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  1. Hello my name is mary and believe me i am not very knowledgeable of football but i go to games, practices for the colts for the love of my son Dustin Brewer my son lives and breathes the colts win or lose pre season or practice he is there. See i knew about his love for the colts from the book he wrote in 1st grade of what he wanted to be when he grew up and that was a colts player. Well we are going to be at the game tonight and i have always wanted to do something special for him but heck im just a kroger fuel center cashier never will have the means to give him an experience he would never forget at a colts game so i am asking if there is anyone that could help tonight i would be grateful but if not thank you all for listening to me rant lol I love you Dustin Brewer thank you for inviting your mom to go.
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