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  1. 3 minutes ago, RollerColt said:

    As always with these things:


    Watch what they do, not what they say. 

    Ballard is pretty straightforward with his mindset, but he’s still a GM and this is a competitive business. Can’t lay everything out on the table. 

    He had a real talent for telling the truth without showing his hand. 

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  2. 42 minutes ago, jvan1973 said:

    Franchise qbs aren't easy to find.   I hope he can find a young qb for the future.    Teams try every year

    Too true.  I just think another 1 year band-aid hurts his legacy and ultimately shortens his tenure.


    It doesn't necessarily need to be a young franchise guy tho.  A "Stafford type" veteran with 5 to 7 (presumably) good years left might be his preferred route if its available to him.


    Rivers for 1 more at 20+ million just doesn't move the needle.  Although, I do think that is the most likely signing at this point.

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  3. 51 minutes ago, CoachLite said:

    Analytics doesn't make decisions for you, it gives information about past trends and probabilities. The main problem is that, in the same way people don't understand science and AI, they don't understand how missing context information affects analytics. 

    Reich said in his presser that his initial "gut" call was a field goal but was swayed by the analytics so in this case (if he is to be believed) analytics did make the decision for him.....leads me to believe that he just needs to trust himself a little more.  Hopefully year 4 he'll find a better balance.


    Hes a good coach.  I dont think he was ready for a HC gig when McDaniels jumped ship so hes kinda learning as he goes.  


    I'm still dead inside from the loss btw.  What a way to go out.

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  4. 12 minutes ago, NannyMcafee said:

    People are blaming Frank because so far hasn't shown the ability to learn from his mistakes as the season goes on. Frank has a hard time getting too greedy instead of taking the points. When that could have gotten you to OT, you tend to blow up. Theres no next Sunday. This was the playoffs and Reichs lack of learning cost us this season. 

    To people blaming lack of playmakers on the team (if true) actually reflects poorly on Reich.  If that is why we fail the question becomes why is he calling plays that his players cant execute?  If anyone knows their limitations it should be Reich.


    I like frank, I liked this years team.  We should be going to KC.  We played well enough to win.  Playcalling in the red zone, poor clock management, a bad challenge, a missed fg, and a Turay off sides......thats all it takes to end a run. 


    On field tho it was one of our better games this year.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Moosejawcolt said:

    I know I will get hammered. We have some guys coming due such as Nelson, Leonard and Smith. Would u use them as capital in a trade for a veteran or college qb?

    Probably not.  If we have an identity it starts with the o line, and Leonard is just special, beyond his physical abilities.


    We lost a franchise QB and a decade or more of sb contention bc we couldnt protect him.  I'd hate to be in that position again.....

  6. 5 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I could live with Stafford, I do think he is good.

    I agree.  Stafford probably tops the list of who I think could be available and keep us in legitimate contention.


    Watson is never going to be traded in the division no matter how disgruntled he is.


    I dont see Ballard selling the farm to move up given our other needs but I think he HAS to bring stability to the position this year.  His legacy depends on it.


    Dont forget we probably need a stud LT this year as well as an edge rusher and maybe a corner......2021 is a tall order.

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  7. 1 minute ago, HOZER said:


    Damn Sumo I’m so sorry to hear this man, really slaps me and hopefully everyone else back into reality, football is just a game, win some, lose some, but what you’re going through is no joke. Really wish they could have pulled it off today for you. God I hate Cancer. God bless you my Colts brother.

    True enough but as bad as it gets I'm still blessed, today I wish frank would just take the points.  God bless you too.  Thanks

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  8. 2 minutes ago, jeepnkal said:

    i dont know what to say to this even though i feel like i want to say something. got me in the feels. all the best to you. 

    Thank you.  It's all good.  I always say better people than me have gone through worse.  I have the privilege of complaining about playoff football.  Lol in spite of everything how soft is my life?

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  9. 1 minute ago, Colt.45 said:

    Wish I could give you some strength. So much context. Stay up Sumo, all prayers and energy and vibes sent your way.

    Ive learned that strength is always found at the bottom.  I live on the edge of running out of it and finding a tiny bit more.  It's a weird line on which to balance but I'm grateful it's at least tenuous footing as opposed to a cliff.  Thanks for the support, honestly it means the world to me.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Colt.45 said:


    You serious? If so, truly sorry to hear that. Cancer is a MF

    Yea it's savage.  I was hoping for a miracle year (football wise I know my situation) .  2020 colts football was pretty much all I could look forward to.  It's been a 3 year battle and I desperately wanted to watch this season.  I know how stupid that sounds but it is what it is. 

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  11. 5 minutes ago, coltsva said:

    No, it's a tie. If Colts kick the extra point the first time, they also kick it the 2nd time (total of 2 points). The missed two point try was washed out by the made two point try later (still 2 points). 

    Good call.  Math after beer isnt my strong suit.  But my inadequacy aside wed still have forced an overtime......so I'll stand by my statement and my 4th grade maths.

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  12. 1 minute ago, IndySouthsider said:


    Rivers> Class of 21 QB’s not named Trevor, Wentz, Brissett, and Eason. So it depends. But I would give a lot for Watson, but it ain’t happening.

    Yea i dont think watson is an option. Bid like Stafford tho. He might be on the table......

  13. 1 minute ago, danlhart87 said:

    I'll support the decision no matter what. It opens plenty of options if he retires. 

    Right on.  I could go either way too.  I'd like to see Ballard take a chance on a young gun.  He needs to define his tenure.

  14. 3 minutes ago, Colt.45 said:

    Disagree. Take the points? You're playing the best offense in the league! The hottest offense, etc etc. You have to be aggressive and clock 6s not 3s. You simply have to. As the HC, you've probably preached to your team that you're as good as them and you're going to kill them etc. Then when crunch time comes, you want to punk out and think they dont notice? I dunno. I agree with that call.


    The 2 point call was sound math. He went for two later and got what he wanted anyway so at worst call it a wash.


    He is an aggressive coach, i LOVE it. Listen, i remember the Dungy days very well 

    Take the 3 and kick the extra point colt win by 1.

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  15. 2 minutes ago, Colt.45 said:

    It'll come. He has been coaching for THREE years. Been to div round, and wildcard round. And in 2 of those three years, he owned one of the best Os in the league. I can't blame fans who are mad at him right now but honestly apart from the silly challenge, i can't see any other play i'd DEFINITELY change. The Colts marched up and down the field on those boys, like they could not be stopped. Execution was not as crisp.

    Give that man a QB and some more talent. Indy, you have something SPECIAL at the coaching and GM positions.

    You gotta take the points in the red zone in the first half and going for 2 late was mathmatically assenine.  I love frank but hes arrogant and foolish in key situations.  He has to step up his situational awareness.  90% hes fantastic unfortunately 10% is enough to end a season.

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  16. Today frank actively put his team in a poorer position to win.  Game long execution mistakes aside, had frank called a mere conservative game at key moments (2 moments in particular) colts win by 1.  If they failed to capitalize in those instances the loss wouldn't be on coaching.  As it stands the players played well enough to win.  Reich hamstrung us, it's a game of inches.  Bad loss.

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  17. 12 minutes ago, Lucky Colts Fan said:


    Still, if you knew what it was, clicking on it, reading it, and then deciding to comment "ugh" was a waste of your time, and more importantly, a waste of my time.  :D





    Plenty of space to share the appropriate thoughts in the appropriate threads...  this is most obviously NOT a bash-Rivers thread, so take that nonsense to the appropriate thread...



    Your time is so valuable.  I apologize.

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