some big analyst picks a new qb at one, but IMO see mayfield being the one that should be #1
  13. Good lord people, he is atleast out there and working drills and handing off to RBs. If he wasn't gonna be ready to before the year they wouldn't even have him risking someone pulling his shoulder outta socket handing it off.
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