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  1. Washington Monuments.......just imagine the logo! Enough to make a Clinton blush......
  2. I wont feel confident vs any opponent until Eberflus fields a D that is competitive.
  3. It's sad really. Get fans feeling comfortable then pull the rug out......how do you watch/listen now?
  4. Tomato, tom-ah-to. Thanks for the correction tho, that is a slightly more interesting matchup imo. I'm in central il too. We used to get colts games all the time (or it felt that way anyway) during the Manning era. I'll probably just buy a service, feels like the best way to get the content I desire. I'll wait til we get a win tho. If last Sunday's D becomes a trend watching 2 minute recaps and highlights online may be all my heart can handle.
  5. Those are the same reservations I have. If I trusted myself to go dark until after the game it'd be a no brainer. It's hard to even find a radio broadcast that isnt blacked out in my area. Thanks for the response, I think this is gonna be a good year in spite of last week. I'll have to weigh the options, hundred bones is pretty cheap tho.....if Colts TCB Sunday I'll get it, lol.
  6. Bears v Giants! Captivating........ugh. fine work Illinois (slow clap). Is gamepass worth it? I'm grateful for the coverage map post though, thanks.
  7. I've heard the defensive scheme described as simple, easy to learn, designed to let players play fast, etc. Is it possible that the way Eberflus coaches just isn't challenging enough mentally to keep players engaged and motivated? They may just be checked out. They certainly looked like it in critical moments on Sunday. 2 historically bad performances in two years. Our talent on the field is much better than that. Flus sounds like a guy without answers, like coach Pagano at the end. The fear hasn't entered Matt's eyes yet but the rhetoric is disturbin
  8. It's not really about panic, for me it's about wanting what is probably my last season to be a successful one. I had to fight tooth and nail to get here and after today, my logical mind agrees with you, no big deal, but the outcome is a huge disappointment.....My personal reality very likely doesnt contain a '21 season, much less an "Eason era". I bought the preseason hype cuz I wanted to, maybe even needed to, and we dropped the opener to the jags.....lol, smh. Could still be a great year, and football is a luxury not a necessity, but dang........... I'll keep going
  9. Yea he looks bad. Probably just stress. Winter beard will help.
  10. Stop. Only warming seat should be Eberflus. Ballards gonna have to make a decision on the D soon. Reich and Ballard are good enough to bring a Lombardi back to indy. Every team loses games but our D is consistently soft.
  11. 1st NFL game, injury to the starter, he looked fine.
  12. This game was a huge disappointment. Loss to arguably the least talented NFL franchise. 2 (actually 3) int by our veteran qb. Poor execution on critical downs. Brissett in the red zone, because why?....... team leader?. Missed field goal. Passive, ineffective D......classic colts opener. Hopefully they'll get serious next week. This week should have been a cake walk. Its not over by any means but damn.....
  13. Luck was rad, there's no scenario in which the 2020 colts would not be better with a healthy, motivated, Andrew Luck. I miss the dude being in the league, and remain an Andrew Luck fan. But in the immortal words of Wessling.......he gone.... We are winning it all this year though. Rest assured, grumpy * Phillip Rivers will do what the even grumpier Jay Cutler never could, solidify his legacy. This is the year to watch!
  14. There are always big "ifs". They're primarily the same for every team in the top half of their conference, and I think the colts are close to being a top 5-8 AFC squad. If we stay healthy, if we get hot at the right time, if we get home field advantage, if Rivers can hold his own (maybe steal a couple wins), if our young players make the leap...... If those things fall into place, I like the colts chances of winning the division (no cake walk), so naturally I believe they have a chance to compete for a superbowl. Ultimately it comes down to executing close
  15. Colts are already in a situation where they're going to have to cut one or two talented individuals that they seem to be "high" on. Bringing another talented QB in, presumably to make a political statement, only to ultimately have him ride the pine.........seems like the wrong move. Not sure Kap really wants to play either. After the 2019 workout shenanigans I'd (if I were colts front office) need to be convinced of that first. His actions dont exactly speak to a man desperate to get back in the league. We've already had a big name coach leave us at the altar, and
  16. Noone is Ebron. Even Ebron is only Ebron one out of every 5 years......
  17. Nope, looks bad imo. A black Jersey, maybe, that black jersey....nah.
  18. I live in Illinois and given our governors 5 phase plan, it's highly unlikely the state, especially Chicago, is "open" for the start of the regular season. Each phase (we're currently in phase two of five) have certain benchmarks that if unmet, extend that phase for 28 days. I think the best case scenario would involve the bears playing in Champaign (downstate) like they did during the soldier field rebuild ('02?). Or maybe even in another state. I just dont see Chicago Illinois playing ball by Sept.
  19. No doubt in my mind. Again in 2021 after acquiring Aaron Rodgers. Irsay will finally have his multiple championships! And colts fans can "relax" til 2023 and the start of the Eason era......
  20. Eason would gave to be absolutely terrible to get cut this year IMO. I just dont see why the colts would spend a 4th round pick on a developmental QB, knowing hes a project, only to cut him a few months later. I know 4th rounders arent guaranteed roster spots but given the position I feel drafting Eason there carries more weight. the real question of who gets cut is Kelly or Jacoby........
  21. I'll remain open minded about him. Obviously hoping for the best, and I'm not gonna kill anyone over the pick. If Ballard and Reich agree his shortcomings, including work ethic, are worth the shot, I'm up for watching it unfold.
  22. From the little I've read it seems like he has many of Jacobys shortcomings. Poor field vision, lack of anticipation, one read and run. After last year I'd rather have the guy with the mental aspects in place and work on the physical. I think I'd have gone with Fromm if I HAD to go qb this year. But obviously hope the best for the kid. Welcome to Indy.
  23. In between there being a "normal" season and no season at all is the contingency plan of the NFL, starting the regular season in November. If NFL owners/insiders think this scenario is possible, or even likely, the Blackmon pick/timeline makes a bit more sense. As he would likely be able to contribute in some meaningful capacity by then. I personally suspect (just an opinion) the season will be delayed due to an overabundance of caution, but will be played.
  24. At the "Corner Pocket" in DuQuoin Il. Population 6100. Drowning my first half sorrows with frosty mug after frosty mug before slowly transitioning to celebratory mugs and the best burgers anywhere (for real).
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