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  1. Refs dont matter. Officiating this year is terrible across the board. Any further replay rules, or reviews, just makes them more defiant. Just the way it is folks.....sometimes itll go our way others it wont.
  2. Lost by 3 on the road to a division rival, split the series, pretty normal in the NFL. It happens, not like the sun exploded. If it costs the playoffs, well we shoulda beat the raiders, fins, and Steelers. Still have tenn next week and one more tilt with the jags. I expected much more tonight outta the passing game. ty must have borrowed Ebron's gloves or something. That drop on 3rd was abyssmal. The blown coverage on their BEST player was the difference tonight. One play, it happens........ I'm upset, but whatever. I still wake up with stage 4 cancer.......perspective people.
  3. I think it's still to early to give up on him. This is his second year in the system and his first actually orchestrating it. He been pretty solid. Room to grow, but solid.
  4. I hear you, it's a coin flip. I'm feeling ok about it though. I've been wrong in the past (so often) but despite "playing down to our competition" we've been solid in our divisional games this year, undefeated in fact. Seems like they get up for these. Frank will have them ready. Wish it was at LOS, but we've performed well in Houston in the past and I think TY will play, you just put him in a uni and we're already in their head. Both teams are beat up so that's a wash. Both on a short week so that's a wash. From a colts perspective, I think this is Jacobys coming out party. We want national attention for obi-wan jacoby, this is his chance. They're gonna try to make him beat them thru the air and I know he can. Unlike last time most of the country is gonna be watching. Say what you want about Brissett but he doesnt shrink under the big lights. Plus our d has been sneaky solid for awhile now......gonna be close but I like our chances..........
  5. It was the biggest "I'm obviously joking" sign I could find on short notice. Yet, here you are again, quoting only a portion of the post. Once again leaving out the portion where I'm very positive about Jacoby, and his role in the upcoming Thursday night tilt vs the Texans. I'm not sure if it's to support some odd agenda (?) Or to create some sort of artificial controversy (?) Either way I guess it's fine. You seem to be having a good time and I'm all for that. I just wanted to find out if what I thought I was seeing was accurate. I'm not sure "why" you do what you do but it's helpful, for future reference, to understand "what" it is that you do. Fingers crossed for a big win on Thursday, I know we can agree on that!
  6. I'd probably rate it a 4.4. Jacoby's pocket awareness and elite footwork is what really made that block! Remember, Quentin's blocks will only block as far as Jacoby's block will block them...... Sorry been reading way too much of the hyper aggressive, and mostly asinine, "Jacoby performace merge thread." Obviously, that was dope! OFF TOPIC: This team is on the right path, and just in case the humorless "admit hes elite" crowd is watching, I think Brisett is a huge part of it. That first Texans game was Obi-wan's signature win. Im looking forward to a repeat performance on their turf Thurs. Houston is gonna make us win thru the air again. And although our pass pro has been suspect lately I believe Jacoby is up to the task. +/- 300 passing yrds, 3 TDs. (0 int, 1 forced fumble). Very excited, possibly to the point of homer-ism, for TNF! This is the biggest (pre playoff) GOTY.
  7. I didnt say he wasnt "the guy", in fact I specifically said I'm not ruling that possibility out. I said he wasnt "that" guy, meaning he's not charged with carrying the whole offense like Luck or Manning was. The professed strategy of this regime concerning team building has been to build out from the trenches. Jacoby is the leader, a darn good one, but hes not the offensive centerpiece of the Ballard/Reich era colts. I believe the O line is intended to be. This is not a criticism, its merely echoing the team philosophy. "Its not about one guy". This is a net positive. The previous Colts incarnation went only as far as luck could take it. This current iteration (if the people running it are to be believed) will go as far as the FO talent evaluation, draft, player development, scheme, coaching, and execution will take it. This is a holistic approach and a net positive. It's not on one player, namely jacoby, to cover up the mistakes and shortcomings of the FO and coaches like Andrew was forced to. This is a net positive. I'm a huge supporter of Brissett in his new role. Colts are lucky to have him and I hope he does prove to be "the guy", but hes not a one man "world beater", nor is he a "rolling ball of butcher knives". According to his own head coach, as of the start of this season, hes a "top 20 NFL quarterback". I dont think hes even a fully developed player yet, its possible he'll get better. Jury is still out. Not every opinion short of yours is an attack on Jacoby personally. There is room to step back and look at the larger picture. I hope you can see that. And yes, I too am disappointed in vinny.
