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  1. Board, I am losing my frickin mind! I dont want to believe..5mins away .. .. wth!
  2. Nobody covered themselves in glory today. Poor showing all around, well beneath what should be expected.
  3. Best click bait thread topic! And no, not CK time.......
  4. Not sure the offensive production can be blamed on Reich. I thought he called a pretty good game. Players just didn't execute. In spite of a s#!+ performance we weren't totally out of it til the pick 6. Theres no excuse for the past 2 weeks of defense tho. That's where the vanilla is.
  5. Record doesn't matter much. We saw the floor of what the colts are today. Lost to the raiders at home.....not a good look for a potential "playoff team". Quite the opposite. It's the first time I've doubted Reich had our offense ready. And our d has been pathetic two weeks running.
  6. I predicted 1000 yards amongst friends earlier today and I was only half joking........lol
  7. Agreed. 500 yards? From what I watched today I don't think it's out of the question....
  8. Whole team was flat. Hard to judge an individual performance amid the sea of mediocrity (to be kind) we witnessed today. I think they were already thinking KC. It was a hard game to watch, our D scheme is pathetic, makes our offense need to be perfect to compete with the raiders at home and they were far from perfect. Cant wait for the pressers.
  9. Gotta be Grigson right? "Hate" is a bit strong tho, as a society we use that word too casually.
  10. I wish I could take credit for it. I've seen it sprinkled on the forum a few times. Being a giant nerd myself, not necessarily a star wars one, I loved it. I decided to start using it because I want it to stick, I also think it fitting for Brissett. As much as I'd like to, I cant steal another human's props. If we take it national though it belongs to all of us. Go Colts!
  11. Nah, its E Honda from Street Fighter. Wind Waker was a great game tho!
  12. I just watched the Deion "you ball you get the call" nonsense on NFL network. Jacoby "got the (well earned) call". Deion says to him "you got the raiders coming up next" and Jacoby answers through his smile "they got us coming up too". Really starting to like this guy. Gonna be a fun year. Go Colts! Hats off to a great offensive performance today!
  13. I'm just hoping they dont look past oakland.....I'd hate for them to drop that one.
  14. Obi-Wan Jacoby continues to impress. He was an assassin in the first half. I thought he looked a little rattled at the start of the 1st drive in the fourth but he pulled it together. The "game manager" manages to win another game and I'm not all that surprised. I'm really starting to root for this kid.
  15. They're team reporters, Caroline left this year to join the Panthers (?) Lara is her replacement with the Colts.
  16. Lara seems like a more seasoned "reporter/pr" person but I found Caroline more "charming". I like Lara just fine tho, I think shes doing a good job. KB had them both beat IMO........glad he didnt fall far from the tree.
  17. I wouldn't think many here would pin their hopes on Hoyer in that way. His role is to support the development of Jacoby. He may not be physically capable of what you describe above but it's often said, and I dont mean this as a criticism of Brian, "those that can't do, teach.". His knowledge of the game and the qb position as an experience likely exceed his in game talent. I had hoped Chad would be signed to the 53, and now I hope he clears waivers and makes the PS (I'm just not a fan of letting QB talent, and I think CK has shown some, walk right now). If the Colts are only going to carry 2 QBs on the active roster though, Brissett and a knowledgeable veteran are the two that make the most sense. I've said this a bunch lately, but I trust Ballard knows what he's doing. If his best judgement is that the risk of waiving Kelly outweighs his contribution (potential or actual) to the 53 man roster, then I am going to trust that he knows what he's talking about.
  18. "Legion of too soon"? And get frank to chomp on some hubba-bubba on the sideline......
  19. I didn't know whether I should laugh'moji or cry'moji......ultimately I chose cry.....its too real. You should be applauded tho, made me think.
  20. They havent played either of those home games much less lost them. There probably were, and are, continued discussions concerning the way forward. It they had an out they'd probably take it........I'm sure every player undergoes some form of "treatment" every week doesnt mean IR. And not signing him at all would require hindsight. Bottom line is they have more info than any of us. If these forums were fact: Irsay, Ballard, luck, manning, and Dungy would all be on trial for conspiracy to commit fraud, we'd still have pagano, or KCs special teams coach as a HC, we'd have blown the bank on AB and bell, and brock osweiler would be under center. All I'm saying is let it play out a little and see what happens. Mobs with torches rarely make good decisions. This is a winning organization, reich , Ballard, irsay, and vinny arent blind, or dumb, or in denial. They know the situation. If they havent made a move I have to believe it's because the moves available to them aren't any better than holding pat for the time being. When the opportunity presents itself I'm confident they'll take it. Could be tomorrow, could be in two weeks, could be in the offseason. Hell, Vinny could turn it around and ball out for the rest of the year...........
  21. Yea, I just read mono can be a 3-7 week recovery. I couldn't believe it! Who knew an 8th grade kissing disease could be a season killer?
  22. Giving him 2 more weeks seems reasonable. I know (as does everyone) that the chances of this team winning in spite of the kicking we've seen are very low, and if he continues to cost the colts games it will become a locker room issue. But for now it's ok (especially if they dont have a guy lined up) to send a message that they wont overreact to players "slumping". This FO is a thoughtful one and no matter how many of us are screaming "vinny's lost it! move on!" Theysee him all week and they're going to take the appropriate time to make a decision. If that's tomorrow, its tomorrow but it will be on their timetable. We just need to trust the process, they didnt panic over mcdaniels, they didnt panic over luck, they wont panic over adam.
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