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  1. Very excited to reinvent the LB group to fit the 4-3 defense! About time we get linebackers that can cover receivers. Morrison is a thumper and can do damage but need more speed and coverage ability. Also excited about our new DC as a previous LB coach will know his stuff and this new LB coach will (hopefully) be on the same page to get and fit what we need! As far as Mochacino was never impressed and seemed to blame the lack of player fit as opposed to adapting the scheme to fit the players. Which was oh so freaking typical in the Pags/Grigs crappy regime. Blah blah blah
  2. Yes I agree he was a very good receiver that did make some amazing catches with the Colts. But he did have a good amount of drops on easier catches which was frustrating. For a 6th round pick he was absolutely amazing value but the money was too rich for the Colts to outlay at the time to re-sign him. There was a lot of discussion at the time but most agreed he was not worth the $$$ the Redskins signed him for.
  3. Exactly OHColtfan. These numbnut coaches have no idea who is talented or not. He was doing fine for a rookie in his quite limited time playing. Hopefully with the injuries it will force him to see some playing time! Sure he will take his lumps but this team is going nowhere right now so what can it hurt to give him some experience? Don't really care if we lose by another touchdown these days.
  4. I know this is probably way too complicated for these doofus dumbbutt coaches. How about having Gore in the backfield and split Mack out as the dude can run and catch (yeah I saw the drop) and add another dimension? Chuckles and Chudles what do you think?
  5. Saw in a preview of the match up that Wilson has been good at passes of 20+ yards and our D has the most 20+ yard passes thrown against them. If we can contain Wilson's running or escaping and can control the long ball would put us in good shape! If Chuckie and Monafrappacino would/could/try to actually game plan for this (do the even game plan?) think it will help JMO. Go Colts
  6. Ole Chuckles throwing the game already Me too on Mack being back would help as Gore, Turbin and Jones are all similar backs in their skill set whereas Mack can be more explosive when (and I sure hope not) we go conservative and continually run it up the gut for small gains. On the other hand if we get behind by a couple scores probably won't matter anyway.
  7. What is the deal with Spence? Seems like he got in Pags doghouse (ala Morris) and didn't get a real chance. Played very little in preseason too. His signing when it happened seemed like he was a favorite to start. If it is on Pagano I just have to say you fix stupid!
  8. Thanks MTC for the link! Saw this in his player review Hairston has the toughness and competitive mentality to play on the defense, but requires a prepared coaching staff who will invest the time to develop his instincts, technique and consistency at cornerback. Italics mine but with Coach P(utz) thought this might be a long shot for this to happen lol
  9. It is fine to go a little conservative with a decent lead. HOWEVER you still can't stick with what is not working e.g./running up the gut with no results and expecting our D to hold the opponent throughout the 2nd half. Don't really care who exactly or what combo to blame. We all saw the same game and hopefully (though rarely) the coaching staff would either go back to attacking (which worked great in the 1st half) or at least try to mix it up when it was clearly NOT working what they were doing.
  10. Think Hairston was a great pick especially in the 5th. When picked read up on him and consensus was that he was a "project". Seems like Ballard maybe saw through that! Impressed with his play so far!!! Go Colts
  11. They got Freeman and Lindley (sp?) ready in 6 days or so. Go JB even if he knows a handful of plays. All our running plays look the same and are telegraphed ahead of time just to make sure our opponents know what the Colts are doing. I believe Chuck thinks it is an unfair advantage to use creativity in any way except when trying to run the hurry up after we actually scored a touchdown. Dumba$$
  12. Been a fan since 1976 so have seen a bunch of crappy Colts play through the years BUT never have I seen such a moronic display of ineptitude by a coach! wth? My peewee football coach knew more about the game then this buffoon. Yes Andrew Luck has covered a lot of it through his great comebacks but anyone with a decent IQ can see the team has been lifeless, poor starts, unprepared, no in game changes, poor play calling, etc.. Yes I know it is other coaches too but at this point it is chucks hand picked staff after throwing all the old ones under the bus to save his sorry *. So t
  13. Hooray for beer. Tolzein stinks. Can only hope some freakin lightbulb goes on and Morris actually starts! One can wish right?
  14. Thanks TK for all you do!!! Greatly looking forward to the 53 and all the craziness that will happen :0
  15. Agreed indyagent17 these talking heads (or writers in this case) just write for clicks/to get paid. Just opinions really not much to glean from them.
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