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  1. Sounds like a negotiating tool.  If retiring was #1 on his list he'd just retire, right? 


    Plus he made it easy on the organization by starting implying he doesnt want to play anywhere else.  Its having the desired effect on the fanbase though.


    I'd expect a bump in salary/signing bonus/incentives and we see him in a Colts uni next year with his replacement playing behind him (maybe next year?).


    Cant blame him for being frustrated tho.  Luck set us back a few years (for the record, I don't blame luck for retiring either).

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  2. 20 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

    When reading that and how mentally he was not prepared it does show that having a season to take a breath and now go in to next season as the starter will be huge for him. Everyone wants to just ignore the fact he was not expecting this happen. He is a easy guy to want to root for. That’s why some us really want him to succeed. To the poster who mentioned all the different coaches he has had isa great point. If he can now have a stable coaching staff with Reich maybe he can actually develop now.

    He took every rep in the preseason, and it's a backups job to prepare as though he were the starter.  I'm not saying he cant develop but we shouldnt ignore his body of work.

  3. I think Jacoby earned the saints game at least.  Win or lose.  We're a longshot for a playoff berth, but I think you play as though you intend to have a make that happen. 


    If we're mathematically eliminated, which will probably (not definitely) be the case after N.O. playing Kelly wont cause any controversy.  We'll be on a 4(?) game skid, out of playoff contention, and itll be seen as just taking a look at our guys predraft.


    And somebody needs to he really nice to Cam when hes in the building........

  4. 13 minutes ago, dw49 said:


    Next time I'll check with you before I post . I brought it up as it's far from "common place" for a player to be dragged to the ground by his jersey and not see it called. No Spilt milk nor do I even blame the refs for the loss. Was well officiated other than that crazy no call.

    So sensitive.  I just answered why I thought nobody was mentioning it. 


    If we brought up every no call holding penalty across 32 teams every weekend (byes outstanding) we'd never cover anything else.  And that obvious no call is unfortunately far from commonplace.


    Please, No need to check with me, I'm just a normal dude watching the same games you are.  Post whatever youd like, i actually enjoy reading them.  I actually enjoyed yours enough to respond.


    Getting in a twist if someone engages with your opinion is a recipe for frustration tho.

  5. 6 minutes ago, Shafty138 said:

    Why is he expected to turn it around against N.O.? Legit question, I have no idea.  Receiving targets healthy by then? It can't be that the saints D is worse than Tampa's.... definitely not that our D should be expected to carry the load?

    It's not "turning it around" so much as I believe he deserves a chance to go up against a legit contender and have the opportunity to change the minds of those that doubt him and validate those that supported him throughout (myself included).  Or prove the opposite.  I'm not really that invested in him. I want the best possible player on the field.


    I wont make excuses for what the team refuses to (injuries) and I want to see him against better competition, not lesser.


    Hes earned his spot here, after this game, show me kelly.  My feelings on it are pretty simple.

  6. After the Saints game.  Jacoby deserves that one.  Gives him a chance to go out on a great performance.  Wont likely affect our playoff chances (win or lose).  After that, yea, I'd want to take a look.

  7. 2 hours ago, dw49 said:

    I can't believe no one has mentioned the insane hold on Winstons last TD pass. I believe it was Sheard that it was performed on. I really had mixed emotions on whether I wanted a win or a loss, but honest to God that hols was actually comical. O lineman on the left side of the line , grabbed Sheard's jersey as he was blowing by. He held on and dragged him down from behind , hanging on to the jersey for dear life. If you have the game taped , have a look. It's insane a player actually got away with that.

    Everyone saw it.  It wasnt called, why bring it up?  Spilt milk.  Holding in the trenches is commonplace.  Sometimes called, this case not.  Incredibly obvious though, you're right about that. 


    I'm more concerned there are mixed emotions about winning a professional sporting event.......

  8. This was a designed as a prove it game for Brissett.  Been a couple weeks of "chunk play" talk.  This game was schemed, called, and played with that in mind.


    They have internal metrics as to the success and failure parameters.  Weve been told as much.  I dont think W's or L's are that important organizationally anymore. 


    Brissett is under heavy scrutiny though.  That much I know.  I think new Orleans is a big one for him to put it all together.  After that I'm ready to see Kelly, then the big board.  


    I expect its jacoby's job to lose this offseason, but (as an alternative) I dont think a huge fa acquisition and a high draft pick are outta the question either.....


    Such a weird year, I still think as a franchise were in good hands tho.

  9. Just now, GoColts8818 said:

    I don’t doubt that you did.  I just don’t want to blame the kicker for something that should have never come to that in the first place.  Not because I am interested in protecting the kicker but I think it’s ignoring a much bigger problem that’s developing.

    Relax.  It was tongue in cheek humor.  Weve done it all year with vinny.........there are much bigger problems, clearly,  than a replacement kicker in his first week.

  10. 15 minutes ago, Coltsman1788 said:

    I fully expect the Colts to continue to try to win games.  I also expect that they will not make the playoffs despite that.  Despite their best efforts...just too many injuries on the offense to overcome.  I also expect that I will console myself by the improved draft positioning that will result from that. So I’m pretty much emotionally insulated in regards to this team for this season. 