  8. QB worship is the national obsession with who is elite and who is not. I'm not caught up in that Jacoby. If hes allowed to continue to do what he does best colts are in pretty good shape. It's a team sport, as of now Jacoby isnt "elite" and I dont really mind. I dont think I said anything negative about jacoby or his performance. An average day with few errors is a good thing. Nor did I say we should have abandoned the run. And I definitely didnt say I wanted him replaced. All I was saying was I didnt see this one game as a statement game for brissett. For the running game as a whole yes, for the individual under center, not really. Again I like the guy, alot, always have. I just see him more in the mold of Alex Smith than Peyton Manning. I'm fine with that comparitive. Dont really care what Tom Brady did last night. I'm not trying to put jacoby toe to toe with tom. QB worship........ People are sensitive this morning.......
  9. The running game made the statement today. I like jacoby alot, but aside from the incredible 4th down td pass, obi-wan jacoby had an average afternoon. 15 of 24, 148 yrds. 76 rating......hes good, but if hes the answer in indy (and I'm not saying he isn't) the qb worship has to go. Hes just not that guy. With jacoby under center it's a team effort. Hes as good as the pieces around him. Hes charged with not making a mistake, he's not the showcase of this offense. If he's had a statement game this year it was our first tilt vs Houston. That being the case, I'm definitely looking forward to him making another statement this Thursday.
  10. This year is the definition of "next man up". From starting QB on down. We've had a couple bad losses recently, but most games have been competitive (to put it lightly) and yet today we were dominant. Speaks to a strong foundation. I love what we're building. The more adversity the more we see what our staff is made of. Thursday will be an interesting contest.
  11. Sumo63

    The Kegorator

    Hes just better off blocking. That's what we drafted him for. Creative play calling is one thing, cutesy playcalling is another.
  12. Question is how do we get this production consistently? I know it's the jags but today was a dominant performance. Coincedentally we need another one in like 4 days.... Today was nice tho, felt like a reset, I get right game after the disappointments of recent weeks.
  13. You're not wrong, last time I was there it was a pretty lively crowd. It was a couple years ago tho. I think alot of the air went out of the balloon this year.......When luck retired I mean. That said, if your legs work you should be standing on third down, lol.
  14. Lol I meant on the team. Seems like were dropping like flies.......
  15. Just saw mack is done (hand). Who do we even have left?
  16. We've heard alot of talk this week, cant believe it's only been a week. Let's see it on the field. This is a huge game! Get us back on track. Co Colts!
  17. The phrase Hoosier hospitality doesnt strike fear into the hearts of men? Who knew?
  18. Jacoby is good, hes not great, hes not elite. In time, with the right team around him and the right coaching he might be great, but probably never elite. Past few years hes been a very good backup, just because he was thrust into a starting role doesnt mean his skillset automatically makes the leap with him. The demands on that skillset do, but the set is the same. I like Jacoby alot, I'm glad we have him. I honestly believe hes the right guy for right now. Given the circumstances we couldn't have done better and I've really enjoyed watching him this year. But hes a "top 20" qb in the best assessment of the people around him. Not exactly glowing, but probably pretty fair. The clock ticks on these mid talent dudes tho. Unfortunately, as time moves on, his flaws will probably become more apparent than his strengths. I'm not saying he cant improve, it's just that I believe those improvements will be marginal at best. At this level there are so many intangibles, physical traits, mental acuity, etc that all eventually top out long before things like desire, skill, leadership, and work ethic. If hes going to succeed it's not going to be on his own. It will be as much about the team they build around him, and a scheme that continues to feature what he does best. It's a much tougher proposition and it's going to lead to neverending debate in forums like these. But its not ever going to be all about jacoby.
  19. It's pronounced "Mustard" and he was only a Colonel.
  20. Reich has the utmost faith and confidence in Vinny's leg! Imagine how bad these progressions must be to have hit his radar!
  21. Give it three more weeks, could look totally different. If it looks worse, "a little depression" seems like a reasonable response. Either way, looks you're on the right track.
  22. It's been a bad few weeks through what should have been an easier stretch in the schedule. My confidence in this team is down, not going to lie, but I'm not ready to give up on the idea of them being able to rally and respond. The decisions recently have given me pause concerning the FO and coaching staff as well but I think it may be results based recency bias more than the cultural collapse it feels like. I had so much confidence in what was being built over the last two years that, in spite of my "feelings", shouldnt I shouldnt allow the last few weeks to erase that. The season could look a 180 degree difference 3 weeks from now than it has in the gloom of the last 3 weeks. I predicted a jags victory in another thread but I still think the colts find a way to make it interesting down the stretch and leave us with some positives leading into next year.
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