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  1. I was thinking about this. I’m not educated on how comp picks work, but with so many potential players leaving next year, wouldn’t this set us up to receive quite a few decent comp picks in a couple years?
  2. I'm excited for their development. Fans at times put too much expectations on our players shoulders. It is unrealistic and unfair to think we'll have 24 pro bowlers between offense and defense on the field at once, hell even on the team at once
  3. Definitely agree with the revolving doors. The upside to that is, having the expectation of our young players to improve. They can't improve if they don't have the opportunity for reps. I'm excited about our unknowns. I'm telling you, we are sneaky good. I see what we have. We also seen how Frank Reich coaches and call plays, he would never put Wentz in a position where he is consistently holding on to the ball for a long period of time. That alone should fix his skittishness. Hopefully that eases your worries in that aspect. With the way things are going now for the LT market, I say
  4. Sorry to have to use your post as an example, I just keep seeing similar things. I see your insight though, but I just don't get why a bunch of people are acting like losing a single position, in this case LT is causing us to take this massive step back. Castonzo was amazing in his time here, but we literally had someone come out of retirement and played decently well. The panic that everyone is doing is a slightly a bit uncalled for. (I don't consider your comment a panic btw lol just been seeing similar responses) By the way, we did not lose our playoff game based on our LT. We lost,
  5. I respect your opinion, but I'm not sure you understand the position of our team. At this point after our first 2 picks, we are literally 1 decent LT away from having a complete balance roster. We are also deep at depth at literally every position now EXCEPT for tackle/Tightend which we can fix with FA and upcoming cuts. We're still seating pretty my man. Trust what we silently have building over here
  6. Just want to throw out there the possibilities of Kwity Paye possibly being our Aaron Donald. I noticed they have similar combine numbers. A man can dream can't he?
  7. Unfortunately not a lot of respect go towards running backs nowadays. Mack will be just fine I'm sure, just slightly less explosive he's first year back
  8. Could be our Jabaal Sheard of the future but a notch below if he turns it around
  9. That's all I wanted! I don't care who we go after now:). Offense is about to take over behind Mack and taylor
  10. Yea I don't think teams value our players that high. We'll bring nearly all of them back, unless they feel disrespected about the money we offer. With that, I can't tell if we will be a better team as an whole than we were last year. Have to wait and see...
  11. I understand where everyone is coming from, but I think there is a little too much emphasis on the sabotage mindset. I'm just more referring to players of interest that are under the radar. Say there's a DII WR that we want to Target in the 4th Rd that many teams may not know about, but Sirriani who I'm sure been in some scouting meetings also has interest in the same WR. it would make since for the eagles to draft a WR. Would he insist to the Eagles GM to draft him earlier than he's projected to go, knowing the colts have similar interests
  12. I have been thinking for a couple months now. With Frank Reich mentioning how we should have an advantage in the draft, got me thinking more about it. Everyone keeps mentioning possibly trading back a couple times, but could there be increase risk with that? With the Eagles signing Nick Sirriani and a few of our other coaches, would this potentially force our hands earlier than we want in the draft? I remember when the media team released path to the draft, Ballard always talked to coaches about potential target prospects for the draft. This would mean Nick Sirriani and his coaches knows
  13. 1) I would sign Marlon Mack to a 1 yr first thing, to give us dangerous dynamic offense that’s difficult to plan against 2) minus Pinter I would completely redo our oline depth through FA and 4th-7th rd of the draft 3) Draft a LT in the 1st to obtain the 5th option 4) Sign Yannick Ngakoue Draft Bonus) build receiving and secondary core through draft
  14. Unfortunately Texans will never trade him to a division rival. Let’s see what we have in Eason. I think there’s something about him that the rest of us outside the team don’t know
  15. It was a good season atleast. Happy with the rookie developments. Can’t ask for much more. Great job guys
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