    I cant argue against any of that.  I just grow weary of "tank talk".  After Sunday I dont expect a post season this year either.  "Despite their best efforts" is a great way to say it.

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  11. 3 hours ago, krunk said:

    I don't think the season is over.  Especially if we can pull this game out. 

    Thank you.  All this "pack it in for draft position" talk drives me crazy.  It's so soft (in many cases from the same people complaining about player availability due to injury) . 


    There are still 5 games left, play out the string with the guys you have,  go all out,  finish strong even if you lose.  You leave with your head up and relish the pain.  


    In the gym my last thought, no matter how pedestrian that days workout has been, is always "finish strong'.  Past is past, but set a tone, present and future.  You dont just tap out and hope next time a new dude shows up and makes it easier.


    When you're beat to s#*t you find a little more.  Thats where the 1% better is, that's where the "character" is.  Both things this franchise and fanbase claim to value,  and most of what I've been seeing lately (after a 3 point loss on the road to the division leader) is "shut it down"?  I cant agree.


    Once you tank, in the back of your mind,  you're always looking for an out.  You're always willing to take a dive.  I dont want that for my Colts.





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  12. 51 minutes ago, DEFENSE said:

    move on to who?

    Ballard has a list, if Jacoby finishes on top of it they move on to no one.  (Granted Reich wasnt on his list and hes our HC, but im sure he has a list)


    Ballard isn't a man without a plan.  Neither him nor Reich will hold to mediocre.  Out here in fan land we have no choice but to watch it play out.  Then we can debate the merits of said plan/move.


    They'll never publicly announce, or even say, anything to diminish Jacoby's confidence or value.


    I doubt, barring injury, he gets benched even if the playoffs are out of reach.   Hes been pretty good at times this year and I'm sure his growth/evaluation wont be done til the offseason.


    The move on to who will become self evident if or when, they move on.  My guess is that Jacoby is under center in 2020 (and I'm ok with that as I assume there will be a leap in performance his second year running this offense).  If he falters there we'll se a #2/developmental QB get a shot. I do think Brisett gets a second year though.


    The week to week rollercoaster out here is not indicative of how it will be handled in the building.  We're in pretty good hands.

  13. 45 minutes ago, BleedBlue4Shoe86 said:

    So, I am a huge Brissett fan and like him a lot but i wanted to clear the air on some stuff. 

    I was listening to the radio the other day and the host stated there was a difference between Franchise QB and Elite QB.

    There are very few Elite ones in the league today and is what everyone is chasing. Elites are the Rodgers, Mahomes, Brady, Wilson. They are the generational talents that regularly compete for Superbowls. we had one of these in Manning and Luck. But they are gone and we have to move on. 

    The other is Franchise. They are Qbs that will win anywhere from 9-12 games a year and occasionally compete for super bowls and go on deep playoff runs. They are the Qb that is really good but not generational. You stay with them because you can’t find anyone better (because elite is so hard to find). These are guys like Ryan, Stafford, Rivers, Dalton, Cousins. If surrounded by enough talent they can look elite at times. 

    I believe that Brissett is a Franchise QB but probably not elite, based on this. I am okay with that. It is so hard to find a good starting level Qb and damn near impossible to get a generational elite one.  If given support he will take us to the playoffs and maybe a Super Bowl. Don’t take for granted making the playoffs. 


    what do y’all think?

    Sounds about right.  I've been a big supporter of Brissett too, lately though it looks like hes regressing.   I say "looks" because we really cant know whats going on with his game without being in the organization.  Out here we're aways the last to know. 


    All that is to say that right now, I dont know if we have a franchise or a place holder.  I do know which one he has looked more like recently post,  and I know right now he's not playing at an "elite" level.. 


    Im a proponent of "the long game".  I know new systems take time and development takes time, but I'd be really happy if he shows some signs of progress toward "franchise" in the last 5 weeks.  Give us an updated glimpse of what Ballard and Reich claim to be seeing.

  14. 13 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    He will probably come out and have a career game against the titans. Lol. That always happens when you think things are so bad. I think it was Dungy that said your never as bad as your last game or as good as your last game. I bet this is all a over reaction to last week. After Sunday we will be sayin dang he was good lol. He did have 3 TD against the titans last time I believe. 

    Had plenty against Houston last time too.  I just don't know what to expect anymore.  Except: O line good, reich is better than hes looked this month, and defense not too shabby.  

  15. I know we're all living in the now, seeing what we believe to be an average QB regressing week to week.


    But it is possible that Reich and company know what their doing and are breaking Jacoby's game down so the can build it back up into something that fits this scheme.  


    That said Jacoby might just be out over his skis on this offense.  Truth is we wont know til they make a move or dont.


    Ballard and Reich didnt come here to make this a mediocre club.  If Jacobys not the guy they'll let us know sooner rather than later I think.


    I've been a big supporter of Brissett and I'd like to believe we'll see some improvement and maybe a little more risk now that the playoffs are unlikely.  Imo he needs a 4 int game to get over some of the hesitation/fear he seems to be gripped by.  A 4 td 0 int game would also be acceptable.......


    Come out throwing one more time this year, and let him sink or swim.  Either way it'll be good for him.

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