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  1. I hope you're right, and personally am relaxed but Im never comfortable counting a win b4 the game is played. This week we're 0-1.
  2. After we win the SB they'll be known as "the blue eyed miracle". After we win the SB they'll be known as "the blue eyed miracle".
  3. Same math we used with vinny last year lol. You're right tho, aside from rivers it wasn't as bad as it looks. I'm still optimistic but rivers has to be better.
  4. Sumo63


    Pointless argument bro (or sis). Your argument is there was no other outcome than a safety. I disagree. I'm not saying rivers is trash. He generally plays well. His mistakes, although infrequent, are too much to overcome against good teams. If he can avoid those great, today he gave up 9 points. We lost by 9. It doesnt bear overthinking.
  5. Sumo63


    So he took a safety to avoid a safety. Fair enough.
  6. Sumo63


    He said in his presser he should have held onto it longer bc jack was going to "be the area" he threw it to. It's on him. The other stuff you mention were contributing factors but hes a 17 year vet, too slow to get outside the tackles and he took a safety. Theres no apologist rationalization that makes that untrue. The man himself admits it. I'll take him at his word.
  7. I agree with the lack of weapons but rivers is one of the biggest problems. Generally he plays well but his mistakes are too costly to overcome. It's a tough situation to be in.
  8. Sumo63


    It's on Rivers, hes a vet, made a poor decision in the heat of the moment. NBD it happens. The 9 points ke gifted the browns were the difference today. Generally he plays well but his mistakes are so costly......dont know how a team overcomes that on a weekly basis.
  9. Knew browns had a good offense going in and needed rivers to show up. He couldnt get it done. Our d did enough to give us a shot today. Predictable scenario, disappointing outcome.....just 1 regular season game tho, and one that was a toss up in the first place. Rivers has to be better tho.
  10. I think hes going on 30 right? That the "natural" tipping point. youre right, its definitely fair.
  11. Beautiful thing is that you dont have to. If you think it's an unecessary risk, just stay home. Stay safe the manner that best suits you. Absolutely. Out here though the world is still turning, and will continue to, when you're ready to reacclimate.
  12. This game is a toss up. I'm hoping ac being out motivates the rest of the line. Chubb out doesnt give me much optimism given what the could do without him last week, but at the same time we held up pretty well without Leonard. I think it's up to the front 7 to rattle mayfield's cage. And I do believe rivers (if not driven into dust NY the le'raven Garrett matchup) will have a breakout game. Hes played very well imo and I look for him to improve in this offense. Dont know til they play but I expect a good game with a narrow colts victory.
  13. I think our run blocking has been a bit suspect, and Taylor has admitted hes working on his vision. If both those improve by as the season does on I think, although we'll still miss mack, we should be ok. I think this offense is only going to improve as we progress through the year.
  14. Nightmare fuel for Le'Raven. Just in time for Halloween.....multiple ravens are collectively referred to as a "murder"....the multiple Le'Raven snaps vs Garrett might well be called "le'murder of rivers". I joke, kinda......hopefully......this makes me nervous.
  15. 24-20 colts......Rivers tossing 3 in the redzone. Mo, Pascal, Hines.
  16. When they win they tell us "we're 1-0". I take them at their word. Theres no need to argue legit vs non legit. In 12 weeks (or hopefully in feb) we can look back at the whole season and hand out nicknames and such. The offseason begs for that kinda stuff. They've played at a high level vs the opponents they've faced post Minshew. Every fan hopes it continues. Til it's on the field tho........doesnt matter. Remember how dominant our O line is supposed to be? they've looked good but honestly not up to expectations. I wont bury them tho, nor will I wors
  17. Hes always been "low key" reliable.
  18. 3-0 in soldier field with vs the (presumably) superior nick foles, and a very strong D. This win was ugly but it was good none the less.
  19. Now I spend a whole week praying for a complete male strangers groin.....I kinda hate football......
  20. Brutal game! Slight uptick in competition. Hopefully we hold on 4 an ugly win......I may owe Flus an apology.....I'll wait til after the browns to make it official.
  21. So weird relying on a colts D........I'm not used to this ......
  22. Taylor is a punishing back. He may not always "break one" but if he can stay healthy and handle the workload he will make defenses wilt game to game. We've needed a rb like him. It's just a shame mack isnt there to balance his carries.
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