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  1. Hahaha fair enough, I understand your point. I definitely don’t feel attacked. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is the reason why I like the off-season. I get to see everyone views at a different angle
  2. The whole draft is a gamble. In this instance, I’m gambling that there is a team out there who value Hurts enough to where he wouldn’t fall out of the 2nd round. I don’t know where he’ll fall even if we do not draft him. If I want him, I’d make sure to get him before I feel he gets taken off the board. I’m also not in love with Hurts, but I do like him just a bit more than Fromm
  3. Yea, a bunch of of reasoning is behind assumptions. That's why I mentioned just targeting Kinlaw. It's not a sure thing he will be between 15-18 but there would be other options. I don't see 2 DT being drafted in the top 15 of this year draft, so we would still potentially have a choice of Derrick Brown if he falls below Kinlaw. As for the 2nd, idk how draft points work but I don't see it costing our early 2nd to move back up in the late 20's assuming we receive an extra 3rd from the trade back
  4. Even though I would love a hand full of prospects at 13, I think it’s best if we traded down a couple spots (with a willing team of course) and target Kinlaw. This would give us an extra pick to trade back into the end of rd 1 to target WR Mims. With the early 2nd RD pick, I think we should take a chance on QB Hurts. Maybe it’s a reach, but I think this would be the best case scenario for us going forward.
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