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  1. I understand that, I’m stating that even when fully healthy I feel like we are still inferior to more of the mainstream teams in terms of aggressive downhill players. Think of Bob Sanders, who on our team now closest resemble the physicality Bob brought to the team? I really can’t think of anyone, but these other teams have like 4-5 Bob Sanders on their team (referring to teams like the Rams, Cardinals, Cowboy, Seahawks, etc.)
  2. This thread is not an intention to bash the team or Ballard, but more of a push for a more open-minded approach. Since Ballard and Reich came, (A colts blue chip player) were always taken over a player who may be a little more talented but comes with baggage. I would love for this approach to be expanded on a little more, because I feel it hurts us talent wise in the long run. Colts always talk about being aggressive, but after every game I feel like our team was the team that got punched in the face. Even after a win, I feel like most of the time we get manhandled by other teams. Yes we need talent, but we also need dogs on the team that do the dirty things. In the first game, when jamal adams blew through for a tackle on the goal line, I was just sitting there wishing that we had someone that can do that consistently. It makes me appreciate Micheal Pittman more for how physical and angry he’s playing this year. Outside of Nelson, and Pittman, I don’t get a sense of any other player with that edge. When our players talk big, I’m just like “eh”, which I don’t mean to. I just would like to not miss out on players like D.K. Metcalf, or Montez Sweat because of not being the typical Blue Chip player. If we are going to reach, I rather it be on real talent and not unknowns. Do any of you think the current formula is fine the way it is or would you like to expand a little more?
  3. Let me put some more icing on top of that. In the end, it would be another wasted draft pick we gave up drafting Eason. Bad situation whichever way you look at it. Somehow we got to turn this around
  4. Until Eason can actually move and develop a pocket presence AND get that ball out faster, I'd have to go with Hudley and his occasional missreads and inaccurate passes
  5. To be honest I want to be optimistic but what do you do at this point. It's been 4 years now of building this team, and today just finally made me feel concerned that all of this was for nothing... 1) Very optimistic in having Wentz as our QB 2) Fears creeping in of Wentz possibly wanting to retire due to his constant injuries (I could only imagine his wife would put her foot down somewhere) 3) Our. Safeties. Are. TERRIBLE ( They're place recognition is just bad when I comes to their assignments. This gives up far too many big plays/touchdowns 4) Reich, am I right? (No need to explain) 5) O-line? Cmon, this is getting old
  6. You definitely seem to get every bit of what I was trying to say. Appreciate the assist
  7. I wouldn’t look too much into it. It was a crazy call, but remember pre season isn’t just for the players but for the refs to get some kinks out as well. I’m sure the league will adjust somethings with this call before the season. Lol If not, there’s going to be a lot of * off players and fans. Lemay had possibly the best reaction after the run I could ask for if you’re looking to stay away from penalties
  8. I was hoping that with Rivers mentoring him last year, he would’ve pick that up from him. I guess that is something you can’t really teach, but with experience or you’re just born with that mental edge
  9. Yea, I’m ready to get a good look at Sam. One thing on Eason this game was he did hold on to the ball a bit long, but still had a solid half. It was night and day on his 2 minute drill though. If he can get the ball out as fast as he did right before the half, he’ll be that much better
  10. I wasn’t expecting a lot from patmon this game, but it’s nice to see him producing. Can’t be mad at having 3 big physical WR’s on the roster that you can count on.
  11. Lol I guess the missing keyword I didn’t write was “right now”. I just don’t see it right now, and yea he could definitely improve into one down the road. I say it from a place where I’ve been reading a lot of articles and tweets that say he looks ready to takeover the No.1 WR spot, which I slightly disagree with. He’s one hell of a blocker though. Him and pascal are like extra linemen out there.
  12. I don’t know but when I look at Pittman I just don’t get a sense for him being a No.1 WR. When he’s running routes, it’s like he just shuffles his feet and he runs so stiff and tall. Honestly I never seen him get separation. With Strachan, he shouldn’t be moving the way he does at his size. I don’t know if it’s genes or something he worked on, but he is just so fluid to me. Can’t wait to finally get some eyes on him at this week’s game
  13. Man that could potentially put us up for the best redzone offense in the league, especially when you add Taylor on the ground. Scary to game plan for that
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