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  1. #25HallOfFamer

    Colts Training Camp 7/26/18

    That stiff arm on Clowney was with THE injured shoulder, this kid is going to fly this season...
  2. #25HallOfFamer

    Holder's in New England trying to get info on McDaniels

    He already posted it. https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2018/01/19/patriots-josh-mcdaniels-smart-innovative-forward-thinking/1045462001/
  3. #25HallOfFamer

    McDaniels Offense and FA's that could Follow

    Luck is out for a while, since october he knew that he wasn't going to play the season, some theories say that Ballard already knew who was going to be our next HC (JM), i wonder if Luck wasn't already studying the McDaniels offense while he was in rehab to make the transition smothier...
  4. I don't understand much about technique on Football, but this seems pure gold, 57 minutes of Matt Eberflus, teaching how to defense back play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqqMpbx6Q-Q
  5. #25HallOfFamer

    Really Love This Mack Kid.

    My user name agree with both of you.
  6. #25HallOfFamer

    Colts interview requests and confirmations (merge)

    All this is almost saying: McDaniels is the new Colts HC...
  7. #25HallOfFamer

    Trading 2019 Pick(s)

    I think that the most we can do is: trade the #3 with the jets for their 2 second rounds pick, and offer these 2 to another team to comeback to the first round and get another pick.
  8. #25HallOfFamer

    Irsay hinting at picking Barkley

    It would be awesome for us, 2 of Darnold, Rosen or Jackson, will be avaliable, we can get a very good trade with this, i hope you're right.
  9. #25HallOfFamer

    This is Marlon Macks world

    I chose the right nickname.
  10. #25HallOfFamer

    Marlon Mack

    gore had 4,5 in his four first NFL seasons and gonna be a HoF, it's not that bad
  11. #25HallOfFamer

    Credit the 49ers ..

    you are talking about the chuck post-game press conference, right?
  12. #25HallOfFamer

    I believe JB will start this Sunday

    i concour, i don't think that Chuck gonna put his on the line (most than it is) to start with Tolzien knowing that he can be a disaster again
  13. #25HallOfFamer

    luck see's the light?

    Getting out of the Colts because they're in rebuilt, to go to the 49ers to rebuild, i see the logic...
  14. #25HallOfFamer

    Where are we better This Year vs. Last Year

    There's a thing that i give Ballard credits for, in one of his firsts interviews (if it wasn't the first) he said "the game is won o the trenches", our O-Line isn't fixed yet, but our D-Line is MUCH better, this can be a signal that he's a man of word
  15. #25HallOfFamer

    Marlon Mack

    I've never been so * with Chuch, he could add a stat to Mack carrer "25 yards TD in the 1st touch on the ball on the NFL", this would be a very good thing to make him more confident